Malibu Crystal Gel Treatments to Demineralize Hair and Scalp


Malibu Crystal Gel Treatments to Demineralize Hair and Scalp

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I’ll let you in on a little beauty secret of mine.

The Malibu Crystal Gels.

It’s a must-have if you wash your hair with hard water.


If your skin freaks out every time it comes into contact with tap water.

Look, I’m not strictly against tap water.

Nor I buy into these “French beauty secrets” of washing my face with Evian water only.

But like me, I know many of you will agree on this:

Hard water makes your hair:

  • Frizzy
  • Porous
  • Dry and brittle
  • Difficult to blow dry
  • Stiff and hard to style
  • Brassy and vulnerable to color damage

And it gets even worse.

Hard water does not only stifle your hair. It irritates your skin too!

Now, I don’t mean to gross you out …

… but chances are:

If you live in a hard water area, your scalp right now is clogged up with the white slimy stuff you find at the bottom of your kettle.

My scalp felt gross and my hair was dry like candy floss!

The Florida hard water was giving me a hard time. I could see tiny red bumps scattered all over my cheeks, and I was spending a fortune to fix my damaged hair.

Luckily, I stumbled across the Malibu C hair treatments.

From the moment I tried them, I WAS HOOKED.

malibu 2000 crystal gel treatment packet

Malibu C Crystal Gels


The best hard water demineralizers for hair and skin.

The Malibu crystal gel treatments draw out impurities and mineral deposits.

They deep cleanse and clarify your hair and skin from hard water abusers.

I tried them for 2 weeks, and this is what happened …

  • My hair didn’t feel weighed down, clumpy, or rough
  • I could experiment with any style I wanted
  • I didn’t have to fight those filthy tangles and unwanted frizz
  • My skin imperfections disappeared
  • My face felt smoother; the pores looked smaller
  • I didn’t feel any skin irritations at all

The sweetest thing of all …

My hair could soak up any color with ease. No touch-ups, no re-dos. And it stayed vibrant and luminous without any expensive aftercare.

Malibu C is the no-nonsense home remedy for hard water buildup that just works.

All you have to do is add water.

Scrunch it through your hair or use it as a facial masque, the Malibu hard water treatment will:

  • Deep cleanse
  • Prime your hair
  • Remove brassy tones
  • Fix your uh-oh color moments
  • pH balance your hair and scalp
  • Clean up dead skin cells and bacteria
  • And even cure Eczema or dry skin problems

These little packets of antioxidant crystals will surprise you.

Malibu C has a product to fix all your hard water hair problems and calm down your angry dry skin.

And today I’ll show you the full range and how each of them works.

Here’s what I will cover:

  • How does hard water affect your hair?
  • What is a DIY Malibu hair treatment and what does it do?
  • How to remove hard water mineral deposits from your hair?
  • Does a Malibu treatment remove color from your hair?
  • How to use the Malibu crystal gels? (Full instructions & directions)
  • The effects of hard water on color treated hair (plus solutions)
  • Malibu C products for white and non-pigmented hair
  • The natural ingredients that go into Malibu c
  • Dry skin from hard water? – I’ve got you covered as well

Table Of Contents

But first …

Let me show you their most popular hair care products for hard water.

These are the “secret products” that professional hair salons use to pump up the value of your service.

The Best Malibu C Crystal Gel Hair Treatments

soft water packet hair

1. Malibu Hard Water Packets


The best hair treatment for hard water damage. Try it now and see the difference.

is hard water good for hair

2. Malibu Blondes Weekly Brightener


The easiest home remedy for brassy hair color fix. Try it now!

will malibu treatment remove color

3. Malibu Quick Fix Color Remover


Hard water and hair color are not the best of friends. You can use the quick fix to remove mineral color blockers.

malibu crystal hair treatment

4. Malibu Hair Color Correction


Remove hard water elements from your hair that interfere with your color services.

how to get hard hair

5. Malibu Color Prepare


Prep your hair for superior color or keratin absorption and get the best value for your money.

how do i get rid of hard water

6. Malibu Hard Water Weekly Demineralizer


The weekly hair treatment from Malibu that removes hard water buildup in hair.

hard water bad for hair

7. Malibu Scalp Therapy


Washing your hair with hard water also strips your scalp dry from its natural oils. Use this treatment to keep it well balanced and healthy.

hard shampoo

8. Malibu Swimmers Weekly


Trusted by professional swimmers like Mallory Mead.

malibu treatment for your hair

9. Malibu C Makeover


This Malibu hair salon treatment is a must-have if you process your hair a lot. It’s a 2 step treatment that cleans chemical deposits, then repairs the hair.

shampoo for soft water users

10. Malibu Curl Partner


Reclaim your beachy waves with full bounce and body. Say goodbye to hard and stiff hair that’s impossible to detangle.

