10 Best Keratin Treatments That Will Turn the Clock Back on Your Strands

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best keratin treatments

Did you know?

Unkempt, damaged, and “can’t be bothered hair” can make you look older!

According to a survey conducted by Pantene:

People with beautiful hair attracted more positive attention to their faces.

In contrast, people with unruly hair drew attention to their negative spots like frizz, flyaways, and dry ends. They were judged to look 4 years older than their age.

Is your hair ageing your appearance?

It probably hasn’t dawned on you yet, but years of bleaching, coloring, heat styling and layering of toxic products may be undermining your hair’s ability to perk up your look and confidence.

You may have a bathroom overflowing with anti-aging face creams and serums, but if your hair looks as dull as dishwater, there’s nothing more aging than that!

Beautiful hair matters. And the secret to achieving it sits at the end of a keratin treatment.

It’s like an anti-frizz, anti-aging, and damage-healing treatment on steroids!

Plus, with the added benefits of silky smooth and lust-worthy locks that will make every mere mortal envy your dazzling and youthfully radiant hair – it’s the holy grail of hair restorative treatments.

So go on, glam the F up on your chevelure!

Here are the best keratin treatments that will rewind the clock on your strands.

1. GK Hair The Best – Juvexin Keratin Treatment

GK Juvexin keratin treatment

The No.1 worldwide hair smoothing system. The GK keratin works on all hair types, eliminating frizz and making the hair more manageable to style.


Product Summary

  • No waiting time – Wash hair same day
  • Straightening and smoothing in one
  • Silky smooth hair for up to 5 months
  • Improves moisture retention and elasticity
  • Repairs, conditions, and strengthens hair from the inside out
  • Salon professional product used by pro hairstylists
  • Proven to work on color-treated hair
  • Detailed instructions included

GK Hair is a well-respected salon-professional brand. Customers describe their Juvexin smoothing system as the best keratin treatment around for its easy application and excellent results.

It’s a perfect blend of modern science and botanical ingredients that work seamlessly to repair, nourish, and protect the hair from the very first application.

I love this kit because it contains all the essential pre-treatment and post-treatment products that I don’t have to buy separately.

The instructions guide is visual, detailed, and it has clean ingredients without any harsh chemicals. The kits also ship in different sizes (cheaper price), making it ideal if you just want to try.

Unlike other Brazilian keratin treatments, GK Hair confirms that you can wash your hair with their sulfate-free shampoo on the same day. No waiting for 3 days smelling like a fart! Woohoo!

No frizz, wash-and-go styles, flawless hair. Cost be darned. It’s a game-changer!

global keratin treatment reviews
Credit: GK Hair Professional YouTube Channel.

2. Keratin Cure Gold and Honey Kit

best keratin treatment professional-grade

A 7-piece complete kit including a straightener! Wow, who doesn’t love a good deal!


Product Summary

  • 7 pieces included in the set
  • Bonus straightening iron and keratin oil
  • Available in multiple sizes
  • Can be used for up to 20 applications
  • Formulated with organic ingredients and less chemicals
  • Strong processing smell – Use in well-ventilated space
  • Glyoxyloyl Carbocysteine may release Formaldehyde when heated
  • Time-consuming treatment process (Requires a stylist)

The Keratin Cure Gold and Honey Bio Protein kit is good value for money because if you had to buy the 7 pieces separately, it would cost you a lot more than the bundle.

The keratin treatment is formulated with coconut oil, argan oil, organic hemp seed oil, marula oil, peppermint oil, hyaluronic acid, and silk proteins blended together to deliver an intense revitalizing treatment for the hair.

The only downside is that this treatment is not easy to perform at home if you don’t have the necessary experience. Most people would buy this kit and take it to their salon to have it done by a professional hairstylist.

Even though the product claims to be Formaldehyde-free, we noticed 2 ingredients that are potential red flags:

  • Glyoxyloyl Carbocysteine
  • Glycolic acid

For that reason, it’s best to have this treatment done in salon rather than at home.

3. Nutree Amazonliss Professional Keratin Treatment

best blowout for smoother hair

The best keratin for hair straightening that lasts for up to 5 months.


Product Summary

  • Deeply nourishing and moisturizing
  • Super effective at straightening in one treatment
  • Contains a variety of hair-friendly natural ingredients
  • Improves hair elasticity and strength
  • Easy to use
  • Gives hair luxurious shine
  • Strong smell

The Amazonliss Brazilian keratin hair straightening treatment boasts long-lasting durability of up to 20 weeks (around 5 months) of frizz-free, straight, and manageable hair, boosting texture, shine, and overall health of the hair from the inside out.

