Best Hairstyles for Frizzy Hair – Disguise the Frizz Like A Pro

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hairstyles for frizzy hair

Ah, frizz, the long-standing kryptonite of everyone’s hair!

Even the most confident of women can’t rock the perfect do if they notice their hair turning frizzy.

Styling curly or wavy hair is already challenging enough, but when you add frizz to the situation and the outside humidity threatens to poof out your mane, you know you’re up for a bad hair day.

Nonetheless, you can still turn the game around to work in your favor. Frizz or no frizz – you deserve to have your mane looking swell in a decent updo.

From braids to messy buns, there are a whole lot of hairstyles for frizzy hair you can try. Plus, with the right hair accessories and products, you can effortlessly glide into a better hair day without worrying about tiniest drizzle of moisture deconstructing your do.

Let me show you how to do it.

Granted, you can’t change the weather conditions or the natural texture of your hair, but you can still get imaginative with your hairstyles to camouflage or minimize the appearance of frizzy and unruly hair.

With so many cute hairstyles for frizzy hair, and the right anti-frizz products and accessories on your side, you can easily transform your hair from unruly to effortlessly swank in no time.

You can braid your hair to prevent frizz, you can fashion out a stylish half updo, or even rock two messy buns at the crown of your head – the choices are limitless!

To get you started, here are the best hairdos that will help you tame frizzy hair like a pro.

The Messy Bun

how to do a messy bun with frizzy hair
Easy buns for frizzy hair.

The all-time favorite that is the messy bun has been turning bad hair days around for decades. From busy moms to around-the-clock businesswomen, the messy bun looks amazing on every hair texture, especially on natural hair and frizzy, curly hair.

To style frizzy hair, you can sport a messy bun on the top of your hair or lower it close to the back of your neck. Either way, you’ll look ready to take on the day’s challenges without worrying about the appearance of frizz in your locks.

The beauty of the messy bun lies in its versatility. You can unleash your creativity and play with this hairstyle as much as you like. In fact, giving your wavy frizzy hair a natural voluminous texture is what the messy bun does best.

Messy buns are perfect for curly frizzy hair, straight hair, frizzy wavy hair, and pretty much everything in between. The low bun can give off a more classic-looking vibe while being the perfect hairstyle for businesswomen at the same time.

The Boho Updo

updos for long frizzy hair

If you woke up feeling rather romantic, but frizzy hair is getting in the way of you rocking the Carpe Diem attitude, don’t fret! There is a particular hairstyle for that too!

The boho updo has slowly taken over the internet in the course of the last few years. Celebrities, models, and your next-door neighbor have all discovered the allure of this hairstyle.

Being low-key and fable-like, the Boho updo is also pretty easy to fashion out. Moreover, you won’t have to use heat to style it! After you’ve washed your hair, allow it to air dry and use a curling product to help your locks be at their best for this do.

Style your hair into a ponytail that’ll sit halfway between the crown of your head and your neck’s nape. Use a regular hair tie to secure the ponytail.

Next, wrap the ponytail around the tie to form a bun. Get a few bobby pins (3-4 should be enough) and lock the bun in place. Lastly, spritz your go-to hairspray to keep everything in place.

Before you start admiring your new romantic updo, use your fingers to rough up the hair around your hairline to give it a bit of a careless look. Once you see your work or art, you’ll wonder how you have gone without it so far, especially if your hair is wild and curly.

The Messy Side Braid

how to tame frizzy hair in braids to the side

Here’s another evergreen hairstyle that works like a charm on all hair types and for every hair texture. Braiding your hair will give you an effortless yet stylish look, even with unruly, messy hair.

The messy braid hairstyle is the ultimate frizz camouflage. It’s the perfect hairstyle for both long and shorter frizz-prone hair. It’s one of the easiest hairstyles you can do in minutes. You won’t need heat or accessories either.

You can use your preferred sea salt spray to help secure the braid if you have straight, frizzy hair. If you have curly hair, you can go without the spray.

Start by sectioning your hair into a deep part on one side of your choice, and flip all your hair over your shoulder. If you have bangs or shorter layers, leave them loose around your hair.

Continue by braiding your hair and using a hair elastic to secure it. To create the messy part of the braid, loosen it up along its length by pulling at the sides (left and right). Moreover, you can add some more sea salt spray to wrap up your newfound stunner of a do.

The Half Updo

half up half down hairstyles for frizzy hair

Hairstyles for frizzy hair can’t go without the classic half updo. Styling your hair half up-half down by forming a ponytail will give your curly mane a flirtatious look.

