Can You Brush Your Hair After A Keratin Treatment?


Can You Brush Your Hair After A Keratin Treatment?

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Isn’t it so confusing after you’ve had an expensive keratin treatment, and you don’t know what you can and can’t do?

One of the biggest fears I had was:

How the heck do I brush my hair after without messing it up?

After talking to my hairstylist, I figured out it was easier than I thought.

Let me break it down into the 3 easy rules I was ordered to follow:

  1. Wait and allow the keratin to set in properly
  2. Use the right brush (more on this below)
  3. Do not brush to fix kinks

It’s as simple as that.

Of course, it would be weird if you had to go weeks after your keratin treatment without brushing your hair!

But it isn’t like that.

You just need to be a little patient, and know how to brush your hair to avoid stripping off the treatment prematurely.

The trick is to make the brush work with your hair, not against it.

Let me show you how.

How Long Should You Wait To Brush Your Hair After A Keratin Treatment?

I recommend you wait 72 hours (3 days).

Ideally, you wouldn’t do much of anything with your hair in the first 72 hours after a keratin treatment.

Make sure you don’t:

  • Get it wet
  • Tuck it behind your ears
  • Style it or put clips or bands in it

In short, any over-manipulation will cause stress, damage, dents, and lines of demarcation in your hair if you don’t follow the 3 days rule.

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Just leave it alone while the keratin is still settling in.

Once you’ve passed the grace period, you’re free to brush your hair.

There’s only one brush I use and recommend. And I’ll tell you why it works like magic.

Choosing The Right Brush To Use After Your Keratin Treatment

Which brush to use after keratin treatment
What is the best brush to use after keratin treatment?

To keep your hair neat and tidy after your keratin treatment, you need a special brush that can:

  • Gently work out kinks and tangles
  • Glide through your hair without roughing up the cuticles
  • Soak up excess oils and sebum to minimize washing
  • Remove dust, dirt, and lint easily

I don’t recommend you use a plastic or metal brush at all.

Because these brushes create static, are pretty rough, and they almost feel like tearing through your hair.

Plastic and metal brushes don’t have enough flexibility in their bristles to separate your hair while styling.

brushing hair after keratin treatment
Avoid plastic or metal brushes after keratin treatment

So avoid them.

I recommend you use a Boar Bristle Brush for keratin treated hair.

Let me explain why …

A boar bristle brush has gentle fibers in its bristles made of porous keratin fibers, which look almost identical to human hair in texture.

Designed to be kind and gentle, a BBB works with your hair. Not against it.

And the best part?

You’ll realise you don’t need to wash your hair that often, which helps to maintain the longevity of your Brazilian keratin treatment.

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Using this brush, I’ve been able to stretch my hair for an extra 3 days without washing.

If you’ve been reading my blog, you’ll know that I am a big fan of boar bristle brushes, and I’ve been using them for well over 5 years now.

Here are a few good reasons why you need one too.

A boar bristle brush:

  • Moves with your hair, not against it
  • Has pliable and flexible bristles
  • Smoothes out tangles without causing damage
  • Gently massages your scalp
  • Helps avoid breakage in your hair
  • It distributes sebum to prevent greasiness on your scalp

Now you know what to brush to use, let me show you how to brush.

The Best Way To Brush Your Keratin Treated Hair

how to brush hair after keratin treatment
How to brush hair after keratin treatment.
  • DO NOT brush to fix kinks and tangles!
  • DO NOT do aggressive brushing

Use your hairbrush as a therapeutic tool to help your hair and your scalp.

I use mine before going to bed to keep my hair loose and of course, for a bit of scalp massage ?.

If you have any kinks in your hair, it’s best to straighten them out, instead of brushing. Set your flat iron to a low to medium heat so that it’s not too hot.

Why Do You Need To Brush Your Hair After Keratin Treatment?

Even though a keratin treatment makes your hair easy to manage, it doesn’t mean that you’ll never have any tangles.

You can still wake up with messy hair, or end up with windswept tresses that you need to straighten out.

If you get into the habit of brushing your hair, it allows your hair to hang straight and loose – which is exactly what you want after a Brazilian.

It keeps your hair soft and manageable, therefore reducing the need to use extra styling products.

What Happens If You Over Brush?

Over-brushing your hair is never a great idea. Even though there are old wives tales about brushing 100 times a day, you rarely need to do that.

Brushing your hair too much can:

  • Cause more breakages
  • Make your hair more frizzy with static
  • Make your hair lose volume

When you have a keratin treatment, the need to brush your hair is even lower. Not only is brushing a lot unnecessary, but it could be damaging too.

Brushing too much could also mean your hair ends up looking wonky. Anything you do to your hair in the first couple of weeks after a keratin treatment could leave its mark until the treatment wears off.

So avoid excessive brushing.

Make a habit of only brushing at night before you hit your bed.

Avoiding The Need to Brush

The best way to avoid brushing too much is to avoid the need to brush. That means preventing tangles and kinks in your hair.

One of the times when you’re most likely to want to reach for a brush is when you first wake up. You have to do something about that bed head!

Fortunately, bed head is less of a problem when you’ve had a keratin treatment. But you can still wake up with slightly messy hair. So what can you do about it?

Sleep on a silk pillowcase. Trust me – this helps a lot.

Silk is much kinder to your hair – no more breakages and tangles! I take one everywhere I go.

The benefits of using a silk pillowcase:

  • It prevents tangles and creases
  • It helps your hair retain moisture
  • It’s hypoallergenic
  • And it feels awesome

Another piece of advice I can give you:

Use the Arvazallia deep nourishing mask to keep your hair as smooth. It will help to protect your hair and the keratin treatment.

This mask will:

  • Top up the keratin in your hair
  • Ensure your hair gets the nutrients it needs
  • Deeply moisturize so dry hair doesn’t cause kinks, tangles, and breakages

As well as the occasional use of a nourishing mask, I recommend using a shampoo that is suitable for keratin treated hair.

These products complete your hair care routine and help you with your keratin treatment aftercare.

Can you brush your hair after a keratin treatment?

Yes, you can.

But remember:

  • Wait 72 hours after your treatment
  • Do it gently
  • Use the right hair brush
  • Do not overdo it

Your keratin treatment should reduce your need to brush your hair by a lot.

You only need to brush your hair to keep it healthy, clean, and tidy. NOT to fix tangles.

Shehnaz Shirazi
Shehnaz Shirazi
Chief Editor