How to Stop Your Hair From Frizzing in Humidity – Try These Tricks


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How to Stop Your Hair From Frizzing in Humidity – Try These Tricks

You leave the house with sleek straight hair styled to perfection, and then poof – the slightest hint of humidity throws you into a long bad hair day!

There is nothing more frustrating than spending almost an hour doing your hair only to step outside and see within seconds that it has doubled in size.

But fret not.

We are here to show you how to stop your hair from frizzing in humidity with some awesome effortless tricks that work.

So here goes …

15 Ways to Make Your Hair Humidity-Proof and Frizz-Free

1. Switch to a Low pH Shampoo

A bad hair day starts from your shower and your shampoo may be the number one culprit.

Once you understand what causes hair to frizz in humidity or in different conditions, you’ll probably never touch an average drugstore shampoo again.

That’s because the average shampoo contains sulfates, salts, and other chemical ingredients that dry out your hair and scalp. They strip away the natural oils that help to keep your locks lubricated and healthy from within.

The more you use these shampoos, the weaker and drier your hair becomes, which causes the parched hair shafts to swell from moisture.

Now, I am not saying you shouldn’t use shampoos. You just have to find a good one that works to improve your hair rather than making it worse just for the sake of adding temporary gloss and shine.

After testing so many different shampoos, I found out that the sulfate-free ones gave me less frizz, but then I found something even better.

It’s called a low pH shampoo.

Trust me: it makes a huge difference.

My scalp feels much better, and my hair stays frizz free for longer, no matter how humid it is outside.

2. Use a Moisturizing Conditioner

To make your hair humidity-resistant, it needs to be well-moisturized.


Because when the hair strands have enough moisture within, they won’t seek water from the outside.

Think of your hair as a sponge.

When a sponge is dry, it immediately absorbs any liquid you throw at it. But when the sponge is already soaked to the max, it cannot absorb any more.

Your hair fibers work exactly like a sponge. Saturate them with moisture right from your shower, and they will stay hydrated for longer.

Always use a good moisturizing conditioner. It’s a step you should never skip.

If you don’t have time to condition your hair in the shower, use a leave-in conditioner on-the-go.

A leave-in conditioner with argan oil, for example, can add an instant surge of hydration to your hair, leaving it silky smooth, bouncy, and soft throughout the day.

The best thing about a leave-in conditioner is that it’s packed full of goodness, and yet you won’t even feel it’s in your hair.

It’s like a barely-there conditioner. No greasiness, no gunk, and it rinses out nicely.

Try this:

3. Use a Microfiber Towel to Dry Your Hair

After applying conditioner to your strands, you don’t want to be rubbing it off with a cotton towel.

Cotton towels are rough, and they create friction in the hair, which may also lift the cuticles.

Use a soft t-shirt instead to wrap around your hair, or even better, use a microfiber towel.

Microfiber towels are friction-free, and they are designed to absorb just the right amount of water from your hair without leaving it dehydrated.

Here’s the best microfiber towel I use and recommend:

4. Master Your Blow Drying Technique

The ideal way to use a blow dryer to reduce frizz from heat

Most people spend far too much time blow drying their hair, which is where they get it all wrong.

It’s ok to leave your hair slightly wet. You don’t need to suck every ounce of water out of your hair after a shower.

It’s even worse when you use heat from close range.

In fact, celebrity hairstylist Marcus Francis recommends using a brush while directing the flow of hot air downwards when drying. This reduces the flow of direct heat while allowing the brush to smooth out the cuticles and reconstruct the hair’s texture for a more polished finish.

You can read more tips from expert hairstylists here:
6 Expert-Approved Tips For Getting Rid Of Frizzy Hair In Humidity

So if you need to blow dry your hair because you’re in a hurry, use a paddle brush to help.

If you’re having a chill day: consider air drying.

5. Lay Off The Heat Styling Tools

Heat alternatives for people with frizz

Hydration is the key to avoiding frizzy hair.

Therefore it’s important to dial down on the high temperatures when styling your hair.

Most people think applying high temperatures to wet hair gets the job done faster and results in smoother hair. But that’s not true. It causes long-term damage to the hair.

Try alternative methods instead, for example: smoothing treatments that can last for 3 months or use heatless rollers.

If you still find yourself reaching for your straightener, then I recommend investing in a good one that can protect your hair.

The Ghd Platinum is a great option.

It has smart heat sensors that continuously adjust to make sure the heat doesn’t damage your hair.

6. Always Use a Heat Protectant Spray

Heat protectant for damaged hair prevention

To further protect your hair from the rigors of hot tools, use a heat protectant spray.

These products apply a protective shield around the hair strands to protect them from heat and humidity.

Over a long period of time, they also prevent your strands from succumbing to permanent heat damage.

Prevention is better than cure. So don’t wait until your hair is completely jacked up to start.

Make it a habit from now and add it to your shopping list if you haven’t got one.