Why I Always Stock Up On My Malibu Treatments

Here’s the thing …

I know how to take care of my hair living in a hard water area.

And I must emphasize:

These products are not luxuries for me. They are necessities.

The moment I stop using them, I will look like the bride of Frankenstein with:

  • Horrible tangles
  • Frizzy hair
  • Frazzled split ends
  • And dry hair from hard water

Because my hair already has a frazzled life of its own, and hard water makes it worse.

That’s why I trust the Malibu crystal gel hair treatments and I always buy them in bulk.

They are cheap, super convenient, and they work instantly.

Whenever I fancy a change of color …

A quick and easy at home Malibu hair treatment preps my hair perfectly for better and superior results.

There’s so much more you can do.

Let me give you a few more examples of how I use them:

  • Demineralizer: To Remove hard water buildup from my hair (Weekly)
  • Makeover: To slow down build up of minerals and shield my hair
  • Color Prep: To remove anything that can screw up my color treatments
  • Quick Fix: To correct unexpected color boo-boos
  • Scalp Therapy: To exfoliate my scalp from impurities
  • Curl Partner: To make my curls soft and easy to detangle
  • Swimmers Wellness: To prevent hard water hair damage from chlorine
  • Matcha Masque: To unclog all the makeup and dirt from my face

And do you know what I love most about these products?

They are so damn easy to use and extra therapeutic.

So what’s the secret and why are they so effective?

Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid)

hair minerals build up hard water

Vitamin C works as a powerful hard water demineralizer.

Try this Hard water hair rinse trick at home:

Mix lemon juice or citric acid to hard water and rinse your hair. You’ll feel how soft the water is.

That’s because citric acid works as a chelator that binds to minerals and makes them soluble. Thus, the minerals wash away instead of attaching to your hair.

According to research from the US Dept of agriculture and forest services, Vitamin C and sodium ascorbate neutralize chlorine and minerals better and faster than sulfur-based dechlorination chemicals.

In fact, it’s so effective that you can even find special shower filters with Vitamin C in luxurious hotels in Vegas!

Check out this Youtube video below from ABC News.

How to wash hair with a hard water shower filter with Vitamin C

Vitamin C shower filters are now available on Amazon »

Unlike other shower filters where water has to pass through the filter, Vitamin C makes hard water soft for your hair and skin.

That’s because Vitamin C is acidic and it counteracts alkaline effects of hard water to bring the pH level down. It also works as a chelating agent that binds to minerals to neutralize their positive charges and make them soluble.

ph of hard water
Use Vitamin C to protect your hair from hard water (High pH).

Here’s another article from Divine Health that explains how it works:

How to fix water hardness in your shower with Ascorbic Acid (Vit C).

While it neutralizes the reaction of “hard” water on your skin and hair, Vitamin C also:

  • Improves your mood
  • Makes your skin glow
  • Improves your breathing
  • Removes toxins from your pores
  • Infuses your body with antioxidants

That’s why Malibu C has a complete range of wellness products with Vitamin C to protect your hair from hard water oxidizers.

Let’s take a look.

Malibu Hard Water Wellness Hair And Skin Care Products

malibu wellness how to

Malibu C was the first company in the beauty industry to pioneer Vitamin C antioxidants.

They were the first company to make beauty products that fight oxidizers.

In fact:

Tom Porter (founder of Malibu C) also wrote a book about it.

Check it out: You’re not aging. You’re just oxidizing.

So what exactly is the Malibu Wellness crystal gel actives?

It’s a set of hard water remedies you can use at home.

  • Hard Water Wellness
  • Color Wellness
  • Blondes Wellness
  • Scalp Wellness
  • Swimmers Wellness

These products lift surface minerals and oxidizers that make you look aged.

Like Tom Porter rightly said:

“You’re not aging. You’re just oxidizing”.

And according to his book:

If you protect yourself from free radicals, you’ll be taking years off your age!

So let’s start with the worst of oxidizers that affects your skin and hair pretty much every day.

The filthy minerals that flow out of your tap and your shower.

does hard water cause hair fall. how to deal with hard water and hair. hair fall hard water
Hair damage due to hard water.

Malibu Hard Water Solutions For Hair Damage

Hard water leaves more than the chalky buildup and ugly bathtub rings.

It also leaves you with a depressing combination of:

  • Greasy roots
  • Dry ends
  • Fragile hair
  • And skin irritations

Let’s see how …

In just 2 minutes, this video will prove why hard water is bad for your hair.

hard water on shampoo effect
Hard water effects on hair shampoos explained. © Credit: Tri County Water Conditioning, Inc

Let me explain.

Soaps and shampoos are made with fatty acids and oils. That’s because fat mixes with fat to attract grease and dirt.

In theory, you could clean your hands with oil after eating a greasy burger. It will soak up all the dirt.

