How to Keep Frizzy Hair Straight All Day Even in Humidity!


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how to keep frizzy hair straight

Anyone with frizzy hair knows the struggle of painstakingly flat ironing your locks only to step outside and have them turn into a frizzy mess.

It’s like all your hard work goes down the drain in an instant!

In my opinion, the reason most people can’t keep their hair looking silky smooth and straight all day long is that they underestimate the importance of investing in good heat styling tools and anti-frizz products.

Nail down these two, and you’ll be able to transform your hair from frizz to fabulous in no time – at a click of a button.

So let me show you how to keep frizzy hair straight with the products I use and totally swear by.

Products to Keep Frizzy Hair Straight

dyson corrale hair straightener for perfectly straight hair

Dyson Corrale Hair Straightener

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The Dyson Corrale creates straight, smooth, and sleek hair without frizz and uses less heat than other straighteners. The unique flexing copper plates on this straightener shape to gather your hair for extra control while still generating the tension needed for effective straightening. Plus, the Dyson Corrale’s manganese copper alloy plates create just the right amount of flex to gather your hair without causing damage. So if you’re looking for a hair straightener that will give you salon-quality results with less heat and no frizz, the Dyson Corrale is the perfect tool for you.

heat protectant spray for straightening hair at home

John Frieda Frizz Ease Flat Iron Spray

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The Frizz-Ease hair straightening spray is a heat-activated product that keeps your straight hairstyle in place for up to three days. The lightweight spray eliminates frizz from each strand and gives it a sleek, smooth finish. It also helps to block excess moisture and humidity off your hair.

The unique blend of polymers and keratin protein help to keep your hair looking sleek and shiny. John Frieda’s hair straightening spray is the perfect solution for those with dry or damaged hair looking for a way to achieve a glossy, smooth finish that can last.

Straight Hair and Frizziness

Hair strands curling up and sticking out from different areas of the head results in a messy, uneven, and fuzzy texture that makes it difficult to manage. Moreover, it’s hard to feel put together when your hair is flying out in all directions.

That’s why everyone wants frizz-free hair.

To eliminate frizz, you need to understand why it happens.

Frizz is not a hair type. It’s a condition that your hair develops over time due to health and lifestyle factors. So it doesn’t matter whether you have straight hair, curly hair, wavy hair, or coily hair. You can develop frizzy hair at any time.

That’s why the only way to fix frizz is by straightening your hair through a professional salon treatment like keratin. You need to know about the different types of hair frizz to get a suitable treatment.

“Frizz has always been a big concern with our clients. So many say they just throw their hair up as soon as they see frizz. We get asked all the time how to tackle it, and the answer is different for every client—you treat frizz differently based on your hair type and your frizz type.” Aaron Grenia
Hair care brand IGK Founder - Forbes

Signs of Frizzy Hair

There are quite a few signs that will start to show when you develop frizzy hair. And if you can identify them earlier, then you can treat them from an early stage.

Here are the common signs of frizz:

Hair Strands Sticking Up

The first sign of frizz is hair strands sticking up. At first, the short strands will start to stick up, and later the larger ones will join. As they stick up, they will stray away from the natural hair position and go either sideways or upwards.

For people with naturally curly hair, this is less noticeable. But for people with straight hair, it’s more noticeable when straight strands start going astray.

Brittle & Dry Ends

Another sign of frizz is when the ends of your hair become brittle and dry. This is the reason why the hair, especially the ones in the oldest part, starts looking frizzy.

An easy way to determine whether you have brittle and dry ends is to touch and feel them with your hands after washing your hair.

Another way to determine whether your hair ends are frizzy, check in the mirror. The brittle and dried ends of your hair won’t have the same color as the healthy parts. Instead, you will find that they are lighter in color than the rest.

Rough Feeling

If your hair feels rough, it’s also a sign of frizziness. That’s because frizziness occurs after wear and tear, cracks appearing in the hair shaft resulting in smoothness loss.