You can go with the half-updo whenever you want an easy maintenance hairstyle that hides the annoying frizz. This particular hairstyle is the go-to easy hairstyle for frizzy curly hair, regardless of the length.

The half-up-half-down hairstyle will go perfectly well with a ponytail, a bun, or two braids to complement the look.

Women with short hair can also rock the half updo – versatility is one of the perks of the do. Start by sectioning a small high ponytail at the crown of your hair. Use a hair tie to loosely secure the root of the ponytail.

This hairdo will add volume to the hair and frame the face nicely for fine-haired women dealing with frizzy hair. Plus, to add extra volume, you can tease the remaining of your hair to camouflage the frizz even more.

French Braids

hair styles for frizz prone hair

To disguise thick frizzy hair, look no further than french braids. Other than successfully camouflaging frizzy hair, french braids will work fine for anyone who wants to add more oomph to their hairstyles.

For french braiding your hair, start by parting it all in the middle. Section your hair at the top and create three parts of the same size. Start braiding the sectioned hair once and add more strands as you braid on.

Add a strand of hair from each side and integrate it into the braid you started with. Keep braiding until all of your hair is braided into one on the side.

Repeat the action on the other half of your hair. Continue braiding until you have reached your neck’s nape. You can use an elastic hair tie to secure the ends or add an accessory of choice.

Lastly, you can tug on the sides of each braid for a loose, whimsical look that’ll hide the frizz effortlessly. Wrap up the look with hair spray.

The Fishtail Braid

frizz in braids and a ponytail

Out of the hairstyles for frizzy hair we’ve mentioned so far, the fishtail braid can be confidently worn on a formal occasion.

Start by applying a spray to add more texture to your hair, which will make this hairstyle more voluminous. Besides, texturizing sprays can do wonders for both fine and frizzy hair.

Next, part your hair to the side and gather them on the side into a low ponytail. Continue by dividing the ponytail into two sections.

Add strands of hair from the outside of the first section and insert them into the inside of the second section. Don’t be overwhelmed by the process – once you get the hang of it, you can even do it with your eyes closed.

Repeat the action until all of your hair is braided. Use a hair elastic to secure the ends. Cut off the hair tie at the top of the ponytail to get a messy look. Wrap up your look with a setting hair spray.

The Side-Parted Bob

bob hairstyles for thick frizzy hair

This hairstyle is for those who love sporting a bob and want to get rid of frizz while looking effortlessly stylish.

The bob is the ultimate hairdo for those favoring beachy waves and/or hair that is neither frizz-free nor curly. Styling your curls can be tricky, especially if you want a bob.

To rock this hairdo, start by side-parting your hair. Moreover, if you are used to sweeping bangs, the side-parted bob will flatter you even more. For instance, if you have long side-swept bangs, the bob will help emphasize your hair structure and keep frizz in check.

Before you style the perfect side-parted bob, wash your hair using your preferred conditioner and let your hair air dry. Also, you can add a curling moose or any other product you would normally use.

Slightly scrunch the end of your stands and move upward while holding your hair in your hand. This will help your curls become defined and reduce frizz.

The High Ponytail

easy ponytail hairstyles for frizzy hair

The good ol’ ponytail has been a favorite among women for decades now since it’s a neat hairstyle for when you want to dress up or tone down your look.

To tame frizzy hair, you can’t go wrong with a high ponytail, especially if you couple it with some organic hair gel to add shine. This hairstyle works quite nicely with any hair type and is one of those you can do with your eyes closed.

Create this frizz-friendly do by collecting all your hair into a sky-high ponytail and firmly wrapping a hair tie around it. Next, for added volume, you can use a couple of bobby pins to stick vertically at the root of the ponytail (on the inside) to have it appear lifted and more striking.

The high ponytail works well on both fine hair and thick frizzy hair. Moreover, women with long hair can also rock a fashionable high ponytail and keep frizz under control at the same time by running a smoothing moose over their hair.

The Half Messy Buns

frizzy fringe and high ponytail half up half down

Similar to the half updo, the messy half buns can be the lifesaver for frizzy hair needs. Sporting half-buns can make all the difference for your hairstyle if you prefer to wash your hair only once a week.

Half buns are one of the go-to hairstyles for frizzy hair that both long and short-haired women can wear with confidence. Plus, your day is saved if you’re after easy hairstyles to put off wash day!