But the problem is: oil doesn’t dissolve in water.

To dissolve oil and the dirt trapped inside it, soaps and shampoos use negatively charged molecules – also known as hydrophilic polar ionic ends.

These negatively charged ends attract water.

So while the base oil and fatty acids mix with dirt to dislodge them, the negatively charged molecules wrap around them to make the whole thing (also known as a micelle) suspend in water.

So when you rinse off, the grease and dirt go with it too.

But Things Are Not As Easy With Minerals Heavy Water

Minerals are the enemies of shampoos.


Because they carry positive charges. (Proof here on Wikipedia)

If you’ve paid attention to your Chemistry classes …

… you’ll know that a negative charge attracts a positive charge. And when they both collide, they form a neutral object with no charge.

Therefore, your shampoo loses its negative charge that makes it suspend and dissolve in water.

As a result, both the dirt and the shampoo remain in the water and won’t rinse off. Instead, they build up as residues in your hair.

Now imagine what’s happening every time you’re washing your hair in hard water!

Is it cleaning your hair?

No. You’re building more and more layers of scum.

Hard Water Effects On Hair And Skin

What hard water does to your hair:

  • Calcium makes your hair dry and crunchy
  • Copper discolors your hair
  • Iron in water affects your hair by changing its texture
  • Chlorine makes your hair brassy and porous

How does hard water affect your skin:

  • Minerals clog the pores on your skin and scalp
  • Clogged pores cause inflammations and acne
  • Hyper-pigmentation
  • Eczema
  • Rosacea
  • Keratosis and skin tags
  • Sensitive skin

What may seem like a simple daily washing routine, your water is doing a number on you.

So How Do These Minerals Get Into Your Water?

Your water supply comes from 2 primary sources:

  • Surface: (Reservoirs, rivers, lakes, oceans)
  • Gound: (Below the earth’s surface – also known as well water)

According to the United States Geological Survey, 77% of water supply to public services come from surface-water sources. And the remaining 23% comes from the ground.

What’s Hiding In Surface Water

Surface water comes from rain that filters through limestones, crystalline rocks, and soil soaking up all their minerals before they end up in your water treatment plant.

From there, the water goes through:

  • Screening: To remove debris and large matter
  • Coagulation: To clump dissolved substances together
  • Sedimentation: To remove the clumped materials
  • Filtration: Carbon, sand, and gravel filter the small particles
  • pH Correction: Calcium is added to correct pH
  • Anti Corrosion: Chemicals are added to stop water corroding pipes
  • Chlorination: Chlorine and Ammonia are added to kill bacteria

So the water you get in your home, although safe from bacteria, still contains a combination of natural minerals combined with chlorine added from your service supplier.

What are safe levels of Chlorine in drinking water?

4 milligrams per liter of water is safe. (

Like it or not, although your tap water is safe to drink, it contains chlorine. And it’s up to you how you deal with it.

Tip: You can get an extra layer of hard water treatment at home to remove chlorine and make your water soft.

What’s Hiding In Ground Water (Wells)

well water and minerals

Groundwater contains excessive amounts of iron, which causes reddish stains on your plumbing fixtures, clothes, and hair.

Although groundwater does not move through as many layers of rocks, it still mixes with minerals and gases in their slow passage through the earth’s crust.

Now, many people in the USA use private groundwater wells.

hard water in well

In fact, over 15 million U.S. households rely on private household wells for drinking water.

But here’s the shocking truth:

EPA (The United States Environmental Protection Agency), the organization that regulates public drinking water systems, does not regulate private drinking water wells. (( – Private Wells))

As a result, owners of private wells are responsible for ensuring that their water is safe from contaminants.

Although well water has no artificially added chlorine, it contains unfiltered raw minerals, gases, and potential industrial waste if you live near a manufacturing zone.

Now that you know how your water reaches your home, let’s check how bad it is.

Signs Of Hard Water In Your Home

Let me show you the simplest way to find out how hard your tap water is.

Use a water total hardness strip tester.

While this test gives you accurate results, there are more obvious signs that you can’t miss.

For example:

  • Soap scum in your bathtub
  • Limescale around your faucets
  • White slimy stuff floating in your kettle
  • Dull looking clothes that also make you itch
  • Washing machine not washing properly
  • Stains on your dishes and glasses
  • Your water tastes and smells funny
  • Ugly brown stains at the bottom of your toilet bowl
  • Poor shower pressure
  • Your appliances are grinding down
  • Your energy bills are surprisingly high
  • You get skin irritations and spots
  • Your hair is always dry and frizzy

If you can relate to these problems, it’s time to take action.

Signs of hard water on hair
Can hard water damage your hair?


I know you enjoy your 10 minutes long shower to escape the world for a bit.

But it’s essential that you protect your hair and skin from hard water oxidizers.

