10 Best Anti Frizz Creams for On-the-Go Hair That Demands Attention

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best anti frizz cream

For the days you can’t be bothered to wash your hair but still want frizz-free, smooth, and a manageable style that defies humidity, an anti-frizz cream is an excellent on-the-go solution for hair that demands attention.

To help you, we’ve selected the best anti-frizz creams that will make your hair look effortlessly swank in minutes without a single strand out of place.

1. John Frieda Frizz Ease Secret Weapon Anti-Frizz Styling Cream

this hair smoothing cream is one of my favorite anti frizz product

The handbag-friendly John Frieda Secret Weapon is one of the best anti frizz hair products for styling on the go.


Product Summary

  • Easy to use
  • Creamy consistency that thins out nicely during application
  • Safe for color-treated and chemically treated hair
  • Ideal size for carrying around
  • A must-have versatile anti-frizz product
  • May require frequent touch ups

When it comes to smoothing frizzy hair, the John Frieda Frizz Ease Cream tops our recommendations for many reasons.

For starters, this multi-use styling cream is excellent at camouflaging split ends. Versatile enough to work across different hair types like straight, curly, and wavy hair, it also revives colored and chemically-treated hair that looks dull and lifeless.

Throw it into your handbag or your purse for on-the-go frizz-fighting.

It’s one of the best anti-frizz products that will keep your hair styled to perfection throughout the day.

To use the John Frieda styling cream, apply it to damp hair and then blow-dry. If you want silky straight hair, just use a flat iron after applying the cream.

It also doubles up as heat protection for your tresses.

2. VIRTUE Un-Frizz Cream

VIRTUE Un-Frizz Cream

eliminates frizz and makes hair smooth

Virtue Un-Frizz Cream is a leave-in treatment cream that instantly transforms your hair’s texture leaving it smooth and sleek.


Product Summary

  • Improves hair texture
  • Ideal for color-treated and chemically treated hair
  • High humidity protection
  • Intense smoothing
  • Nutrients-rich with vitamins A, C, B1, and zinc
  • Slightly overpriced for its size

Virtue Un-Frizz Cream tackles frizzy hair and its frumpy, unwashed appearance. Imagine confident, fresh, and ready for anything without the need of a day full of primping – that’s what the Virtue cream does!

Unruffled by humidity and sudden downburst thunderstorms or violent wind gusts, your fabulous locks stay free from flyaways with the help of this leave-in treatment cream.

To use it, apply to clean and damp hair and distribute the cream evenly from roots to ends.

3. Color Wow One-Minute Transformation Styling Cream

best alternative cream for blow drying without frizz

Fake a blow dry in minutes with the Color WOW frizz tamer styling cream.


Product Summary

  • Instantly tames rebel frizz on dry hair
  • Fast-acting instant results
  • 3 levels of heat protection
  • Prevents color fading by sealing the cuticles
  • Good value for money
  • Sulfate-free, paraben-free, alcohol-free
  • Doesn’t always work for static hair

Formulated with a blend of avocado oil and omega 3 as its primary ingredients, this nourishing cream absorbs seamlessly into each hair strand without leaving any greasy residues.

And the product does exactly what it says – One minute of frizz-busting, shine galore magic for unruly, overworked, and stressed out hair that is desperate for attention.

Dab on dry hair or smooth through sections with a round brush before hitting them with hot air to polish up an almost full glam blowout in minutes!

4. L’Oreal Sleek It Frizz Vanisher Cream

May weigh down your hair if you use it incorrectly

Reliable and long-lasting humidity protection styling cream that lasts for up to 3 days.


Product Summary

  • Boosts hair volume
  • Delivers smooth and sleek strands instantly
  • Protects against heat
  • Effect lasts for up to three days
  • May weigh down your hair if you use it incorrectly

The L’Oreal Sleek It is another anti-frizz cream that protects against heat. So if you like to occasionally flat iron your hair to keep it smooth, you’ll love the Frizz Vanisher Cream.

It adds noticeable volume to fine hair that can last for the whole day!

Along with a delicious vanilla scent that feels indulgent, its anti-frizz effect can last for up to three days.

Slather this anti-frizz cream onto your damp hair and blow-dry using a rounded brush.

For the best results, wash your hair with an anti-frizz shampoo beforehand.

5. Living Proof No Frizz Nourishing Styling Cream

no frizz control cream from living proof

A premium hair styling cream that blocks humidity frizz without making your hair feel greasy.


Product Summary

  • Cruelty-free and vegan
  • Doesn’t weigh down hair
  • Protects your hair color from fading
  • No Silicone, Phthalates, parabens
  • Overpriced

Among the many anti-frizz creams that you see on the market, the Living Proof No Frizz Nourishing Styling Cream takes a proud stance when it comes to thick hair. It effortlessly moisturizes and smoothens your hair without weighing it down even on the most humid days.

And most importantly, it clears your hair of oil, dirt, and heavy product build-up, which helps enormously when you have no time to wash your hair every day.

As a bonus point, this anti-frizz hair product comes in a suitable size that makes it easy to carry around.

To use it, apply generously to your hair and comb through from roots to ends.

6. Suave Sleek Anti Frizz Cream

brilliant gloss multi tasker cream for shine and protection

A frizz smoothing cream that also adds a luminous glow to your hair.


Product Summary

  • Shine enhancing
  • All-day frizz control
  • Tames flyaways
  • Lightweight formula for fast styling
  • Small quantity

There are only a few anti-frizz products that can compete with the Suave Sleek Anti Frizz Cream for its glimmering results. If you want your hair to look shiny but natural, look no further!