According to the product manual, it’s safe and easy to apply at home and can be used for all hair types. Its effectiveness on damaged hair is also well-received with customers’ before and after pictures proving the amazing results after just one treatment.

You can get around 10 keratin treatments with this pack, which is excellent value for money.

4. Lasio Keratin Treatment

lasio one day at home keratin treatments

The Lasio keratin treatment is all about its fast-application process and instant results.


Product Summary

  • Eliminates frizz and split ends
  • Fast and easy application
  • Restore your hair’s natural sheen
  • Less breakage after shampooing
  • Eases hair styling every day
  • Can be used for up to 8 applications
  • Rich in antioxidants and nourishing ingredients
  • Super lightweight formula that rinses out well
  • Contains 0.02% Formaldehyde (But no fumes)

The Lasio One Day keratin treatment moisturizes, repairs, and eliminates frizz for up to 4 months.

By harnessing the fortifying properties of amber extracts, this lightweight formula absorbs seamlessly into the hair to accelerate its keratin bonding process, making it one of the best at-home keratin treatments that can be done and dusted within 1 hr.

You can also wash your hair within 24 hrs! No downtime, no need to sleep with keratin in your hair overnight.

lasio keratin treatment reviews
Credit: LASIO Professional Hair Care YouTube Channel.

5. Buriti Liss by Kerazon

Buriti Liss by Kerazon

keratin treatment at home kit from amazon

An intense thermo active Brazilian Blowout ideal for chemically-treated and severely damaged hair.


Product Summary

  • Formulated with green hydrolyzed keratin
  • Buriti oil seals and aligns hair cuticles
  • Immediate frizz reduction
  • Repairs damaged hair
  • Prevents hair breakage
  • Not ideal for people with sensitive skin

The Buritiliss Brazilian Blowout is a thermo active keratin treatment enriched with green keratin (hydrolyzed cereal proteins), buriti oil, shea butter, acai berries, cupuacu, tamarind, myrrh, cinnamon extracts, and olive oil.

It has a processing time of 90 minutes with no waiting time for washing.

The before and after photos from satisfied customers prove how much of a dramatic difference it makes after one application. Going by the testimonials, this product seems to be highly effective on damaged hair.

6. Keratin Research Gold Label

best keratin for smoother afro hair

The Gold Label is resistant to high heat, and multiple flat iron passes, required when smoothing thick and coarse hair types.


Product Summary

  • 3x stronger heat protection when styling
  • Penetrates very thick hair
  • Color-safe and can withstand very high heat
  • Contains natural oils that boost moisture and shine
  • Works on bleached and damaged hair
  • Releases strong fumes when heat is applied

Most generic keratin treatments won’t work well on thick and coarse afro hair because thicker hair requires more passes and higher heat for sealing liquid keratin.

The Gold Label has been developed for thick and coarse hair with a strong formula that can resist multiple passes of high heat to blend in the keratin without causing heat damage.

7. Keratin Cure BTX Blonde

keratin treatment blonde hair

The blonde hair perfector that repels warm brassy tones and brightens up dull-looking hair.


Product Summary

  • 7 pieces set including all pre and post care products
  • Free dual-voltage hair straightener included
  • Can deliver around 20 applications
  • Available in different sizes
  • Works like botox for the hair (anti-aging effects)
  • Improves hair texture, shine, and manageability
  • Restores the hair’s lost proteins
  • Expensive
  • Limited stock

For blonde hair that constantly takes on a brassier appearance, the Keratin Cure BTX fixes the hair’s high porosity, which is the main culprit for warm color tones and dehydration.

This protein treatment works to replenish moisture back into your strands, restoring its natural pH balance and shielding the hair shafts to prevent external influences from zapping away its natural glow.

The BTX Capilar is also highly effective for bleached blonde hair that feels brittle and damaged thanks to its active healing keratin complex.

But please note:
This product requires in-salon application as home use can be challenging.

8. GK Hair Coco

vegan keratin hair treatment cruelty-free

A Formaldehyde-Free plant-based formula for clean beauty enthusiasts.


Product Summary

  • Nourishes the hair
  • Reduces styling time significantly
  • Makes hair super smooth
  • Very easy to apply
  • Seals and prevents split ends
  • Formulated with a blend of superfoods for the hair

Veganism is not just about your diet. Other lifestyle choices like skincare and haircare products can also contribute towards a greener planet and reducing animal cruelty.

GK Hair’s vegan keratin treatment is made with pure, vegan ingredients and customized for those on a vegan lifestyle. It provides the same benefits as a traditional keratin treatment without animal by-products. The formula strengthens and rebuilds hair while reducing frizz and restoring shine.

global keratin treatment buy online
Credit: GK Hair Professional YouTube Channel.