7. Treat and Restore Damaged Hair

Best ways to restore hair damage and eliminate frizz

Sometimes, the reason why your hair ends up looking unruly and frazzled may be because it’s already damaged from the inside due to chemical processing or too much heat.

No matter what fancy expensive product you throw at it, the frizz will keep creeping up.

To identify if your hair is damaged, here are a few symptoms you should check for:

  • Loss of texture
  • Loss of curls
  • High porosity – doesn’t hold moisture
  • Lots of breakage and split ends

Signs of hair damage are pretty obvious. Your hair will stop responding to conditioning and moisturizing treatments.

Simply put: It becomes a nightmare to style and manage.

If you suspect you have hair damage, I suggest you consult a hairstylist and find the right products that can nurture and restore your hair.

There are plenty of great products out there to restore and revive broken hair.

For example:

8. Try An Instant De-Frizzer

How to stop humidity hair with a defrizzer

An instant defrizzer adds smoothness, softness, and shine to your hair by replenishing natural oils.

Packed with moisture-infusing ingredients like emollients and cationic conditioning agents, these sprays can tame frizz and unruly hair in minutes.

They are essentially anti frizz dry conditioning products that infuse natural oils-based moisture, seal the hair cuticles, and tame those fuzzy troubled spots without leaving any heavy residues.

You can go about your day without worrying about when the next frizz attack is gonna hit you.

9. Try An Anti Frizz Balm

How to stop humidity frizz with a balm

An anti-frizz balm is an excellent styling product that helps you add hold and definition to your hair while reducing frizz and flyaways.

An anti frizz balm surrounds and adds stability to your locks when the weather isn’t helping.

To put it simply: A good styling balm can calm any type of hair that is stubborn and unpredictable.

10. Anti-Frizz Hair Sheets Are Excellent On-The-Go Fix

Fix frizzy hair on the go with these handy packs
Anti-frizz hair sheets are the latest breed of emergency hair sos products that can banish unsightly frizz that crops up in drizzly weather.

So next time you get caught in the rain, just grab one of these portable blotting papers from your handbag to tame your hair in a single swipe.

The OUAI and Tresemme smoothing sheets are excellent must-have products for your handbag.

They are discreet and so easy to use, you can literally fix your kinks and fluffy ends in 1 minute.

11. Use An Anti-Humidity Spray

humidity hair protection spray

An anti-humidity spray is like a spray-on raincoat for your hair.

If your tresses are always buckling under humid conditions and you live in a place where it’s constantly drizzling, you need to keep one of these in your handbag.

This spray shields your hair from the melting effects of sultry days while also keeping your style in good shape.

12. For Curly Hair: Use A Climate Control Gel

curly hair climate control gel

Curly hair tends to have a mind of its own.

You can never tell how it’s going to unravel during the day when it’s sweltering hot or when the air starts to feel clammy and damp.

But one thing we know for sure: Curly hair is always thirsty for moisture. By its very nature, shape, and texture, curly hair struggles to absorb moisture due to its low porosity.

A climate control gel can fix the problem by locking in moisture and locking out outside influences like heat and sogginess from deconstructing their shape.

Designed to save you from hair-raising situations, it won’t leave your hair feeling stiff, crunchy, or sticky.

Just rake and shake from roots to ends and let it air dry for a few minutes and you’re good to go.

13. Try a Keratin Treatment

keratin treatment for smooth weather-proof hair

A keratin smoothing treatment repairs and rejuvenates your hair from the inside out.

Most people prefer to do such treatments because it gives them peace of mind for at least 3 months where your hair stays frizz-free, smooth, and manageable.

You don’t have to worry about fire-fighting frizz every day with a variety of hair products.

However, the treatment can be expensive but on the plus side, it comes with a lot of benefits.

More on keratin treatments.

14. Embrace a Low Maintenance Hairstyle

style your hair in low maintenance and ignore the frizz

Sometimes, the best option for troublesome hair is to just not give a sh*t and let it be, especially if you have some downtime working from home.

Use hair ties and make updos to get your hair out of the way.

Low-maintenance hairstyles are excellent for hiding those troubled spots, and they give your hair a welcome break from hair products and heat styling.

15. Avoid Over Washing

And while we’re on the topic of low maintenance, how about stretching your hair washing cycles for longer.

So less shampoo, less heat styling, and less of everything.

People who practice the No Poo method swear that washing the hair less often makes their locks feel healthier and more manageable.

Try the No poo method. Maybe your hair and scalp need a break after all to revitalize.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it.

A list of useful tips to help stop your hair from getting frizzy in humid conditions indoors or outdoors.

The most important things to remember:

  • Keep your hair moisturized
  • Reduce friction (towels, brushes)
  • Avoid products that deplete moisture (heat, alcohol)
  • Use products that boost moisture
  • Keep it low maintenance when possible

PS: If you know of someone else who struggles with frizz when it’s too hot or soggy, please share.

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