Rather than grabbing a part of your hair and making it into a bun, section the top part of your hair into a ponytail and use a hair tie to secure it. Next, to add more volume to conceal the frizz, gently tease your pony’s end using a tight-toothed comb.

After you’ve boosted the volume of the ponytail, wrap the end around the root using circular motions, and you’re all set.

To ensure your hairdo stays in place, use a couple of bobby pins and spritz some hair spray of your choice. This easy hairstyle won’t take more than a minute and still let you have an effortless-looking hairdo for both day and night.

Tips for Disguising Frizzy Hair

Keeping frizz on the down-low is no easy task, and any woman with curls can attest. Other than turning to true-and-tested hairstyles for frizzy hair, you can also practice some tips and tricks to help you fend off the frizz from your curls.

Adopt a Weekly Hair Mask Routine

Deep conditioning your hair can help minimize frizz and enhance the natural pattern of your curls. Moreover, if you sport a hairdo with long layers, you should pay extra attention to it and not forget to treat it to a rich hair mask.

Make some room for a hair mask treatment in your hair care routine – your hair will benefit in more ways than one. Other than minimizing the gaps in your hair shaft, a hair mask will also tend to the dryness of your hair which renders frizz.

Choose a hair mask that contains no harsh chemicals and let it sit in your wet hair for half an hour before rinsing.

Toss the Towel

If you want frizz-free hair, forget about drying your mane with a towel. The towel is the ultimate bane of curls. If you don’t already know, your hair is most vulnerable and prone to breakage when it’s wet.

Using the wrong towel, especially cotton ones, to dry your hair can cause friction in your hair, and friction leads to… you guessed it – frizz. Use a microfiber towel to save yourself the trouble of dealing with pesky frizz.

You’ll see a difference in no time – your mane will become flowier, with no flyaways. Plus, if you let your hair air dry after using a microfiber towel, you’ll be able to do any hairstyles you want, frizz-free.

Accessorize Your Mane

Headbands, bobby pins, clip-ons, or any other hair accessory you prefer can help you tame frizz. Other than that, depending on which hairstyle for frizzy hair you prefer, you can choose to go the extra mile and step up your game by using a fashionable bandana.

Besides keeping frizzy hair in check, you’ll also make a fashion statement wherever you go.

Use a Toothbrush on Your Hair

Instead of saturating your hair with hair spray, every time frizz gets in the way of having a good hair day, there’s another hair hack you can try.

Get a regular toothbrush and spritz some hair spray on. Next, gently brush your hairline with the brush and see the frizz start to tame. You can use the toothbrush method on pretty much all hairstyles you want to try and do not worry, flyaways will ruin your vibe.

Freshen Up Your Hair with Regular Cuts

Having your hair regularly cut will help with keeping split ends out of the way. The thing about split ends is that they can affect the whole length of your hair and even reach the head of your crown.

If you don’t get regular haircuts, you might end up with hair full of damaged hair. If those reach as high as the middle of your hair – you’ll have a case of frizz on your hands.

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Practice Co-Washing

Co-washing refers to skipping shampoo and using conditioner only. A lot of shampoos contain harsh chemicals that strip the natural oils from your hair, so using a conditioner instead can help you keep the frizz out of the way.

Whichever of the hairstyles for frizzy hair you prefer won’t get the best results if you don’t prep your hair properly.

Quick Frizz-Related FAQs

We get many questions about what causes frizziness and how to deal with such a scenario. Moreover, many of our clients are concerned about choosing the proper hairstyle for their texture – from curly to wavy to fine hair.

Having such concern is natural, especially if you live in an environment that’s prone to humidity. Plus, hair texture is different in all of us, so we offer multiple solutions in terms of hairstyles and hair care.

Are layers good for curly hair?

A layered haircut can work wonders for curly hair. From keeping frizziness in check to adding volume and texture to fine curly hair, layers can be good for your overall look and feel.

Is humidity bad for your hair?

It is. Humidity is probably the leading cause of frizz in hair. If you live in a location with interchanging weather conditions, frizzy hair might not be easy to avoid.


The Wrap-Up

With so many hairstyles for frizzy hair, it becomes less difficult for curly hair to feel and look stylish. Short, medium-length, or even hair with more length can be prone to frizz.

So, what is a girl to do? Turn a possibly bad hair day into an awesome day with the help of a few hair hacks and special hairstyles for frizzy hair. No curling iron is needed – all you need is your creativity and some of your time.

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