9. Peter Coppola Smoothing Kit

peter coppola express keratin treatment

The best express keratin treatment for low commitment-phobes. Easy. Convenient. Perfect for quick spot treatments.


Product Summary

  • Low-commitment keratin treatment
  • Express application and easy processing
  • Straight, smooth, and curly styles
  • Provides heat and UV defense
  • Highly-trusted salon-quality product
  • No aftercare

The new α-Keratin Repair System from Peter Coppola is a breakthrough, safe, and advanced hair healer ideal for dry, damaged, color-treated, over-processed, and frizzy hair.

With its Formaldehyde and Aldehyde-free low-pH formula, all-natural keratin proteins, amino acids, and other natural ingredients, this keratin system delivers professional-grade results within a short amount of processing time.

Watch the video below for a demonstration:

express keratin treatment application
Credit: Peter Coppola YouTube Channel.

10. Agi Max

keratin treatment for chemically damaged hair

A 3-step revitalizer for dry and damaged hair. Improves the overall quality and texture of every single strand.


Product Summary

  • Improves hair manageability and control
  • Relaxes intense curls with its smoothing properties
  • Heals hair damage
  • Delivers soft and more natural look
  • Intense hydration and revitalization
  • Improves strength, growth, and shine

The Agi Max Semi Di Lino restores keratin and collagen to the hair, providing intense hydration, damage reversal, and overall strengthening of the hair’s inner and outer structures.

Unlike relaxers and harsh Brazilian Blowouts, Agi MAx does not break the hair bonds or alter the hair at a molecular level to change its shape and texture.

It’s a semi-permanent hair smoother that lasts for 3-4 months and restores the hair to its natural keratin state while imparting a healthy shine.

The treatment is perfect for curly, frizzy, or damaged hair as it helps to seal the cuticle, reduce frizz, and add elasticity and strength.

Keratin Treatment Buying Guide

Keratin treatments are not cheap. So before you go and splash out on one, do your due diligence to avoid disappointment and waste of money.

I see many people complain about how a keratin treatment has ruined their hair. Still, the truth is, they’ve probably got treatments that were not suitable for their hair type or condition, which inevitably lead to undesirable results.

Before buying a keratin treatment, it’s necessary to check in advance that you’re getting one that works for you. You also need to decide whether you want your hair pin-straight or just smooth. These small details matter.

With so many options on the market, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed, but the good news is – having a wide variety to pick from ensures that every head of hair is catered for.

So here’s a list of what you need to consider before buying a keratin treatment:

Hair Type

is keratin treatment good for all hair types

If you have curly hair, you want to reduce frizz but still want to keep your curls intact – then you need a smoothing treatment designed for curl enhancement.

Unlike other keratin treatments (Brazilian Blowouts mostly) that can relax the cysteine bonds to reshape the hair straight, a smoothing treatment simply improves the texture for smoother and softer hair that is easy to manage. You do not lose your curl pattern.

A straightening treatment on curly hair can damage your curls, resulting in a fake straight look. Although not permanent, it can cause frustration in styling until the treatment fades and your curls grow out. This can take up to six months!

So choose the right treatment for your hair type.

  • Straightening: For normal and straight hair types
  • Smoothing: For curly, natural, and textured hair types

Hair Condition

can a keratin treatment help damaged hair

Keratin treatments can vary from gentle formulas to super intense ones.

A strong and intense keratin treatment is intended for severely damaged and chemically treated hair. On the other hand, a gentle formula will suit normal healthy hair.

If you use an intense keratin treatment on normal hair, you may experience protein overload or dry and brittle hair due to the heavy ingredients that your hair didn’t need in the first place. Such treatments can also lead to hair breakage and minor hair loss.

Assess the condition of your hair before you pick your keratin treatment.


A strong keratin treatment does not always equate to better results.

Go with what your hair needs.

I suggest starting small. Use a gentle treatment and do progressive top-ups over time rather than going too strong in one attempt.

Hair Goals

how to make hair silky and straight at home

What do you want to achieve from your keratin treatment?

Are you planning a hair makeover for a special occasion like a wedding?

Are you planning to do the treatment to make your hair manageable and hassle-free for a good few months?

Or are you looking to transform your hair into a new style – like going from curly to straight?

Whatever your hair goal or commitment level, there are many options ranging from low-commitment to long-term hair makeovers to help you spend your money wisely.

For example, if you need a hair makeover for only a few weeks, you can try an express keratin treatment instead.

If you fancy a long-term change that you’re happy to commit to, then a premium keratin treatment that costs a bit more is definitely worth the investment as it will cut down significantly on hairstyling time and the amount of money you spend on frizz-fixing products.


dangers of keratin hair treatment

Formaldehyde is a toxic ingredient used in the old Brazilian Blowouts to accelerate keratin bonding to the hair. Due to its toxic load and high probability of causing cancer, it was flagged by the FDA as hazardous and carcinogenic.

