Best Haircuts for Frizzy Hair – Camouflage and Tame Your Frizz

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best haircuts frizzy hair

If you’ve tried all remedies for frizzy hair but reached a dead end, a clever haircut can help you camouflage the frizz and keep it under control.

For inspiration, here’s a list of the best haircuts for frizzy hair to help you.

Long or Medium Hair – Layered and Long Waves

haircuts for frizzy Long layers

Hair Type: Thin and thick curly hair, frizzy wavy hair

Layered hair doesn’t fall sleekly over your scalp; that’s why it’ll keep your frizz to a minimum as it won’t stick out amidst your strands and demand attention like before.

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This haircut best suits women with diamond faces. This is because it fills out the chin while creating width on your forehead, the narrowest points on a diamond face. If you pay a visit to your stylist, make sure to ask for cascading and loose waves with minimum trimming.

Remember, you want your hair as long as it can be.

As a bonus point, this haircut doesn’t require regular trimming as short haircuts do. But it wouldn’t harm to put in some effort and use hair masks every once in a while to keep your frizzy, curly hair looking healthy.

This haircut is perfect for those who are too busy to take care of their hair as it’s relatively low-maintenance. You’ll only need the occasional wash and styling, and you’re good to go!

Below-the-shoulder, Layered Lob

Haircuts for short bob haircut

Hair Type: Curly hair, thick frizzy hair, wavy hair

This haircut will flatter your face without bringing out the frizz halo around it. However, it works best for air-dried hair, so it might not be your best option if you use your blow dryer frequently.

The layered haircut will embrace the frizz and flyaways and make them vanish amidst your hair strands. So instead of the frizz being the first detail people notice about you, they’ll see your gorgeous layers.

If you like to wear your hair curly all the time, I don’t recommend that you cut your hair too short. Instead, ask the stylist to leave an extra length so that you’ll be able to style it in whatever way you like.

But do keep in mind that if you don’t style your hair too often, it’s best to keep it shorter so that you’ll have voluminous curls with minimum effort.

After three months, you can revisit the salon since longer cuts don’t require frequent trimmings.

Shag Haircut

Best cuts for medium length frizzy hair

Hair Type: Curly frizzy hair, thick hair

The shag haircut will give your hair volume and a lively look without requiring high maintenance. It works best for medium hair because it’ll look too messy on long hair and won’t give the desired volume on short hair.

As for frizz, you’ll barely notice it after getting this haircut since it hides all imperfections and flyaways. You also won’t take too much time styling your thick hair because this haircut is pretty gorgeous as it is.

Medium Curly Side-Part Combover

Hairstyles and cuts for frizzy curly hair texture

Hair Type: Curly hair

For long, frizzy hair, you should get a medium haircut that falls right on your shoulders. It’ll make your curls more prominent and voluminous. Also, after styling the side-part combover, your frizz will magically vanish underneath the weight of your ringlets.

This haircut will frame your face shape nicely and give you an attractive, messy appearance. Not to mention, it’s one of the best low-maintenance haircuts as you won’t spend hours in front of your mirror trying to tame your thick hair.

Side-Swept Bangs

Best hairstyle for bangs

Hair Type: Wavy hair, straight hair, curly hair

If you want to embrace your hair’s texture and have a natural, effortless look, then get side-swept bangs. They’ll tone down the frizz halo around your head and bring attention to your face instead.

This haircut works best with heart-shaped faces as it accentuates your eyes and cheekbones while making your forehead look smaller.

Don’t forget to tell your stylist to cut your hair dry. Bangs are pretty unpredictable, so your hair should be in its natural state so that you’ll imagine what it’ll look like. It’d be best if you also asked your stylist to keep the bangs long till you see how they look with frizz.

If you have straight hair, then you’ll need regular trimmings of your bangs to keep them looking neat. However, curly bangs will do well with a salon visit every couple of months.

All in all, whether you have straight or curly hair, you’ll rock this look.

Layered Lioness Cut

layered haircuts for curly frizzy hair

Hair Type: Curly hair, thick hair

Lioness cuts are attractive, messy, and bold. The best part is that you can get one without cutting your hair too short. You’ll barely even notice the difference in length since layers tend to make hair look longer.

This cut will give you voluminous and bouncy curls with a bit of a shaggy appearance; therefore, your frizz will be much less notable than before amidst the gorgeous mess.

I can’t say this is a low-maintenance haircut since you’ll have to take care of it to keep the curls looking buoyant. However, it won’t require more than your daily curly hair routine.

Shoulder-Length Cut With Low Curls

shoulder-length haircuts for curly frizzy hair

Hair Type: Straight hair with low curls

Is your hair straight on top and frizzy underneath?

Then this haircut will work wonders for your appearance and flatter your face shape beautifully. It’s one of the best low-maintenance haircuts since it embraces your hair’s natural texture.

This haircut will give you a chance to try out many cute hairstyles. Also, the low curls will camouflage your frizz so that it’ll look like a natural part of your hair.

That said, remember to tell your hairstylist to cut your hair dry. You should never cut your curly hair while it’s wet because you won’t be able to predict where it’ll spring back. As a result, it might be too short for your liking.

Even Hair Tips

Hairstyles to hide frizzy split ends

Hair Type: Thick hair

If you have uneven hair tips and split ends, the breakage might travel up your strands, leaving you with frizzy and damaged hair. That’s why you can choose an easy way out and give your hair an even cut.

However, I don’t recommend this haircut for thin hair since it already takes away from the hair’s volume. But if you have thick and wild hair, then, by all means, go for it.

