Malibu Crystal Gel Treatment: Instant Hair and Scalp Demineralizer

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malibu crystal gel treatment

Have you heard about the Malibu Crystal Gel Treatment?

It’s the little secret that hairdressers use to take their services to the next level. It’s the go-to product for many elite stylists worldwide for good reasons.

And guess what?

You can also use it at home and save time and money on salon visits!

This crystal gel treatment is easy to use and the results are instant.

I use it to detox my hair and add sparkle to my blonde locks. It’s amazing how it can banish brassiness and leave my hair looking and feeling its best in no time.

Trust me, you’re missing out if you haven’t tried it before. Here’s a quick lowdown and plenty of reasons to add it to your beauty stash!

What is the Malibu Crystal Gel Treatment?

The Malibu C crystal gel is an instant hair demineralizing treatment. It is highly concentrated with water-soluble nature-identical vitamin C, antioxidants, and chelating agents.

It is a ready-to-mix powder that activates with water to form a gel. The gel is then applied to the hair or scalp and left for 10-45 minutes to draw out hard water minerals, chlorine, medicinal buildup, brassiness, discoloration, toxins, and other impurities.

Here’s what it looks like:

Crystal Gel - Malibu C

a powerfully effective formula to detox hair to make it a crystal clear canvas

Patented antioxidant vitamin complex that naturally primes hair for chemical services.


The packet weighs 5g and measures around 17 x 5 cm, which makes it handy to carry around even when you’re traveling.

When you tear open the foil packet, you’ll find the crystal actives inside.

The crystals have a fine, powdery texture that can mix with water to form a smooth paste-like gel for easy application onto the hair and scalp.

Here are the key ingredients of the crystal powder:

Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) and Antioxidants
Malibu C’s exclusive treatment uses patented Ascorbic acid, a water-soluble vitamin antioxidant that neutralizes free radicals and removes impurities from hair and skin.

In the context of hair care, ascorbic acid is often used to break down minerals from the hair and scalp. Its low pH and acidic properties effectively dissolve and remove these substances, leaving the hair clean and refreshed.

Chelating Agents
The treatment also uses chelating agents like Sodium Gluconate and Disodium EDTA.

Sodium Gluconate is a sodium salt of gluconic acid, a naturally occurring organic acid found in fruits, honey, and wine. It is a white, odorless, and water-soluble powder. When used in cosmetic products, it can bind to metal ions and other impurities to remove them.

Disodium EDTA, or ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid, is a white, odorless, and water-soluble powder. It is used as a chelating agent and preservative in cosmetics, personal care products, and food. Like Sodium Gluconate, it binds to metal ions and impurities to make them water soluble for easy rinsing.

Eco-Friendly, Plant-Based, and 100% Vegan

Malibu C products are known for their 100% vegan and food-grade wellness ingredients.

The crystal gel treatment is no different. It’s made with pharmaceutical-grade ascorbic acid (vitamin C), antioxidants, chelating agents, and xanthan gum, all derived from plant-based sources. There are no synthetic additives, fragrance, sodium chloride (salt), or sulfates.

More About the Malibu C Brand

Malibu C is a hair and skincare brand that creates high-quality, eco-friendly, and wellness-oriented products. The brand’s philosophy is to use nature-identical vitamin C and antioxidants to promote healthy hair and skin. They formulate their products with advanced ingredient technology that combines science and nature sustainability and eco-friendliness in mind.

Due to its early success in using vitamin C to improve skin and hair conditions, Malibu C’s original wellness hair remedy line became famous in households and professional salons worldwide.

Many well-known hair salons use Malibu C hair wellness products, including Fantastic Sams and The House of Blondes in Florida.

What Does It Do?

The Malibu crystal gel treatment draws out hard water mineral deposits, chlorine, buildup, toxins, irons, and impurities from the hair and scalp, leaving them clean, detoxed, and refreshed. They are effective at clarifying and demineralizing the hair, saving time and preventing the need for re-dos, and accelerating hair color processing times to deliver better results and reduce salon visits.

The treatment readies the hair, making it a clean canvas for chemical services like color and keratin treatments.

Malibu crystal gels can also be used to remove discoloration from the hair caused by brassiness and over-depositing of dye and toners to correct hair colors.

How Does the Malibu C Crystal Gel Treatment Work?

The Malibu C crystals are mixed with water to create a gel-like consistency that can be applied to the hair and scalp.

The fresh-activation delivery system releases the vitamin C onto the hair within seconds of application. The treatment uses a multi-action formula to gently lift away impurities and buildup and normalize the hair’s pH balance. It deep cleanses without leaving the hair too dry, unlike sulfate-based shampoos.

However, it is essential not to overuse it and follow the directions correctly.

What Is It Used for?

Here is a list of what the treatment does and its key benefits:

To Remove Hard Water Minerals from the Hair

People living in hard water often find their hair feeling dry and weighed down from minerals like calcium, magnesium, copper, chlorine, and iron. Those who use residential wells also face a similar problem with high iron content turning their hair reddish brown or orange over time.