Read: Dangers of Formaldehyde in keratin treatments.

Although most keratin treatments have improved their formula to be free from Formaldehyde, there are still potential risks if other Aldehydes are used, which may release the F gas when heated at high temperatures.

For example, Glyoxylic acid, used as a Formaldehyde alternative in some keratin treatments, can decompose into Formaldehyde gas when subjected to high heat. [1]

So check your ingredients list carefully and identify any potential red flags.

List of Formaldehyde chemicals:

  • Methylene glycol
  • Formalin
  • Methanediol
  • Paraformaldehyde
  • Formic Aldehyde
  • Methanal
  • Timonacic Acid

List of Formaldehyde alternatives that can potentially release toxic gas when subjected to high heat during application:

  • Glyoxylic acid
  • Glyoxyloyl Carbocysteine (Oxoacetamide carbocysteine)
  • Phenyl Trimethicone

In-Salon or Home

keratin treatment salon near me

If you’ve done DIY keratin treatments before at home and you’re fairly comfortable with the process, then you don’t need to overthink it. You’ll know exactly what tools you need, how to perform the treatment, and how to care for your hair after.

But if you are new to it, not sure where to start, and what tools to use, it’s better to make an appointment at your local hair salon to have a professional hairstylist do it for you.

Getting assistance for the first time will help you understand:

  • The preparation steps
  • The importance of patch testing
  • The process
  • The risks
  • And how to mitigate any faux-pas

It also helps you understand the safety procedures required to perform a keratin treatment, which, if not done correctly at home, can lead to unwanted side effects on your health.

Same Day Formula or 3 Days Wait to Wash

keratin treatment wash out same day

Traditional keratin treatments and Brazilian Blowouts require you to wait 72 hours (3 days) before properly washing your hair. The 3-days period allows the keratin serum to soak completely into the hair.

Read: When to wash hair after keratin treatment.

For most of us, this can be a sticky situation as the hair starts to feel gross, heavy, flaky, and it makes life a little awkward when it comes to sleeping and just being out and about. The lingering smell (like fart or gas leak) will make you wish you never had it.

Are you prepared to go through this?

Thought so.

I always go for same-day wash keratin hair treatments. They are as effective as the traditional ones, but if you can’t find a one-day formula that suits your hair type or condition and you’re only left with 3-day wash options, then it’s worth thinking about it before jumping in with both feet.

The Rotten Eggs Smell

how to make smell go away after keratin treatment

Be prepared to smell like rotten eggs, a disgusting fart, or a gas leak after a keratin treatment. When pressed with high heat, some of the chemicals and protein in the keratin serum release a nauseating and rancid smell until the hair is washed with shampoo.

That’s why I don’t like keratin treatments that have a 3-day waiting period for shampooing.

Even same-day wash treatments will release the smell, but once you wash your hair with a proper keratin aftercare shampoo, the smell will dissipate.


You can use a scented hair mask for keratin-treated hair in the meantime to neutralize the odor.

Pregnancy Concerns

is keratin safe during pregnancy

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, you should NOT be doing a keratin treatment.

Most keratin treatment brands clearly advise against it.

While there is no conclusive research or studies to prove that such treatments are unsafe during pregnancy or breastfeeding, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Use common sense and err on the side of caution.

Sensitive Skin or Allergies

can keratin treatment cause allergies

If you have skin sensitivity or allergies, do NOT buy DIY home keratin treatments.

To be on the safe side, book a consultancy and a trial session at your local hair salon, where an experienced hair stylist can help you with patch testing and allergy tests.

Getting professional assistance can also aid in quick first-aid procedures if anything goes wrong or requires a medical emergency.

Suppose you have a known sensitivity or allergy and perform the treatment at home without assistance. In that case, it can potentially put you at risk of not being able to seek emergency help.

If you have any other doubts, please consult a hairstylist online or at your local hair salon to help you pick the right keratin treatment for your hair.

Keratin Aftercare and Your Commitment Level

A keratin treatment requires a strict aftercare routine that may not be for everyone.

Here’s a list of things you cannot do after a keratin treatment.

Read it, and evaluate if you can fit these rules into your lifestyle. If not, you’re probably better off with a light keratin express treatment for a zero-hassle aftercare routine.

Watch Out for Counterfeit Products

The online marketplace is rife with cheap imitations and counterfeit products that can put your health at risk. Read reviews and check the product details before you buy. Make sure it’s a trusted brand, and the brand has a legit website with proof of authenticity.

