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malibu c well water shampoo review

Do you use a well for domestic water supply?

Then, our Malibu well water shampoo review will help you understand why your hair desperately needs it right now!

Well Water Is Dreadful For your Hair

Well water is water that falls to the ground and is absorbed by soil and rocks.

It then dissolves several minerals, mostly calcium and magnesium, which gives it “personality”.

See the illustration below that shows what’s hiding in underground water:

what is well water
What’s hiding inside well water.

It’s called “hard water” because it refers to water that is difficult to work with, for it requires more shampoo and soap.

It also lessens your soaps and shampoo’s lathering capabilities, given its characteristics.

Hard water contains iron, copper, and is high in pH alkaline that distorts and disrupts the natural pH of your tendrils.

A healthy scalp has a pH level of 5.5 – 6.5.

At this level, it will hold the moisture in your hair and prevent it from fungal and bacterial growth.

Using hard water causes soap to be ineffective and leaves product buildup and residue on your scalp.

Effects Of Well Water On Your Hair

How To Fix Hard Water Hair Damage
Side effects of well water on hair.

1. Well Water Makes Your Scalp Dry and Flaky

Excess minerals in the water combine with your shampoo to form a paste-like substance that sticks to the hair and makes it harder for moisture to enter the hair strands.

This results in coarse, curly, dry hair and scalp that leads to buildup and dandruff.

2. Minerals Choke Your Hair Follicles

The reaction between soap and minerals from the water creates magnesium salts, also known as calcium. Washing your hair in hard water will leave insoluble deposits in your hair.

3. Minerals Crystallize In Your Hairs And Break Them

Hard water and well water are high in mineral content such as magnesium, manganese, calcium, and irons.

These minerals prevent hydration and create a film around the strands causing them to become brittle and eventually break.

4. Well Water Is Bad For Color-Treated Hair

Well water is highly alkaline, which accelerates color fade. This means more trips to the salon, more damage to the hair.

5. Well Water Makes Blonde Hair Brassy

Adverse effects like brassy, green, or orange-toned hair are due to too much iron in well water.

This also causes crunchy or brittle hair that diminishes shine and volume.

Treatments are also less likely to work (perms and straightening treatments).

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As a result:

  • You need more heat to style your hair to break through the buildup.
  • You spend more money and time in a hair salon to fix your hair.
  • You get dandruff buildup due to the excess minerals drying up your hair and scalp; this is because, in the absence of moisture, frizz and flakes arise.
  • Your scalp feels itchy. The excess minerals found in hard water takes away your scalps natural oils, making your head dry and uncomfortable.
  • Your hair cannot retain moisture.
  • Makes your hair tangle all the time.
  • Also, it causes skin problems and aggravates eczema. These are dry, itchy flaky patches on the skin that can be irritating and even embarrassing.
  • Minerals clog your pores and cause dry skin; this happens once the water is pooled with products like soap.

In short, well water will give you a handful of chronic hair and scalp problems in the long run.

That’s why you need a shampoo that can stop the side effects and keep your hair healthy and resilient from the onslaught of well water minerals.

The Malibu Well Water Shampoo and Conditioner Review

The Malibu C well water wellness kit does exactly what it says on the bottle. It neutralizes minerals and protects your hair and scalp from the rusty and mineral-laden well water.

And here are the benefits of using Malibu C:

  • pH Balancing: A formula that normalizes hair and scalp pH.
  • Breaks down stubborn minerals: Blasts away minerals before they attach to the hair.
  • Chelating agents: Special ingredients that swallow well water minerals to flush them out. They are organic chemical compounds that react with metal ions to form a stable, water-soluble complex. These active molecules remove dirt from the hair and leave it cleaner and softer.
  • Antioxidants: Helps your hair recover fast. The Malibu Well Water Shampoo contains Panthenol (Antioxidant Pro-Vitamin B5). This shields your hair against the damaging effects of the environment, including the sun, air, and water.
  • Scalp protection: It protects your scalp against irritations from minerals. The Malibu Well Water Shampoo has Allantoin, wherein it protects the scalp and prevents irritation and inflammation.
  • Smooth and Silky: Malibu C contains a protein that gives your hair a silky smooth finish after washing. This protein is called flax protein, a plant protein whose role is to condition and provide moisture that binds hydration and makes a barrier against external pollutants.
  • Flattens Cuticles: The shampoo and conditioner work together to flatten hair cuticles, which can get rough from hard water minerals. The Malibu Well Water Shampoo contains a vegetable protein( rice protein) which paves the way for manageable hair. This also smoothens the hair cuticle and provides gloss and texture.

You don’t have to take our word for it. Check out how customers have rated this product on online reviews

Added Bonus – The Malibu Crystal Gels Work Like Magic Too!

Malibu Crystal Gel

Super effective against well water from first treatment.


Hair reveals your personality and lifestyle, so how can you shine through if bad hair days keep cropping up one after the other?

Fortunately, the Malibu Crystal Gel comes with dozens of paybacks!

Hear them out.

They are light and easy!

The Malibu Crystal Gel comes in sachets that can be used weekly to supplement the effects of the shampoo.

Instantly demineralize the hair and scalp.

This saves you from mineral buildup because it thoroughly scrubs your head, leaving it fresh breezy.

They use Ascorbic Vitamin C to neutralize minerals.

Vitamin C promotes binding properties to minerals and makes it soluble in water. This ingredient washes way, taking buildup along with it.

This also acts as an antioxidant that assists in creating collagen that is essential in your hair’s structure.

Besides that, it also contributes to properties that are needed for hair growth.

Malibu Hard Water Shampoo ingredients:

Malibu C products are super effective against hard water and well water because of their two key ingredients:

  • Chelating agents
  • Vitamin C (Ascorbic acid)

While chelating agents work to make hard water minerals soluble and easy to wash out, Vitamin C eliminates toxins with its antioxidizing properties.

Both ingredients also make your hair progressively more resilient against hard water and mineral oxidizers.

Note: Malibu C hair products are suitable for all hair types and are ideal for hair exposed to hard water, pools, or chemical treatments.

Warning: This is not suggested for gray or white non-pigmented hair unless directly followed with a perm or color treatment.

To Summarize

The Malibu Well Water Shampoo is the industry-leading solution to fight the adverse effects of well water.

If you haven’t tried it yet, get yourself a bottle and a few of the demineralizing packets today.

You will feel the instant lift in your hair, and the results are simply amazing.

Malibu C Well Water Wellness Kit

well water shampoo reviews

Malibu Well Water Shampoo Review


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