Let me show you how …

Malibu Hair Products For Hard Water

Start with the Malibu hard water demineralizer packets for hair.

It’s the easiest and most effective treatment you will see on the market.

malibu crystals
soft water packet hair

1. Malibu Hard Water Packets


The best hair treatment for hard water damage. Try it now and see the difference.

Use The Malibu Hard Water Shampoo And Conditioner

My favorite daily shampoo to use with hard water. This set contains chelating agents that bind to minerals and flush them out of your hair.

best hair conditioner for hard water

Malibu Hard Water Wellness Kit


The best shampoo and conditioner for hard water buildup.
(With Demineralizer packets as Bonus!)

Use The Malibu Crystal Gel Treatment For Well Water

Prevent your hair from looking rusty and reddish from oxidized irons that come from underground water.

The Normalizer (below) strips your hair clean to make sure you don’t have a rusty looking head.

Malibu Crystal Gel Treatment For Well Water

Malibu C Normalizer


Removes iron deposits from hard water and all sorts of hair color discolorations.

malibu hard water shampoo reviews

Well Water Shampoo


The best hard water shampoo for those who use private wells for their domestic supply.

Soothe Your Angry Skin With This Hard Water Skin Serum

The Malibu C Sensitiv skin serum delivers a powerful punch of freshly dried Vitamin C and antioxidants to give your skin a more balanced complexion.

It draws out dirt, oil, impurities, and toxins that make your face look dull, aged, irritated, and vulnerable to spots and breakouts.

Malibu C sensitiv skin serum

Malibu C Sensitiv Skin Serum


Give your skin a therapeutic detox and a hydrating boost of supercharged nutrients.

When you shower, your scalp also takes the brunt of these aggressive minerals.

According to a study from the University of Sheffield and King’s College London, the high alkalinity of hard water breaks your scalp’s protective barrier.

As a result, it becomes vulnerable to bacterial infections and conditions such as:

  • Psoriasis – Silvery flaky patches on your skin
  • Seborrheic Dermatitis – Itchy and crusty patches
  • Irritant Dermatitis – Inflammation of the skin
  • Folliculitis – Inflammation and infection of the hair follicle
  • Cradle Cap – Greasy, yellow scaly patches
  • Ringworms – Red rashes and patches of hair loss
  • Acne Necrotica Miliaris – Yellow, itchy pustules at root of hair follicles

All these are signs of bacteria eating away the roots of your hair.

And I know what you’re going to ask me next …

Can hard water make your hair fall out?

My answer is: A BIG YES.

And you shouldn’t ignore this.

You may not see it with your naked eyes, but every day you are losing more hair than you should be.

So how do you stop this?

Use The Malibu Scalp Wellness Therapy And Shampoo

Calcium salts from heavy water make your scalp a happy playing ground for bacteria.

It also chokes the hair follicles at the root which inhibits growth.

See the illustration below:

how to stop hair fall due to hard water
Hair fall due to hard water.

How To Prevent Hair Fall From Hard Water (With The Scalp Therapy)

You need to get to the root of the problem.

Shield your scalp, remove oxidizers, regulate pH balance, and let your scalp regain its natural rate of exfoliation with the scalp therapy.

It’s also important to note that:

A healthy scalp pH balance stops bacterial infections.

This is your perfect remedy for hair fall due to hard water.

Because it works from the very core of your hair follicles, to strengthen your hair from root to tip.

And it only takes 2 minutes to do.

malibu c scalp wellness shampoo

Complement your scalp therapy with the wellness shampoos and conditioners for extra comfort and relief.

malibu scalp care products

Malibu Scalp Care Collection


If you suffer from dry scalp from hard water, the Malibu scalp wellness is the perfect product to restore balance.

Chlorine is another hard water irritant that gives you dry hair and itchy scalp.

In fact, it’s a complete hair killer.

Chlorine is a corrosive chemical that eats away any organisms it contacts.

Although it does a remarkable job to keep your pool healthy by killing bacteria and algae buildup, you don’t want your hair or skin to absorb chlorine.

So how can you prevent chlorine from getting into your skin and hair if you swim regularly?

I always make sure I carry my chlorine removal kit when I am on holidays.

Malibu C Swimmers Wellness Shampoo And Crystals

The Malibu swimmers water action shampoo removes all elements from the pool, spa or sea water that damage and discolor your hair.

With the help of chelating agents, one wash strips your hair clean from chlorine and bromine. (As shown in the video above).

hard water hair shampoo

Malibu Swim Shampoo Set


The chlorine blasting Malibu shampoo and conditioner for swimmers.

is hard water good for hair

Crystal Gel Hair Treatment For Swimmers


Click the button below to read the Malibu crystal gel reviews and how it protects swimmers’ hair and skin from chlorine damage.

See the Malibu hair treatment reviews from the USA water polo women’s national team.