Check for Expiry Dates

Keratin treatments have expiry dates. Always ask the seller if the product you’re about to buy contains expiry information. If the expiry date is missing, contact the seller directly to enquire.

According to SafeCosmetics, expired products can release Formaldehyde.

Why Do You Need a Keratin Treatment?

Like the rest of your body, the hair is not exempted from aging. Over time, the follicles shrink, producing thinner, brittle, and dry hairs that become vulnerable to breakage and damage. The aging process also depletes keratin and collagen, affecting the structural integrity and density of the hair fibers.

On top of these, hair coloring, heat styling, bleaching, and overuse of chemicals hidden in hair products can only make the condition worse.

Unlike our skin, we don’t feel pain in our hair.

We take it for granted that if our hair does not bleed, it does not suffer.

But here’s the thing …

The damage only becomes obvious when you start to see your hair thinning and frizzing all over the place. Hair that once used to be so abundant and vibrant suddenly looks trash.

“Almost everything we do to our hair – washing, combing, and brushing, compromise the surface fibers of hair. Deeper problems happen with things like heat styling, coloring, bleaching, and other chemical processes. As the damage accumulates, it messes with your hair’s structural integrity from the inside out.” – says Kevin Mancuso, Trichologist and Global Creative Director for Nexxus.

To put it simply:

Our hair goes through a lot. It’s only fair that it needs a complete reconstructive and restorative treatment that can heal it and bring its lifeforce back once in a while.

A keratin treatment does just that. It gives your hair its living sense. It reignites the hair’s cellular machinery.

Benefits of Keratin Treatments

benefits of keratin for hair

As any celebrity hairstylist will tell you, celebs love keratin treatments for their miraculous smoothing effects and the ability to keep their locks styled to perfection in front of the cameras.

By improving the quality of your hair, a keratin treatment can also shave off a few years off your look!

Unfortunately, nowadays, we are abusing our hair with color, heat, bleach, and all sorts of products never like before. Everyone wants to look flawless on camera, either for an Insta selfie or a TikTok video.

These wild hair transformations can quickly add up, causing heat damage, hygral fatigue, high porosity, and even hair loss.

Keratin treatments work to restore your tresses from the rigors of harsh styling and extreme makeovers that leave your hair withered and weakened.

Read more: Benefits of keratin treatment.

How Does a Keratin Treatment Work?

how do keratin treatments work

A keratin straightening or smoothing treatment works to repair, nourish, and protect the hair.

The process starts with a clarifying shampoo to prime the hair first, removing product buildup and residues to allow maximum keratin liquid absorption.

Once cleansed, the keratin filler is applied to the hair and left to work for about 45 minutes.

And this is when the magic happens.

keratin supplement working on the hair illustration

The treatment deploys millions of micro molecules loaded with active ingredients into each hair strand. These active ingredients then seek out the damaged parts in the capillary cortex to patch them up and refill the building blocks of keratin, collagen, amino acids, and lipids.

The process binds these components together to make the hair shafts strong, elastic, and buoyant.

A keratin treatment gives your hair its substance back.

As you can see from the graphic above, there is also a sealing process. This is when healing ingredients like argan oil come into play to flatten and seal the cuticles, forming the protective barrier for a smooth finish.

Check this diagram below to understand the difference between healthy hair with tightly closed cuticles and damaged hair with wide-open cuticles.

Rebuilding amino acids chains in the hair structure

When the cuticles are raised (high porosity), they make your hair rough.

Rough hair is hard to manage because:

  • It tangles easily
  • It catches the bristles in your brush (snags)
  • It doesn’t absorb and retain moisture
  • Dirt and buildup accumulate in between the scales
  • It becomes brittle
  • It starts to split
  • It needs a lot of products to style

When your hair cuticles lay flat:

  • Hair is smooth (easy to detangle)
  • Hair reflects more light (shiny)
  • Less dirt gets in between the scales (no buildup or residues)
  • Hair retains moisture for longer
  • Hair needs fewer products to style

To Summarize:

A keratin hair treatment improves the overall condition of the hair fibers both inside and outside by repairing, nourishing, and protecting.

Ingredients in Keratin Treatments

what are the ingredients in brazilian keratin treatment

The new generation of keratin treatments blends a rich combination of actives and bio-compatible ingredients to give your hair more strength, energy, and vitality.

Here’s a list of common ingredients you’ll find in keratin treatments:

Hydrolyzed Keratin
This is keratin broken down into smaller molecules so that your hair can digest them easily. Otherwise, the keratin fragments would sit on top, causing protein overload and brittleness.
Argan Oil
Argan oil is a highly potent antioxidant that can heal damaged hair’s inner and outer layers. Rich in fatty acids and vitamin E, argan oil also helps to soften the cuticles for a smooth and glossy finish.
Caviar Oil

This luxurious delicacy is rich in vitamins A, D, and omega-3 fatty acids.