The Malibu crystal gel can instantly remove these minerals from the hair.


To Remove Discoloration

Hard water minerals are alkaline and oxidizing. Oxidizers and alkaline substances can cause hair discoloration by reacting with the natural color or dye pigments in the hair. They are also alkaline (high pH )substances that can disrupt the hair’s natural balance, causing it to become dry, brittle, and prone to breakage.

Depending on the extent of the reaction, they can cause the hair to become lighter or darker.

The treatment removes the oxidizers and restores the hair’s natural pH, preventing hair color from turning brassy, ashy, or muddy.

To Prepare the Hair for Color Processing

Minerals, chlorine, and other impurities can create a barrier that obstructs color and other chemical treatments from absorbing efficiently into the hair shafts.

The Malibu C gel breaks down this layer to create a clean canvas that readies the hair for superior color absorption to ensure successful chemical services.

The treatment also works on white, gray, and non-pigmented hair.

To Accelerate Processing Times for Hair Color

In addition to deep cleansing the hair from better chemical treatment absorption, it also accelerates processing time significantly. This is because it creates an ideal surface for color molecules and other treatments to bond with the hair faster for optimal results.

To Remove Calcium Deposits from Hair and Scalp

The chelating agent in the crystal gel works by binding to calcium deposits on the scalp and creating a compound that can be easily rinsed away. It also gently exfoliates the skin to provide soothing relief from irritation and inflammation caused by external aggressors. Using the Crystal Gel regularly makes it possible to maintain a healthy and balanced scalp, free from calcium and other types of buildup.


To Stop Chemical Processes (Post-Service)

After a hair service, residual chemicals may be left in the hair that can continue to process and cause damage if left unchecked.

This vitamin C hair treatment stops oxidation of damaging salon chemicals after a hair service by neutralizing them. Creating a low pH acidic environment neutralizes any remaining chemicals in the hair to prevent further oxidative damage.

What Does It Feel Like in the Hair?

The activated gel has a smooth and creamy texture that is easy to work with. When applied to the hair or scalp, the gel feels slightly gritty and textured.

In terms of the scent, some people may notice a slight iron smell when using the Malibu crystal gel. This is because it removes iron and minerals from the hair. The iron smell may be more noticeable if your hair has severe hard water minerals buildup.

Malibu Crystal Gel Ingredients

Unlike many treatments that rely on harsh chemicals and synthetic ingredients, the Malibu C crystal gel is made with all-natural, gentle, yet effective ingredients.

The treatment contains ingredients of Sodium Gluconate, Ascorbic Acid, Disodium EDTA, and Xanthan Gum. They are all derived from plant-based sources without synthetic additives, preservatives, parabens, gluten, fragrance, or sodium chloride (salt).

Does It Damage Hair?

The Malibu crystal gel treatment does not damage hair when used as directed.

It is essential to follow the instructions on the packaging. As with any hair product, overuse or misuse can potentially cause damage to the hair, so it is important to use the product as directed and to avoid leaving it on the hair for longer than recommended.

How to Use Malibu Gel Treatment at Home?

To use malibu crystal actives at home, follow the instructions below:

  • Pour the crystals into a mixing jar or applicator bottle,
  • Add 2 ounces of warm water,
  • Shake the jar or bottle and allow the product to gel,
  • Shampoo your hair with the Malibu C Undo Goo shampoo or any shampoo,
  • Rinse thoroughly,
  • Towel-dry your hair,
  • Section your hair into 1-inch sections,
  • Work the gel into your hair from the scalp to the ends,
  • Use maximum pressure of your palms and fingertips to ensure saturation,
  • Use a processing cap to accelerate the treatment process,
  • Expose it to heat for 10-45 minutes,
  • You can also use the product without heat if you don’t have a processing cap,
  • Once the processing time has passed, shampoo your hair again and rinse thoroughly,

The crystal gel treatment can be used with or without heat and a processing cap is also optional.

For light buildup, 15 – 20 minutes is enough. If you have heavy buildup leave it to process for up to 45 minutes.

How Often Can You Use It?

It is recommended to use the treatment once a week to demineralize the hair. If you use it too frequently, it may cause dryness.


Although the treatment is considered safe for anyone, performing a patch test before use is advised.

If you have psoriasis or any other scalp condition, you may need to consult a healthcare professional before using it. Malibu crystal gels contain strong, active ingredients, such as ascorbic acid, that can aggravate existing scalp conditions.

Where Can You Buy It from?

You can buy the Malibu crystal gel treatment from Amazon, Ulta, Sally, Cosmoprof, or from your local hair salon. You can buy it in boxes of 12 or individually.

Try the Malibu Crystal Gel Treatment!

The Malibu C crystal gel treatment is a versatile wellness product that can help with hair and scalp-related problems. It can clarify your hair, neutralize brassy tones, keep your blondes bright, and even prep your hair for the next color job.

I have to admit, ever since I’ve been using this product, I have had fewer visits to the hair salon for color touch-ups, and my hair doesn’t feel dry and weighed down by hard water.

Malibu C Crystal Gel

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