Fuzzy & Patternless Texture

Fuzzy, irregular, and patternless hair textures are tell-tale signs that you’ve got frizz. For example, your roots might feel frizzier than the top layer, or the hair on your crown won’t stay put.

No Clumping

This sign is specific for wavy and curly hair types but can also manifest in straight hair.

If the hair is frizzing, it will refuse to clump with the rest, leading to an irregular pattern.

Why Does Straight Hair Turn Frizzy?

You can’t fix frizzy hair if you don’t know why it’s frizzy in the first place.

So let’s find out why …

Raised and Damaged Cuticles

The main reason for frizzy hair is the cuticle layer. If you look closely at a strand of frizzy hair, you will find that the cuticles are raised and damaged.

damage causes a coarse hair texture

Hair cuticles get damaged for multiple reasons. The most common ones are an external force, aging, overuse of chemicals, environmental effects, and more.

No matter the reason, if your hair cuticles are damaged, your hair will end up frizzy in no time.

Humidity in the Air

hairs pull moisture from the air

Another contributing factor to frizz is humidity. Excess moisture must go somewhere in high humidity, and our hair becomes the perfect host.

When the extra moisture enters our hair, it expands the cells, which forces the cuticle layer to buckle and lose its shape.

This also depends on your hair porosity or how much moisture your hair can take and retain. The higher the porosity level, the worse the frizziness will be.


Going Overboard with Heat Styling Tools

straightening natural hair causes frizz

Many experience frizziness in their hair due to the overuse of heat styling tools; too much will lead to damaged hair. And many of you don’t understand the temperature control when straightening your hair and end up burning or damaging the cuticles.

Other than frizziness, heat damage can also cause bubble hair, a type of damage that makes your hair swell from the inside. The same principle is also true about blow-drying and how you are using a hair dryer. That’s why heat styling is often one of the core reasons why sudden fuzzy hair outbreaks.

That’s why you must learn how to use a blow dryer and flat iron properly.

Chemical Components in the Hair

Using too many chemical products like dyes, gels, or bleaching can take its toll on your hair, leading to unhealthy and compromized hair.

How to Keep Frizzy Hair Straight

Now that you understand the signs and reasons behind the frizziness in your hair, here are the steps that you need to take to straighten your hair without frizz:

Step 1: Gather The Proper Tools & Products

heated hair tools to reduce frizz

The most important part of making your hair smooth and straight is to use the right products and equipment.

Everyone’s hair is different. Some are thin, some are fine, some have low porosity, and some have high. That’s why you need to get hair products that suit your hair type. If you’re not doing it already, be very selective about your hair products. Don’t just buy any drugstore shampoo or conditioner. Look for products that are compatible with your hair type.

The same goes for flat irons, blow dryers, and other hot tools.

Let’s start with your shampoo. There are a lot of different shampoos that you can choose from. The best shampoo that works for frizzy hair is one that is sulfate-free and moisturizing. I highly recommend the Redken Frizz Dismiss in this category. It’s a bit pricey, but it makes a huge difference right from the first use.

Never skip the conditioner.

The purpose of a conditioner is to rebalance the pH level of the hair after shampooing and help the cuticles to close. A conditioner is the first line of defense against frizz, so ensure you get a good one. The Redken Frizz Dismiss conditioner is our top pick to complement its excellent anti-frizz shampoo.

To maintain an effective frizz-free hair care routine, coconut and argan oil products are also highly recommended to boost moisture and keep the hair soft and healthy from the inside out.

Check out all the best products for frizzy hair we recommend.

Getting The Right Styling Tools

Everything from your flat iron, blow dryer, hot brush, or detangling brush can make a difference in reducing frizz.

So look for heat styling tools that offer smart heat control technology to minimize frizz and hair damage.