While vitamin A improves healthy sebum production on the scalp to condition the hair, vitamin D and omega help to strengthen the hair fibers. And the best thing about caviar oil is, it makes your hair smooth AF.

An important thing to note is that only a few selected professional keratin products contain caviar extracts.

Collagen Complex
Collagen is the substance that allows your hair to twist, bend, and snap back into shape without breaking. It brings elasticity to your hair, which is essential for effortless styling. A keratin hair treatment helps to regenerate the cellular function of your tresses to fortify them against chemical and mechanical damage.
Amino Acids

Amino acids are essential for good hair growth because they are the foundation of protein cells’ protein production.

If you want your hair to feel full of body, shine, and vitality, aminos are a great natural ingredient to improve hair health.

Related: What is an amino acid treatment

BONT-L Peptide
This is a synthetic chain of amino acids to seal split ends and restructure damaged strands. That’s why the Brazilian keratin treatment is also highly effective for split ends.
Vitamin B5
Vitamin B5, also known as Pantothenic acid, nourishes the hair follicles to function properly. It makes your hair resilient against daily wear and tear.
Vitamin E

Vitamin E reduces oxidative stress in the hair.

What is oxidative stress exactly?

Hard water, chemicals in hair color, and sulfates in shampoos … These elements cause an imbalance of antioxidants and free radicals, which can damage cells in the hair in the long run.

Omega 6
Just like our body needs healthy fats like avocado and olive oil, our hair also needs fatty extracts for nourishment. Omega 6 is a crucial ingredient used in many hair and skin products to boost natural fats.
Glyoxylic Acid

Glyoxylic acid is a new innovative ingredient that replaces Formaldehyde.

After years of research, scientists have finally invented a safe alternative that won’t put your health at risk.

Source: Formaldehyde replacement with Glyoxylic acid – An investigation.

What You Get in a Keratin Treatment Kit?

  • Clarifying Shampoo:The keratin pre-treatment shampoo, also known as a clarifying shampoo, is used before applying the treatment to prime the hair for maximum absorption. The shampoo effectively strips everything from the hair surface, making it more receptive to the subsequent application of the liquid keratin.
  • The Keratin Concentrate:The serum itself is a thick liquid that contains all the vital active ingredients.
  • The Aftercare:Post-keratin products may vary for different brands. Some may provide shampoo and conditioner; some may only provide a hair mask. All keratin treatments need to be followed up with compatible aftercare products that enrich and progressively enhance the treatment.
  • The Instructions Manual:Application instructions are mandatory. If you receive a keratin kit without an instructions leaflet, please contact the seller and insist on one. Some manufacturers may point you to their website to download it online, and that’s ok also. Besides providing a step-by-step guide on how to perform the treatment, the instructions leaflet also contains vital information about safety and toxicity, which you should not ignore.

When you buy your keratin kit, make sure you get these 4 essential things.

How to Do a Keratin Treatment at Home

can you do keratin treatment at home

The new generation of keratin treatments is designed for easy application at home. Unlike Brazilian Blowouts from the early days that required qualified and certified hairstylists to perform the treatments, nowadays, anyone can just buy a kit online, follow the instructions manual, and be done in less than 2 hours in the comfort of their home.

I’ve done mine a few times at home too, and while I agree it’s easy, there are a few things you need to prep and consider:

1. Always Do a Patch Test First

allergy test for keratin treatments


Allergic reactions can trigger unanticipated catastrophic consequences!

Always think: What can possibly go wrong?

Since everyone’s skin and sensory sensitivity are different, a patch test can reveal any potential allergic reaction that can be managed and mitigated.

It helps avoid serious problems like extreme swelling, heart-rate changes, breathing difficulties, rashes, redness, and irritation, which can be seriously agonizing.

Even if the keratin treatment claims to be 100% natural and clean, let’s not forget: pollen causes allergy, and it’s completely natural.

I cannot emphasize this enough:

A patch test is mandatory. Do NOT ignore this step.

I’ve been doing keratin treatment for years, but I still patch test every new product.

Here’s how to do your patch test at home:

  • Do your patch test 48-72 hours before the treatment.
  • Apply a small amount of the keratin serum to your skin, either behind your ear or on top of your arm.
  • Allow it to dry uncovered and leave it for a minimum of 48 hours.

If no irritation, rash, swelling, or redness occurs during this time, the chance of a reaction from the treatment is very much less, but still never certain.

If any signs of irritation occur, wash the area thoroughly and do not carry out the treatment.

After 48 hours, if there is no allergy (redness or blisters), it is safe to proceed with the keratin treatment.