It’s impressive how these girls who swim in chlorine waters pretty much every day keep their hair color radiant, shiny, and hydrated.

But as you’ve heard it from them there is no secret.

It’s all thanks to the Malibu C hard water treatments for hair. They do much more than just clarifying your hair.

They can also fix hair color discoloration.

Malibu Color Wellness Shampoos And Crystals

Look, we’ve all been there.

  • Brassy blondes
  • Super stripy highlights
  • One dimensional color
  • The ombre that does not fade gradually
  • Or the patchy hair color

No matter how well your stylist executes your color to perfection, hair discoloration happens to the best of us.

Even Jennifer Aniston who never puts a follicle wrong when it comes to her hair color and styles, suffers from the occasional warm tones creeping into her sublime blondelicious locks.

So what are the chances for us mere mortals?

Let Me Show You How To Get Rid Of Brassy Hair

Whether you are a bottled-blonde or born with a natural head of golden locks …

Fact is, blonde hair is damn hard to take care of.

And any blonde will tell you this:

Yellow and brassy tones make your hair look cheap!

No matter how much purple shampoos and conditioners you throw at it, turning your brassy orange tint back into that perfect artless shade of natural blonde is impossible.

According to Stacey Staley, owner of Blonde Salon in Toronto, natural blonde hair is more porous, delicate, and dry.

And if you use chemicals like bleach, that makes your hair porous too. (Natalie Carr, Consultant Trichologist at the Philip Kingsley)

The problem with high porosity hair is that it soaks up everything that causes brass.

Porous hair oxidizes fast to reveal the warm underlying coppery and orange tones. If there’s anything that accelerates this process of oxidation, it’s the hard water buildup on your hair.

Hard water also contains toxins that reveal warm tones.

Look, I know it’s frustrating when you have to re visit your hair salon every 4 weeks to freshen your blondes and highlights.

I used to do it too. But not anymore.

I will show you how to fix your brassy hair color.

Use The Malibu C Blondes Weekly Brighteners

  • Heal your hair’s porosity
  • Strip out all the copper, chlorine, and minerals
  • Clean out all the pollutants from your hair
  • And protect your hair from oxidizing chemicals

This is the perfect Malibu treatment to lighten your hair and reveal shimmer and shine instantly (not brassy or chartreuse).

malibu c scalp wellness shampoo
The best home remedy to get rid of brassy hair

Make your blondes and highlights dazzle with shine, intensity, and more importantly without the cheap looking brassy tones.

You can also enrich your experience with the full set of blonde shampoo and conditioner (crystal gels included).

blonde shampoo hard water

Malibu Blondes Wellness Shampoo


Malibu blonde treatment enhancing kit

Talking about hair color …

I think we can all agree on something familiar.

99.9% of us have gone through hair color disasters.

From choosing the wrong shade to choppy, muddy, brassy, and splotchy looking hair, we’ve all had to get our butts down to the hair salon to save ourselves from a complete meltdown.

Read: These hair dye horror stories will make you feel better »

If you’re an avid colorholic, chances are this won’t be your last drama.

But here’s the good news.

You can fix your hair color boo-boos with the color correction treatments.

Malibu C Color Correction

Save your hair from left-over colors, over depositing toners, and other unexpected color mishaps.

The reason your hair color doesn’t take well is that it has elements that interfere with the process.

For example:

  • Minerals
  • Color blockers (residues)
  • High porosity and damage
  • Silicone buildup from your hair products
  • Anti-static agents (like chlorine salts)

To get the best out of your hair color, you need to clarify your hair.

Malibu C Quick Fix Color Corrector

Use the Malibu Quick Fix to lift the unwanted color and prep your hair.

This crystal gel can:

  • Fix the gross green hue when your hair absorbs too much color
  • Lift box coloring from level 1 to level 7
  • Fix your patchy grey areas
  • Redo blonde tone that’s gone awry
  • Remove the toner that went too dark
  • Fix too much toner absorption
  • Fix your platinum blonde that turned a bit muddy and too dark when toning
  • Remove black box hair dye
  • Get rid of leftover hair color

The quick fix will thoroughly clean your hair from all color blockers and give you true-to-tone, even throughout, and the gorgeous color you want.

malibu crystal gel remove color. will a malibu treatment remove color
The best Malibu treatment to remove color that’s gone wrong

Remove permanent hair color without the toxic smell, oxidative damage, or peroxide with the Color Pigment Remover (CPR).

The CPR Malibu Hair Color Remover

The Color Pigment Remover removes up to 3 levels of unwanted permanent oxidative color pigment.

And the best part?

Unlike peroxide solutions that damage your hair, the CPR preserves your hair’s integrity.