Thick and Layered Medium-Length Hair

low maintenance haircuts for thick frizzy hair

Hair Type: Fine hair

Since this haircut gives your hair volume and bounce, it’ll conceal your frizzy flyaways and give you a stylish look. Although your hair will require a little maintenance afterward, it’ll still be much easier than dealing with stubborn frizz on humid days.

Medium Layered Cut

haircuts for frizzy medium hair

Hair Type: Curly hair, thick hair

If you’re tired of taking care of your extra-long hair, it’s time to cut it to medium. But remember to tell your hairstylist that you want layers because they’ll reduce your frizz and give you a natural and attractive look. This haircut will give your hair volume; thus, your flyaways won’t be as noticeable as before.

That said, don’t cut your hair too short to avoid it getting poofy around your head. And it’s best to cut it dry so that you can imagine the results. As a bonus point, this haircut will slim down your face if you part your hair in the middle.

Here are the ideas you can try out if you have short, frizzy hair.

Long and Wavy Bob

Long bob haircut for wavy frizzy hair

Hair Type: Wavy frizzy hair, curly hair, thick hair

This bob haircut gives thick hair a gorgeous, tousled look that successfully hides frizz. So if you get it, you won’t keep worrying all day about your frizz worsening.

If you have frizzy, curly hair, I recommend getting a chin-length bob. This will beautifully flatter your face and frame it without emphasizing the frizz.

Although this bob is a low-maintenance haircut, you’ll want to trim it every six weeks or so to keep it looking healthy and prevent split ends.

Layered and Short Bob

short bob haircuts for frizzy hair

Hair Type: Thick frizzy hair, wavy hair, curly hair

Short bobs work wonders for frizzy hair since they give it volume and camouflage all the rebel hairs that are flying away from your scalp. They also bring focus to your face, highlighting your cheekbones in the process. If you don’t mind cutting a large portion of your hair, you should get this gorgeous layered bob.

Remember to tell your stylist that you want it layered, as this will define your curls more. It’s worth mentioning that this haircut requires care. For instance, you’ll have to trim your hair every six weeks to avoid split ends and limp curls.

If you already have split ends, this cut will bring your wilted curls back to life and leave them looking all neat. Note that it works best for oval faces.

Textured Bob

Frizzy hair styles for fine hair

Hair Type: Sleek hair, fine hair

Textured bobs are messy, gorgeous, and low-maintenance. If you have straight, fine hair that won’t abide by rules and keeps frizzing, then get this haircut. It helps manage frizz because it already looks tousled, so your flyaways won’t look odd among the rest of your hair.

As for caring for it, you can trim it every couple of months or so to keep the split ends at bay because they’re known to worsen frizz.

Pixie Haircut

Pixie hair cut and hairstyle

Hair Type: Naturally wavy hair, coarse hair

I won’t deny that getting a pixie haircut can be pretty terrifying; however, if done right, it’ll give you an edgy, sweet vibe that’ll make you fall in love with your hair’s imperfections. Since this haircut won’t keep your hair sleeked on your scalp, your frizz won’t show as much as before.

Many people will tell you to stay away from short hair if you have frizz, but I tend to differ.

If you have time to style your hair and care for it, you’ll be looking gorgeous in no time.

That said, pixie haircuts require maintenance. For example, you’ll need to use moisturizing products, like a leave-in conditioner, to keep your hair hydrated and frizz toned down.

Curly Layered Bob and Bangs

can frizzy hair be layered

Hair Type: Curly frizzy hair

If you have a curly mane that’s hard to tame, you can embrace its nature and go wild with a layered bob and bangs. The luscious and thick bangs will compliment your face and hide frizz successfully. Also, this will divert attention away from the few flyaways around your head.

I recommend that you go to a professional hairstylist for this because bangs require skills that not all of us have. That’s why you should never grab your scissors and cut bangs for yourself.

Also, long bangs are better because curly hair shrinks and springs back, giving an illusion of extremely short hair.

I don’t recommend washing your hair every day because it takes away all the natural oils and leaves you with dry hair. However, you can get away with washing your bangs daily to maintain their lively look.

Thick, Side-Swept Pixie Haircut

what to do when your hair is frizzy on one side

Hair Type: Thick frizzy hair

Side-swept pixie haircuts hide all imperfections and give you an edgy look; that’s what makes them perfect for thick, frizzy hair. Also, the side-swept style will conceal all your flyaways and leave you with extra volume.

The best part is that this haircut is pretty low-maintenance, so you won’t have to make much of an effort styling your hair.

That said, if your hair grows fast, you should get a trim every four or five weeks to keep the pixie haircut alive.

Razored Pixie Bob With Irregular Layers

layers make my hair look frizzy

Hair Type: Fine hair

Razoring your hair will give you a lighter, wispier look that’ll perfectly suit your fine, frizzy hair. As for the layering, it’ll give you hair structure instead of the usual sleek appearance that highlights flyaways. As a result, you’ll say goodbye to your usual frizzy look in no time.

Also, the choppy layers will give you a charming, tousled appearance. This way, your frizz won’t be at all noticeable after getting this haircut.

It’s worth mentioning that this pixie haircut will look better if you have a square, a heart, or an oval-shaped face.

The Right Haircut Can Conceal Frizz

The right haircut, crafted by a skilled hairdresser, can significantly minimize the appearance of frizz and make it look more integrated and intentional within your hairstyle.

By strategically using a combination of layers and other cutting techniques, a hairdresser can help blend unruly hair, giving it a more cohesive and styled look. However, while a haircut can help in managing and styling frizzy hair, it might not make frizz completely “disappear.” Proper hair care and styling techniques will also play an essential role in managing frizz.

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