2. Use a Well-Ventilated Space

use open airy space for keratin treatment application

When doing the treatment at home, you’ll have to endure some strong chemical smells and gases during the heat application phase.

Choosing a well-ventilated space is vital to avoid choking or getting bleary eyes. I use my bathroom with windows and doors wide open. I also use the bathtub to wash my hair as the sink is too small.

As I mentioned above, even though the new keratin treatments claim to be Formaldehyde-free, some of them have the potential to release gases when exposed to high heat.

If you’re worried about Formaldehyde release, you can get a Formaldehyde monitor to ensure you’re not exposing yourself to the hazard.

Air Quality Monitor Formaldehyde Detector

3. Get the Right Tools

Having the right tools available will ensure you get the job done effectively without wasting time.

Lack of planning can leave you in a bit of limbo, walking around like a headless chicken sifting through drawers looking for a pair of large clips while your hair is soaked with keratin. Not ideal!

Before you start, I suggest you prep everything on your table in the right sequence.

Here’s a list of what you’ll need in this specific order:

  1. Clarifying shampoo
  2. A good microfiber towel
  3. A blow dryer
  4. Large hair clips
  5. Mixing bowl
  6. Applicator brush
  7. A pair of gloves
  8. The keratin serum
  9. Straightening iron
  10. And a sulfate-free shampoo

Step-by-step procedure to do your keratin treatment:

  1. Start by washing your hair with the clarifying shampoo
  2. Wash twice so that your hair is properly purged and prepped
  3. Massage the shampoo thoroughly and let it work. Don’t rush it
  4. After the deep cleanse, rinse your hair thoroughly with warm water
  5. Pat your hair dry with the microfiber towel
  6. Make sure there is no excess water and avoid tangles
  7. Use your blow dryer at medium heat to dry your hair at 100%
  8. Once your hair is dry, divide it into equal sections
  9. Use the clips to hold them the sections
  10. Before you handle the keratin, put your gloves on
  11. Pour the required dosage of the keratin serum into the mixing bowl
  12. The dosage will depend on the length of your hair
  13. Use the applicator brush to mix it well
  14. Start applying the solution to your hair starting from the back
  15. Distribute the serum evenly throughout the hair
  16. Move on to the next section until you’ve covered every inch of your hair
  17. Leave the solution to sit in your hair as per the product manual
  18. Then rinse your hair with lukewarm water
  19. No need to pat dry at this stage as it will remove the keratin
  20. Use your blow dryer at medium heat to dry your hair thoroughly
  21. Next, section your hair equally and use the clips to help you
  22. Make sure you don’t clip them too tight
  23. Now it’s time to seal the treatment with heat
  24. Use your straightener ideally at 450° F / 230° C (as per manual)
  25. Run the plates through each section at least 7-10 times
  26. Make sure you run them through very thin layers to get the best results
  27. Once you’re done with all sections, sit down and relax
  28. Leave it in for a few hours before rinsing

Depending on your product’s washing instructions:

  • Not same-day: Simply rinse thoroughly
  • Same day: Wash lightly with a sulfate-free shampoo

Please Note:

Instructions may vary for different products. For example, processing time and hair straightener temperature may change. Check the product manual.

How Long Does a Keratin Treatment Last?

Most keratin treatments guarantee to last at least 3 months. Some may even stretch up to 5 months.

However, it all depends on what you do to your hair during that period. If you follow a good aftercare and maintenance routine, you will benefit from the long-lasting frizz-free and easy-to-manage hairstyles that come with it.

Keratin Aftercare Considerations

After a keratin treatment, caring for your hair is not as daunting as most people think.

Let me make it simple with these 4 rules:

  • Wash your hair less
  • Avoid manipulating your hair (ponytails, heat, brushing too hard)
  • Use the right products
  • Appreciate and enjoy your new hair


Just like a color treatment, the more you wash your hair, the faster it fades.

While a sulfate-free shampoo slows down the fading, it’s impossible to stop water from dissolving the treatment, especially if you have hard water in your area, which contains heavy minerals that can strip the surface of the hair shafts.

Ideally, I recommend washing your hair with a sulfate-free shampoo once a week. But if your hair feels dirty and greasy between this period, use a dry shampoo to get by.

Read more: How to wash hair after a keratin treatment.


can you brush your hair after keratin treatment

I don’t recommend brushing hair too soon after your treatment, even if it’s a same-day wash. Leave it for 3 days to allow the keratin to blend in properly.

After that, choose an appropriate hairbrush that won’t cause kinks and knots. Avoid plastic and metal brushes as they can cause frizz and static.

