4 Best Oils for Keratin Treated Hair (Lightweight and Safe to Use)

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best oils for keratin treated hair

Here at Salon-Worthy Hair, we’re all about keratin treatments and anything that will give us freedom from frizz once and forever.

However, it’s a fact that finding the best oils for keratin treated hair that can style and moisturize without breaking any rules can be quite a bit of a challenge.


Because using the wrong oil can put a serious damper on your freshly applied keratin.

It can lead to greasiness and increase your wash cycles, causing premature keratin loss from the hair.

With this in mind, we’ve decided to test some of the best oils recommended by pro salon hairstylists and roundup the right ones you can use to complement your treatment and make it last longer.

Let’s take a closer look at these excellent products:

Lanza Keratin Oil

The Lanza keratin oil is by far my most favorite product when it comes to adding luster and sheen to my keratin treated hair without compromising on the treatment.

It has excellent stability and does not harden to cause residues that will force me to wash the next day.

Keratin treatment argan oil

The best argan oil and liquid keratin that protects breakage in hair after keratin treatment.


In fact, I can even leave it in my hair for up to 4 days without washing it. Its transparent formula also helps my hair color to pop and shine through with ultimate brilliance.

I’ve had a few mishaps with minor hair breakage after my keratin treatment, and the Lanza keratin oil did an excellent job at sealing my dry lengths and parched ends from snapping off. Even when using a flat iron, it helped protect my hair from drying out.

The oil is packed with argan oil and other highly potent reconstructive botanical ingredients that reinforce the hair deep from the core to the surface.

I’ve been using it mostly on my ends and edges, and I can definitely say that my hair is retaining more length than ever before.

And it’s so easy to use.

Here’s how to use the Lanza keratin oil after your keratin treatment:

Just apply a dime size to damp hair after your shower and leave it in. It will make your hair smell like candy.

Not to mention the luscious feel when it dries out.

The Lanza oil does such an excellent job at reviving my hair that it looks like my keratin treatment was just done yesterday.

Another good thing about this product is you can layer it over any other styling products, and it works just fine.

No mess, no greasiness, just straight and silky hair that feels incredibly soft.

When I first started using it, my boyfriend couldn’t stop smelling my hair for weeks!

Alfaparf Milano Semi Di Lino

Another excellent product in the line of oils for keratin treated hair is the Alfaparf Milano Semi Di Lino.

Flaxseed based oil effective for hair repair

Reconstructive oil for hair after keratin treatment.


This Italian brand has a perfectly balanced formula of sulfate-free, paraben-free, and flaxseed powered oil engineered with over 20 years of research to create an anti-breakage fluid that protects the hair fibers breaking off after chemical treatments.

The Semi Di Lino reconstructive oil creates a transparent external shield around each hair fiber to protect from heat damage, improve hair elasticity, and seal split ends and fractures that can make your hair disintegrate.

It also helps your hair maintain color depth, shine, and smoothness throughout the day.

Just spray it generously onto damp hair and style your hair without rinsing it out.

It can stay until your next wash and won’t interfere with your keratin treatment.

It contains hydrolyzed keratin, which helps to strengthen and renew the existing keratin coating for longer-lasting results.

Moroccanoil Treatment

The Moroccanoil treatment is rich in antioxidants and has ingredients such as argan oil, highly respected for its healing powers.

Argan oil healing hair treatment

Contains a perfect blend of Antioxidants that heal the hair after keratin treatment.


Did you know?

Professional hairstylists use argan oil to mix with keratin treatments so that your hair can withstand damage from the chemical process and high heat during the treatment.

Yes, argan oil has incredible benefits when it comes to healing damaged hair.

The Moroccanoil treatment is definitely one to grab if your hair feels weak and fragile after your keratin treatment.

Prestocure Capsules

The Prestocure capsules are super intense!

It’s best to use them if you are experiencing sporadic hair breakage after your treatment and you need something that can work instantly to seal down the damaged and lifted cuticles.

Brittle hair moisture care capsules

Intense hair-boosting oil that is super effective for breakage and split ends.


Sometimes keratin treatments can leave you with unruly hair due to the product’s bad quality or the application itself being poorly done.

It’s Zero Snap formula guarantees to correct, reverse, and prevent early damage from getting worse.

What to Look for When Choosing an Oil for Keratin Treated Hair

When looking for a good oil to use after my keratin treatment, I always choose one with multiple benefits.

Instead of stocking up on multiple products for styling, moisturizing, strengthening, I prefer to stick to one versatile product that does it all.

So here’s what I look for when picking an excellent oil for keratin treatment aftercare:

1. It Doesn’t Interfere With The Keratin Treatment

Any product you put in your hair should not increase the washing frequency.

Washing your hair too often accelerates keratin loss and therefore shortens the life of the treatment.

If you want to use oil for styling and moisturizing, you need to make sure the oil doesn’t leave any greasiness and residues that force you to wash your hair the next day.

Another important thing to note is the ingredients in the keratin oil.

Does it contain silicone, sulfates, sodium, or alcohol that may strip keratin off your hair?

If so, it’s best to avoid it until it’s safe to use.

2. Lightweight and Easy To Wash Out

A keratin oil should be lightweight and almost invisible when applied to the hair.

You do not want a product that hardens on the hair after a few hours. This will make your hair feel crunchy and stiff, and it won’t be long until your hair is screaming for a wash again.

Consider oils that condition with a light touch and don’t weigh down the hair.

3. Non-Greasy and Non-Tacky

Oiling your hair doesn’t have to make you feel like you’ve been rubbing lard into your hair.