This anti-frizz hair product gives each hair strand frizz control that lasts all day. Also, the Suave Sleek cream has a lightweight formula with vitamin E and silk proteins that keeps your hair looking smooth and alive instead of dull and lifeless.

As hair experts recommend, you should apply this product as a surface finisher to dry hair. It will give your hair an amazing shine.

To use it, apply a pea-size amount on your hair ends and surface. For coarse hair textures, use the cream on soaking wet hair for best results.

7. Tresemme Anti Frizz Secret Smoothing Creme

cream that fights frizz in humidity and summer leaving hair soft and styled

The best ultra-light smoothing cream for unruly hair for a stylish finish without the flyaways.


Product Summary

  • Helps hair retain more moisture
  • Frizz defense formula
  • Long-lasting
  • Expensive
  • Isn’t as efficient on coarse hair

If you want your fine hair to look as stylish as it does at the salon, then you’ll love the Tresemme Anti Frizz Secret Smoothing Creme. It’ll smooth your hair and give it an irresistible shine even on very humid days. It does this by restoring your hair’s moisture and retaining it in the hair shaft for longer.

Calling upon its unique frizz-smoothing complex formula, this anti-frizz cream delivers smooth hair with no flyaways that can last for the whole day.

For frizz-free hair and natural waves, squeeze a few drops in your palms and apply to your hair paying particular attention to the ends.

8. Shea Moisture Frizz Defense Styling Gel Cream

humidity gel cream with amino acids and coconut oil

Frizz Defense is your cure for those arduous days when the fight against droopy curls was nothing but a lost cause.


Product Summary

  • Provides crunch-free definition
  • Gives long-lasting shine
  • Prevents hair from drying
  • Contains organic ingredients and natural oils
  • May vary in consistency due to natural ingredients

The Shea Moisture Frizz Defense Styling Gel Cream delivers a superior shine along with smoothness that lasts. Not to mention, it works wonders for thick, curly, and wavy hair, unleashing mega definition.

This gel cream contains Pistachio oils and Passiflora for moisture boost.

To control frizz, you should section your damp hair and apply a tiny amount. Use your fingers to spread the cream across your hair sections. You can either leave it to air-dry or heat-style it.

9. Redken Frizz Dismiss Cream

heat and frizz lightweight spray protection for hair

A salon-quality multi-tasking hair styling cream that also works as a heat protectant and leave-in.
Oh and it prevents Frizz!


Product Summary

  • Excellent heat protection
  • Also works as a leave-in conditioner
  • Highly moisturizing for damaged hair
  • Minimizes hair breakage
  • Size is too small

The Redken Frizz Dismiss Cream uses salon-quality premium ingredients for effective frizz control. The formula blends in Babassu oil and a smoothing complex to hydrate the hair and give it a more polished and sleek look.

Use it as a leave-in conditioner to style your hair or as an anti-frizz serum, this product is super versatile, working for all hair textures.

To use it, wash your hair and towel dry first. Then apply a small amount of the Redken cream and leave it to dry.

And since it’s heat-protective, you can use your hot tools for a sleek finish.

10. Garnier Fructis Style Smooth Air Dry Anti-Frizz Cream

frizz cream for hair with argan oil

For those who prefer a more natural-looking air-dried hairstyle that doesn’t require heat.


Product Summary

  • Delivers a product-free feel
  • Light and airy
  • Fast-absorbing and non-greasy
  • May not have the same effect on super long hair

For efficient hair smoothing results, you’ll enjoy the Garnier Fructis Style Smooth Air Dry Anti-Frizz Cream. It controls frizz and maintains your hair’s natural look effortlessly.

Most importantly, it’s perfect for those who have no time to use a blow dryer every other day, and it works on all hair textures!

One of the best points about this anti-frizz cream is that it absorbs reasonably fast in your hair. As a result, it rarely leaves a product feeling behind and never weighs down your hair.

The Garnier cream has a paraben-free formula that’ll ensure your hair stays healthy and natural.

To use it, apply a tiny amount to your towel-dried hair. Comb it through from roots to ends to ensure that the cream distributes evenly. Finally, let your hair dry naturally.

How to Choose an Anti-Frizz Cream

Here are some tips to help you pick the best anti-frizz cream that will work for your hair.

  • Silicone Helps:Although this is a controversial topic among many people, there’s no denying that silicones are super effective at sealing the cuticles to keep the hair frizz-free and smooth. Pretty much every anti-frizz product contains silicones of some sort. So look for a hair cream that contains mild silicones to lock out frizz and lock in moisture.
  • Easy to Apply:Some people prefer applying anti-frizz products to dry hair, while some don’t have time to wait for it to dry and like to apply it on wet hair instead. In both cases, you should check the usage instructions of the product before purchasing. This is mainly because some anti-frizz hair products work best with blow-drying. However, other creams don’t require heat and present satisfactory results with natural air drying.
  • Scent:If you prioritize your hair scent and want to keep it nice all the time, you should check the anti-frizz cream’s smell before purchasing it. This is mainly because some products are unscented, while some have strong scents. Moreover, they have a wide array of fragrances that ranges from citrusy and fruity to soft and vanilla-like. However, if you don’t like strong scents or are allergic, make sure you’re buying a scent-free product.
  • Heat Protection:If you frequently use heat on your hair, you should choose an anti-frizz product that works on protecting hair from heat. This way, you’ll kill two birds with one stone as you’ll eliminate frizz while also preventing split ends and maintaining healthy hair.

Anti-frizz creams provide a fast and easy way to style your hair while adding an extra layer of anti-humidity shield. You can use them in between washes to give your hair more mileage or use them on the go to refresh and revitalize your strands when they start to wither.

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