Use a boar bristle brush instead. It’s gentle, and its bristles are more flexible and porous, which allows the brush to glide through your hair with ease without peeling off the keratin coating.

Read more: Brushing your hair after a keratin treatment.


what happens if i style hair after 1 day keratin treatment

The best way to style your hair after a keratin treatment is to wear it down and straight, at least for the first week. Leave your hair loose if you have curls and opted for a smoothing treatment.

Avoid tight hairstyles like ponytails, and avoid using accessories like elastic bands and clips for the first couple of weeks.

Stretching and manipulating your hair with tight hairstyles may cause lines of demarcation, kinks, and dents in your hair while the keratin coating is still setting in.

After the grace period, you can experiment with different hairstyles as long as you use sulfate-free, salt-free, and alcohol-free products.

Using Oils

can i oil my hair after keratin treatment

One of the many benefits of using hair oil is that it helps protect hair from breakage and dryness. Keratin-treated hair can be particularly vulnerable to breakage and dryness, so using a good oil can help improve the overall condition of your hair. Oils can also help to seal in moisture and prevent frizz, making your hair look sleek and polished.

However, it’s vital to choose a light oil that doesn’t weigh heavy on your tresses. Otherwise, you’ll end up with hair that feels too greasy, requiring a lot of shampoos to wash out.

See: Best oils for keratin-treated hair we highly recommend.

Using Dry Shampoos

can i use dry shampoo after keratin treatment

Using dry shampoo is the best way to get you through the first 3 days when your hair is not allowed to go anywhere near water. To be honest, my hair is 70% dry shampoo in the first 3 weeks after my keratin treatment. It works without disrupting the treatment, and it helps me wash my hair less, which helps my keratin look fresh for longer.

Recommended: Best dry shampoos for keratin treated hair.

Using Hair Masks

brazilian blowout hair mask

If you love a weekly ritual of pampering your tresses with a nourishing hair mask, use one infused with keratin.

A keratin mask will enrich and enhance your treatment by infusing micronized keratin, renewing the existing treatment for extra mileage.

Recommend: Best hair masks for keratin-treated hair.

Sleeping Without Creasing Your Hair

how to not ruin a blowout while sleeping

It can feel a bit awkward in the first few days trying to sleep and keeping your hair straight, tangle-free, and without creases. But no matter how careful you are, once you fall asleep, it’s inevitable that your hair will be all over the place, rubbing off your bed sheet and pillowcase.

I highly recommend using a silk pillowcase to avoid friction, tangling, and waking up with a bedhead.

Unlike regular cotton, silk doesn’t snag or pull your hair when you move around. Silk allows your hair to glide, eliminating friction and tangles.

Silk is also an excellent temperature regulator, meaning it won’t make your head sweat if your room is too hot and it doesn’t absorb moisture either.

Read: How to sleep after a keratin treatment to avoid creasing your hair.

Coloring Your Hair After

can i dye my hair after keratin treatment

Unfortunately, if you fancy coloring your hair after a keratin treatment, you’ll have to wait 2-3 weeks because hair dye won’t cling to the hair due to the fresh keratin coating. So it’s pointless even trying it.

You may end up with more of a mess.

Once your hair is ready, you can use Semi-Permanent hair dyes. Please avoid permanent hair colors until your keratin treatment has completely faded, as permanent dyes require a lot of lifting and peroxides to work. Using peroxides and ammonia on keratin-treated hair may undo your keratin completely.

After the 2 weeks, assess the condition of your hair by doing a small patch test with the semi-perm hair dye, then proceed if it works.

Recommended: Best hair dyes for keratin-treated hair.

Curling Your Hair After

can you curl your hair after keratin treatment

Curling your hair after a keratin treatment is possible as long as you wait for the keratin coating to dry out properly and use the right tools.

Read more here: How to curl your hair after a keratin treatment.

Addressing Problems After Your Keratin Treatment

Everything should be hunky-dory in the hair department after a successful keratin treatment in an ideal world.

BUT. There’s always a but.

Since everyone’s head of hair is different and everyone’s choice of product varies, it’s fair to assume that some of us unlucky ones will have to navigate through some sticky patches.

Read more: Keratin aftercare guide.

How to Reverse a Keratin Treatment if it Goes Wrong

can keratin damage your hair

You can reverse a keratin treatment without damaging your hair by using a clarifying shampoo followed by a moisture-boosting deep conditioning treatment.

The trick is to use an alkaline solution that can strip the keratin coating and immediately rebalance the hair’s moisture to prevent it from going dry and brittle.

Here are a few solutions you can try:
DIY recipes to reverse a keratin treatment at home.

We aim to keep this guide updated as often as we can.

So if you’re into keratin treatments, bookmark this article to stay up to date with the latest info, and please share.

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