A good styling oil should feel non-greasy and non-tacky.

Because if your hair feels greasy after applying the oil, you’ll want to wash it straight away.

You want a styling oil that can last long in your hair without the greasy feel.

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4. Residue-Free

A lot of styling oils have minerals and silicones that give the hair shine and gloss.

But these ingredients are bad as they coat the hair with a plastic-like coating just to give the effect of shiny hair.

If not rinsed out properly, they dry out to form a sticky layer on the outside of the hair, weighing it down and, in some cases, even preventing moisture from seeping in.

So look for residue-free products.

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5. It Must Be Transparent

This is from my personal experience when trying different types of oils.

I realized some of them were making my hair color look dull and lackluster. But then I also realized there was something common with these oils that were not working so well.

They all had a yellowish tint, which didn’t allow my hair color to pop.

On the other hand, the oils that worked well were those that were transparent.

So choose an oil that is transparent when applied to the hair.

It will make your hair color shine through with radiance.

6. Protects Hair From Breakage

A good keratin oil should work to seal your hair to prevent seals split ends and breakage.

The Lanza keratin oil, for example, goes beyond making the hair smooth and supple.

It delivers a gradual release of active ingredients to progressively strengthen the hair and make it more resilient against breakage.

Over time it helps your hair retain more length.

7. Protects Hair From Heat

What if your styling oil could double up as a heat protectant?

Now that would be awesome.


Because it saves you time, plus that’s one less product you’ll have to worry about.

With the Lanza keratin oil, once you’ve applied it to your damp hair in the shower, it’s already given your hair the protection against heat from your blow dryer and your straightener.

You don’t need an extra spray to overload your hair before your heated plates glide through them.

Another good thing about the Lanza oil is that it won’t bake into your hair from the heated plates of your flat iron.

However, just make sure you follow the optimum temperature of 185°C max when heat styling your hair after a keratin treatment.

8. Improves Hair Texture

A good styling oil should leave your hair feeling smooth with a lot of slip so that you can detangle with ease.

Most people brush their hair right after their shower, so adding the oil to your damp hair should help your hairbrush glide without getting stuck, causing tangles and knots.

So top marks if your keratin oil can improve the hair texture for effortless detangling.

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9. It Must Nourish and Renew

Most styling oils have good natural ingredients that do good for our hair. Whether it’s coconut, argan, jojoba, you’ll surely find one of these blended in.

But one important ingredient you also need amongst the good stuff is hydrolyzed keratin.

Hydrolyzed keratin helps to renew the existing keratin coating on your hair to make the keratin treatment stronger and last longer.

10. Adds Gloss and Shine

And finally, you want a keratin oil that adds that final touch of gloss and shine to your already immaculate looking hair.

The Lanza keratin oil is like the Aurora Borealis bottled.

It amps up the shine and boosts the radiance of your hair color. No one will even notice you have oil in your hair.

The Importance of Oiling Keratin Treated Hair

apply oil in locks after brazilian blowout
Can I oil my hair after keratin treatment?

Oiling your hair after a keratin treatment helps to smooth the hair shafts to avoid tangling and breakage.

I always use a super lightweight argan-based oil to make sure my hair stays supple, smooth, and the cuticles lay flat to avoid friction between the hair strands.

It’s important to note that when your hair has freshly applied keratin, the coating will feel stiff and hard in the early days.

Hairstylists will always recommend you to keep your hair down, straight, and avoid tangling.

It can be hard sometimes when your hair is thick and not flowy enough.

A keratin-infused oil helps to keep the hairs separate by allowing them to glide instead of sticking to each other.

However, you shouldn’t just go and apply any type of oil.

You should carefully consider which oil to use on keratin treated hair to minimize your washing cycles.

Keep reading. I will explain which types of oils don’t work for keratin treated hair and what alternatives to use instead.

Can You Use Coconut Oil After Your Keratin Treatment?

use coconut oil for brazilian treatment

No, I wouldn’t even let it touch my hair for the first 3 weeks and even beyond that.

Here’s why:

Coconut oil is deeply hydrating, but it’s also semi-solid, and heavy which means it takes longer to absorb into the hair and, worse, longer to wash out.

If you put coconut oil in your hair, there’s no chance you’ll be heading out to the shops without washing your hair.

Unless you want to be stuck at home for a few days, sure, you can try.

But I don’t see myself applying coconut oil to my hair without the need to wash it at the end of the day or the next day.

So my advice, avoid coconut oil after a keratin treatment as it will force you to wash your hair more frequently.

Instead, use coconut-based moisturizers or serums that can absorb into the hair instantly, providing the same deep moisturizing benefits.

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Can You Use Castor Oil After Keratin Treatment?

natural castor oil product on keratin hair

No. Avoid using castor oil after your keratin treatment.

Like coconut oil, castor oil is heavy.

In fact, castor oil is heavier and what makes it worse is that it’s sticky.

Now, this is a complete No-No for keratin treated hair.

Hairstylists would recommend you keep your hair down and loose so that the coating in the hair strands doesn’t rub against each other.

Adding Castor oil will make your hair sticky, and worse it can take up to 2 washes with lots of shampoo to get it out.

So no, don’t do it.

Final Thoughts

The best oil on keratin treated hair is one that gives you the ability to style and protect your hair without compromising on the keratin treatment.

It should further enhance the treatment and help minimize breakage by deploying active healing ingredients to strengthen the hair fibers.

Lanza After Keratin Treatment Hair Oil

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