Here are some of the benefits:

  • Remove unwanted pigments
  • Prepare your hair for next color treatment
  • No lifting of natural hair pigment
  • No harsh odor
  • Formulated with a patented nature-identical vitamin C complex
“I like to start with CPR to remove any remaining oxidative color; it also removes color blockers such as minerals, metallics, and medication. It leaves the hair in great shape and creates a clean, damage-free canvas.” Behind The Chair – The Reality Of Color Jumping

See the illustration below for the CPR Malibu crystal gel directions:

malibu CPR color remover
Remove unwanted permanent color pigment with ease.

Note: This will NOT work on semi-permanent color (purple, green, blue, etc.)

It only works with colors that use developers. If you have light hair and do a dark color, you may need to do more than one treatment as dark colors can stain the hair.

I am going to show you a solution for your hair dye troubles.

The Direct Dye Lifter – DDL

The struggle to remove direct dye is real.

Sure, there are hundreds of DIY methods out there.

But most of them will damage your hair and make it dry.

Or worse …

You could permanently stain your hair deeper with the wrong color.

Look, there’s a simple way to do this without any mess or compromising your hair.

Use the Malibu Direct Dye Lifter.

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“DDL has made a huge difference in my services because the integrity of the hair is not compromised as it would be when attempting to lift non-oxidative color and direct dyes with other products.” Salon Owner and American Board Certified Haircolorist Nicole Emilani, who is a Platform Artist and Wellness Educator for Malibu C
Malibu C Direct Dye Lifter
Lift direct dyes and stains from your hair (with or without developer)


If you put color on dirty hair, you’re never going to get the full lift of your hair.

And any professional hair stylist will tell you this:

The more pigment you can get into your hair, the better the color is going to last.

That’s why elite hair salons use primers to prep your hair for superior results.

The Color Prepare Solution

Minerals in your hair cause color to swell and your color foils to bleed when doing a color service!

If you’re doing your treatment at home, clean and clarify your hair first.

“Coloring hair is a lot like priming a wall for paint. You have to make sure your canvas is prepared to accept the color.” Says Christopher Dove, Co-Founder of CoCre8 .

Believe me, you’ll get 10X better results.

Read: Prepping the Canvas for Color: Starting a Service with Malibu C Crystal Gel »

Benefits of using the Color Prep Malibu C Crystal Gel treatment:

  • Superior color absorption
  • Faster color processing time
  • Chemicals don’t stay in your hair for long
  • Shield your scalp from irritation and straining from color chemicals
  • Prevent brassy tones from creeping into your hair
  • Pump up the value of your service for pennies
  • Prime your hair with filler-like properties
  • Save time and prevent re-dos
  • Rid your hair of color-blocking mineral buildup
  • Get better color coverage and retention
  • Remove discoloration
  • Prevent toner from over-depositing
  • Instantly normalize pH of hair and exfoliation rate of your scalp

As a bonus, you can also mix this with an Olaplex treatment.

To summarise:

Prepping your hair will save you plenty of time and ensure your treatment gets done faster.

And faster processing means you don’t overexpose your hair to chemicals, therefore fewer chances of hair breakage after your color service.

“Your hair colorist doesn’t have a magic wand. If you want a major change, it may take more than one salon visit to achieve—especially if you want to keep your hair healthy.” Tracey Cunningham – Celebrity colorist and Redken creative consultant for color
And exactly how you want it. Without re-dos and corrections.
Malibu C Color Prepare
Make your hair a clean canvas to prevent unpredictable results.
how to get hard hair

5. Malibu Color Prepare


Prep your hair for superior color or keratin absorption and get the best value for your money.

And finally …

You want to give your hair color that premium and professional care it deserves.

Make Your Hair Color Shine With Radiance

hard water color treated hair
Does hard water damage your hair color?

Hard water is color kryptonite!

It oxidizes your hair to accelerate color fading.

For example:

  • Copper discolors light hair with a green tint. It also makes dark hair darker
  • Iron makes light-colored hair orange and gives dark hair red highlights
  • Magnesium dries your hair to kill the soft and luminous shine
  • Chlorine is a bleaching agent that will make your hair color lighter

And the biggest problem with minerals is, they steal the moisture and shine from your hair to make it look desiccated.

To keep your colored hair full of gloss and hydrated, use these Malibu hair color enhancers:

hair discoloration

Malibu C Color Wellness


The Malibu hard water wellness shampoo that makes your color treated hair shine with unmatched intensity.

Hard Water Hair Care For Curls, Waves, And Naturals

Remove perm solution blockers and anything that hinders your texturizing services.

Curl partner makes your hair resilient against heavy oxidation and high pH chemicals when you’re doing perms or relaxing services.

Use it before any chemical service to prevent your scalp from sensitivity and irritations.