Dyson Corrale

hair salon grade straightener

Dyson Corrale Hair Straightener

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Next, you need to find some good combs. There are quite a few options that you can go for. But one thing you need to keep in mind is that the comb should be a wide-toothed comb at the very least. Rat tail combs can offer better frizz control than others, especially for split ends.

use rattail comb on damp hair to detangle

Onedor Handmade Wide-Tooth Comb

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Finally, I highly recommend you use a microfiber towel and get a silk pillowcase if possible. This will help you to prevent hair damage even when you sleep. Also, don’t forget to get a boar bristle brush and brush your hair with it before you sleep. It helps distribute the natural oils in your hair, which keeps your lengths moisturized and smooth.

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Step 2: Ace Your Washing Routine

To begin your hair straightening process, first, wash your hair.

Avoid using hot water a heat opens the cuticles. Use lukewarm water to wash and finish off with a cold rinse. This helps close the hair cuticles.

Make sure you use enough conditioner to smoothen the hair and help the cuticles to rest, which is vital to counter frizziness.

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Step 3: Gently Towel Dry Your Hair

Use the microfiber towel and gently press and squeeze your hair dry. Having dry hair is very important for the upcoming steps, but that doesn’t mean you need to rub with all your strength. Just dry out the wet hair as best as you can.

microfiber towel or t-shirt for drying hair

Aquis Microfiber Towel

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Step 4: Apply A Straightening Spray or Cream

This step can be skipped, but for the best output, I highly recommend it. Once you’re done towel drying, apply styling products like a heat protectant spray, anti-frizz cream, or leave-in-conditioner to seal in moisture. Mainly focus on the ends but apply it throughout your hair.

Use a generous amount but don’t over saturate your hair. Otherwise, it will feel lumpy when dry.

Step 5: Blow Dry Your Hair

Next, it’s time for you to use your blow dryer. But before that, use your comb and separate your hair into two parts. This will make blow-drying easier.

To blow-dry, point your dryer downwards all the time. This will ensure that your cuticles lie flat. You should also use a bristle brush during the air-drying process.

Swap between the hot and cold settings of your blow-dry from time to time. This will allow you to manage the overall heat your hair is exposed to.

air dry instead of blow drying to fight frizz and maintain healthy hair

How to blow dry hair without frizz

Step 6: Separate Your Hair into Sections

Once the blow-drying session ends, it’s time for you to straighten your hair with a straightener. But there are a few things that you need to check beforehand.

First, ensure that you have completely dry hair. Flat ironing will only damage if your hair isn’t completely dry. And if you have a heat protectant available, put it on your straightener.

If you don’t have short hair, then you should separate your hair into one-inch sections. Otherwise, you will have a lot of trouble during the straightening process. This is especially true for curly hair.

You might need to straighten a dime-sized amount at a time for curly hair. Because straightening a big portion of curly hair at a time can be a disaster.

Step 7: Straighten Your Hair

pull your hair taut while using a flat iron with ceramic plates

Set your straightener to the lowest heat setting and start to straighten each section of your hair. The temperature shouldn’t be over 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Next, proceed with the heating following any straightening methods.

I recommend going with the chase method. This method is quite simple and easy. You just need to use your brush and heater in a synchronized manner at a slow and steady pace until you get that perfectly smooth hair.

Make sure to work in a small section. Also, never use a comb for the straightening process as it can cause too much static on the hair.

Focus on the split ends; only here can you increase the heat slightly but don’t go over 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

Once you are done, you should have near-perfect straightened hair.

Step 8: Final Touch

Finish the straightening process with any styling product you want to use on your hair. Just make sure that it doesn’t have any adverse effects. Normally, I would suggest going for sprays, but oil or cream can be used for thicker hair.

There you have it. These are all the steps you need and my top recommended products for achieving frizz-free straight hair that lasts for days.

Wrapping Up

Not knowing how to keep frizzy hair straight, many people end up causing more harm to their locks by resorting to over-styling and chemical treatments.

But seriously, it doesn’t have to be this way.

Once you understand why your hair is frizzing, work your way backward and identify the right products and tools to help you create effortless frizz-free hairstyles.

Remember, frizz starts from the shower. If you tackle it from there, you’re more likely to eliminate it by the time you’re styling your hair.

It’s all about the products and the process.

makes frizzy hair straight

Dyson Corrale Hair Straightener

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