The benefits:

  • It speeds up your chemical processing time
  • It saves time to make sure you don’t need any re-dos
  • It clears out all the impurities, so your hair responds better to treatments
  • It works for all types of curls

Curl Partner

hard water and hair
Make your curls soft and easy to manage.

Perm Partner

If you want pretty perms that take in well, your hair has to be in good condition first according to LA-based hair stylist Julianne Cho.

And to make your perms take in better, it’s essential to strip out all the residues and minerals that build a rock barrier on the outside of your hair.

Removing these minerals will save you a lot of time and hassle to make sure you get it right first time.

Here’s how a demineralizing treatment for hair can help you:

  • You get “true-to-rod” curl patterns
  • It makes your hair resistant for best results
  • It guarantees your hair to be free from minerals and perm blockers
  • It prevents you from re doing your perms
  • It defends your hair against breakage
  • You won’t get any “melting & smoking” reactions during your treatment
  • It prevents irritations and burning on your scalp
  • It infuses your hair with protein for extra strength

Check the illustration below for more info. And click the button to read the reviews.

malibu demineralizer. hard water demineralizer for hair
Malibu relaxer treatment solutions.

Malibu Treatments For Weaves And Extensions

Weaves and extensions are protective hairstyles to help you grow your hair longer. Plus they help you give your hair a rest from heat styling.

But the problem is:

Natural hair and hair extensions easily attract dirt and buildup due to their texture.

Have you ever noticed how your brand new hair extension (which you color-matched to perfection) changes its color fast?

Unfortunately, even synthetic hair struggles with hard water.

How does hard water affect your hair extensions:

  • It tangles easily
  • It’s difficult to brush after washing
  • You cannot rinse off shampoos
  • It looks dull and lifeless
  • It’s prone to breakage
  • It changes color from oxidation

The Malibu C Weaves and Extensions treatment is an exclusive product that works for synthetic or human hair extensions.

It lifts discoloration caused by minerals blockers and instantly renormalizes chemically stressed human and synthetic hair.

malibu crystals
Make your protective hairstyles last longer.
Because you don’t want to wait for your hair to cry out for help.

Whether it’s your curls looking crunchy, your blondes looking brassy, or your scalp itching and flaking like a snow storm …

You want to avoid these problems.

You want to make sure your hair looks fabulous every day.

And the best way to do this is to use the Malibu C MakeOver.

The Secret To Every Day Salon Worthy Hair

The MakeOver is a 2-step wellness treatment that transforms the tone, texture, vibrancy, and strength of your hair.

This treatment combines all the benefits you get from the scalp wellness, color wellness, and hard water wellness remedies to progressively shield your hair from hard water elements and make it more resilient.

The first step is the Malibu Crystal Gel Normalizer.

Similar to the hard water demineralizer and the scalp therapy, it primes your hair with its deep cleansing and clarifying formula.

Step 2 of the MakeOver is the Miracle Repair.

malibu crystal gel normalizer
Repair your hair with one treatment.

And here’s the thing …

If you love a good bargain, you cannot miss this.

You can get the complete Makeover for a lower price if you buy it as a bundle.

That’s exactly what I do.

how to make hard water soft for hair

Malibu C Makeover Kit


Complete with the Normalizer and Miracle Repair treatment. It also includes the Malibu crystal gel treatment directions.

Experience the goodness of pure Vitamin C and rich antioxidants.

And for peace of mind, you’ll be pleased to know that Malibu C products don’t contain any harsh chemicals.

Nature-Inspired Malibu Hair Care Ingredients

With all the benefits, you also get a set of products that are:

  • Organic
  • 100% Vegan
  • Cruelty free

Let’s see what else goes into these little packets:

  • Allantoin: Protects your scalp from inflammation
  • Ascorbic Acid: Freshly dried Vitamin C
  • Betaine: Improves moisture retention
  • Biotin: Prevents your hair from thinning
  • Vitamin B: Treats your scalp conditions
  • Flax Protein: Leaves your hair smooth and silky
  • Malibu C Exclusive Vitamins Complex: Prevents dryness
  • Niacin: Promotes circulation to your scalp
  • Pro Vitamin B5: Protects your hair from UV damage
  • Rice Protein: Improves gloss and texture
  • Rosemary Extracts: Nourishes your hair
  • Spearmint Oil: Soothes your scalp
  • Quinoa Protein: Repairs your hair
  • Disodium EDTA: What is EDTA in shampoo
  • Xanthan Gum: Conditions your hair

You won’t find any of these:

  • Preservatives
  • Parabens
  • Propylene glycol
  • DEA
  • Gluten
  • Fragrance and
  • No sodium chloride (salt) added

All Malibu C products come in hermetically sealed eco-chic sachet.

What Else Can You Use The Malibu C Products For?

Fix Hard Water Frizzy Hair

Do you feel that whenever you wash your hair, it looks like zombified fibers attached to your brains?

I so did not miss you.

Whatever your head looks like when you step out of that shower, it’s not going to win you any points in the style stakes.

Hard water + Shampoo = Frizzy Hair

You don’t want to be at the end of this equation. Right ?

So here’s how to fix hard water hair that feels frizzy and dehydrated.

how to fix hard water in house

Malibu Leave-In Mist


This weightless pH balanced leave-in conditioner tames your frizz right out of the shower.

How to use it:

  • Spritz the Malibu Leave in Mist into wet or towel-dried hair
  • Work it through your hair thoroughly
  • Leave it in your hair until your next wash
  • For best results, use it after every wash

Repair Your Hair

How to get rid of damaged hair with Malibu C Miracle Repair:

  • Shampoo and rinse first
  • Apply Malibu C Miracle Repair
  • Use a processing cap
  • Leave it on your on hair for 5-10 minutes
  • Then rinse
  • For severely damaged hair expose to heat for 15-20 minutes
  • Use weekly or as often as desired
  • Not recommended immediately before a chemical service

Note: When processed following a chemical service, do not use heat.

Fight Thinning Hair Problems

Is hard water thinning your hair?

Then you need to read this:

American City Complains of Hair Loss From Water Supply »


This is not NEW information.

There are plenty of studies and research to prove that hard water causes hair loss.

If you live in a hard water area, and your hair is thinning from the top, it’s time to take action.

Here’s how you can prevent hair loss due to hard water:

Get to the root of the problem with the Malibu scalp treatment.

  • Draw out hidden saboteurs like calcium that build up on your scalp
  • Don’t let minerals clog the roots of your hair
  • Normalize exfoliation with a vitamin B-infused natural wellness treatment
  • Increase blood flow to your scalp
  • Keep your scalp healthy with vitamin E, amino acids, and proteins

Pamper Your Skin With The Zinc C Hard Water Dry Skin Soother

How does your skin feel when you step out of the shower?

Would you call it silky smooth or squeaky clean?

Probably not.

In fact, washing with hard water makes your skin feel:

  • Angry
  • Irritated
  • Rough
  • Itchy
  • And severely dry

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Use the Zinc C serum to soothe your skin.

This sulfate-free and non-invasive cleanser provides relief from hard water and normalizes your sensitive skin.

With Seaberry’s potent anti-aging benefits, it also helps reduce wrinkles and fine lines while increasing the firmness and elasticity of your skin.

effects of hard water on skin

Vital Creme


The hard water skin protector that will make your face feel soft and radiant.

hard water skin care



The clarifying cleanser for your face. Unclog all the dirt from your pores and let your skin breathe.

Fight Acne With This Hard Water Skin Care

If your face flares up everytime you let water near your skin, then it’s time you try this Acne remedy.

malibu c acne serum

Malibu C Acne Serum


With 2% Salicylic Acid and vitamin C, this serum prevents new acne pimples and blemishes from forming.

Fix Hyper-Pigmentation And Sensitive Skin Problems

If you have reddish skin that is prone to breakouts and redness, this Malibu C skin care regimen is for you.

It cleans through your pores with gentle and non-irritating ingredients. It also shrinks the pores so you don’t get red blemishes and breakouts.

Eczema Masque

Don’t let hard water damage your skin’s protective barrier.

Use the Eczema masque to help defend your skin and get immediate relief from micro irritations and clogged pores.

Smooth Out Wrinkles With The Matcha Masque

Make your skin look youthful and radiant with this powerful punch of rich antioxidants.

The matcha masque gently exfoliates your skin to remove dead skin cells and draw out all the impurities that make your face look dull and meh.

Experience the dual action of deep cleansing and rejuvenating:

  • It keeps your skin clean
  • It is anti-bacterial
  • It infuses Matcha and vitamin C complex to make your skin glow

And it defends your skin against oxidizers.

Malibu hard water matcha masque
Fight hard water on skin oxidative damage.

Who Cannot Use These Products

Use these products with caution if you have:

  • White hair
  • Grey hair
  • And non-pigmented hair

The simple trick here is to avoid heat.

Malibu C crystal gels can leave a beige or pink cast on non-pigmented or white hair.

Imagine what happens when you heat up sugar. It becomes caramelized.

In the same way, when you heat up vitamin C, it changes color and may leave a beige tint on your non-pigmented hair.

Use it without heat along with the Malibu un do goo shampoo, and it will work just fine.


Sometimes, it’s not about what you put in your hair and on your skin.

It’s also about what you take off to purify yourself from chemicals, toxins, and oxidizers.

Use them to neutralize the effects of hard water on your hair and your skin and see the difference.

Trust me:

You’ll be kicking yourself why you didn’t try the Malibu Crystal Gels before!

Where to buy Malibu hair treatments, shampoos, and skin care products:

Charlene Latreuille
Charlene Latreuille
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