How to Fix Hard Water Hair Damage – 13 Tips for Instant Results


How to Fix Hard Water Hair Damage – 13 Tips for Instant Results

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So how do you fix hard water hair that looks:

  • Crunchy
  • Parched
  • Tangly
  • Dull
  • Coarse

… and a total nightmare to manage?

Take a closer look at your roots.

Do you notice that yuk-feeling scalp?

That’s the slime and heavy residues that build up over time when you wash your hair with hard water.

And they don’t go away!

They make invisible layers of mineral deposits on your hair to repel nutrients and moisturizers.

No styling products will work on hard water damaged hair unless you do a deep cleansing right away.

Truth is:

The more your hair gets a bashing from hard water, the worst it gets over time.

And here’s how heavy minerals squeeze the life out of your beautiful locks:

  • Calcium buildup stops moisturizers from setting in
  • Minerals crystalize in your hair to make it brittle
  • Brittle hair breaks easily from the roots
  • You need a lot of heat to penetrate the buildup layers
  • Minerals in hard water make soap and shampoos ineffective
  • Minerals block pores on your scalp
  • Blocked pores cause itchiness and inflammations
  • Your hair looks fuzzy wuzzy and frazzled
  • You hair loses volume and looks flat and heavy all the time
  • Buildup encourages bacterial growth, yeast and infections
  • It causes dandruff and embarrassment

Don’t let hard water suffocate your healthy hair follicles. Use the tips below to get your hair clean from the roots and bouncing with volume again.

1. Get A Water Softener

I agree this may not be the cheapest option around, but it can potentially save you more money in the long run.

Think about all your appliances like washing machine, kettle, shower, all getting clogged with hard water.

At some point they will stop working and cost you money to replace.

A water softener not only helps your hair but it also helps your skin by preventing conditions like acne and Eczema.

2. Use The Malibu Hard Water Wellness Kit

The Malibu C hard water wellness system contains gentle chelating agents that won’t dry out your hair.

Malibu is the most popular hard water hair treatment. You can choose from a wide variety of products that also protect your hair from discoloration.

And if you are a regular swimmer, this works as a swimmer’s shampoo too.

3. Clarify Once A Week

Regardless of hard water or not, a clarifying shampoo should be part of your weekly hair care routine.

Because it purifies deep from the roots.

how to fix hard water in my house
How to repair hard water damaged hair

Also known as a deep cleansing shampoo, it removes stubborn buildup from your daily hair products like gels, waxes, hair sprays, and hard water deposits.

4. Use Demineralizers

Use fresh-dried vitamin complex to lift minerals and oxidisers from your hair.

There is a good reason why professional hair stylists use the Malibu C Demineralizer gels to prep your hair before color services.

With just one treatment, it clarifies, removes all the brassy tones and green tint from your hair.

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You’ll be crazy not to give this a try. It’s cheap and it works straight away.

5. Do A Vinegar Rinse

Vinegar is antimicrobial, and a highly effective gunk ninja.

Here’s a quick recipe you can make right away:

  • Use 1/4 cup of Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Mix it with a glass of water
  • Add a few drops of lavender oil
  • Put the mixture in a spray bottle
  • Spray on your hair after your shampoo
  • Leave it for 15 mins
  • Then rinse

This treatment stops fungus growth on your scalp and neutralizes the effects of hard water.

Don’t forget to add essential oils like lavender to avoid smelling like a salad!

6. Do A Citric Acid Rinse

Citric acid is an effective remedy to chelate minerals in hard water.

A simple way to get a good dose of citric acid in your hair rinse is:

Lemon or Lime.

how to fix hair with hard water

Dilute freshly squeezed lemon or lime juice in water and saturate your hair with the mixture before you wash with shampoo.

When shampooing your hair, focus on cleaning your scalp , then rinse it all out.

Your hair will feel silky, shiny, and most importantly without minerals.

7. Swim Proof Your Hair With A Leave In Conditioner

Before you take a dip in the pool, moisturize your hair with a swimmers’ leave-in-conditioner.

This creates a moisture barrier to prevent Chlorine damage.

Your hair won’t feel fried, greenish or brassy after regular swimming.

8. Upgrade Your Shower Filter To A T3

Besides stocking up on the right shampoos, you’ll be crazy not to tackle the problem from the source.

If installing a hard water treatment system is not an option, then use a T3 hard water softener in your shower.

It’s easy to install, and you’ll feel the difference right away.

The T3 is like having a Brita for your shower!

9. Use Moisturizing Masks To Revive Your Dry Hair

If you’ve been using harsh water for a while, you may notice your hair looking coarse and ragged. This is called high porosity.

Unfortunately, the damage cannot be undone by shampoos only.

Give your hair a good lustrous masque treatment to repair the broken fibres.

I recommend the Arvazallia keratin mask for hair.

A moisturizing masque will add much needed natural keratin to replenish and repair the outer layers of your hair.

Do this once a week and see how silky your hair feels.

10. Wash Your Hair Less. Hint: Dry Shampoo

Ok, I know you won’t believe this one.

Wash your hair less, get used to it for a while. You’ll notice your hair won’t feel greasy at all.

That’s the reason why the no poo method is so popular.

The idea is simple.

When you wash your hair frequently, your scalp produces natural oils to keep the balance.

Fool your scalp into less washing, it will adapt and adjust.

Use the waterless cleansing method: The indispensable Dry Shampoo.

I don’t know what I’d do without it. Seriously!!

11. Use A Boar Bristle Brush

To help you with less hair washing, use a Boar Bristle brush.

Brushing your hair twice a day, prevents oil and greasiness clumping at the roots.

Greasy hair is the reason your hair feels dirty and in desperate need of a wash.

When the oil is brushed through your hair, it moisturises your hair instead to give it a healthy glow.

Try this, and see how your hair won’t cry out for a wash every day.

12. Club Soda: Oh Yes, Amen To That!

Open a can of Club Soda and pour it all on your head.

Seriously! This is one of the most satisfying feelings on the planet.

Don’t worry, it’s sugar-free. It won’t make your head sticky.

Club Soda has a stable pH of 5, and breaks up mineral deposits from hard water.

It’s cheap, hair-friendly and it only takes a few minutes to do.

13. Make A Baking Soda Hair Wash At Home

The “No Shampoo Experiment” with Baking Soda thoroughly cleans your scalp from residues.

Unlike traditional shampoos, it won’t strip your hair from its natural oils.

As a super clarifying treatment, it’s the best remedy for those who can’t stop washing their hair every day due to greasiness.

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Hard water will give you chronic hair malfunctions and can even lead to minor hair loss.

Understand how to fix hard water problems by making important changes to your hair care routine.

Chelate and neutralize their effects. Bring your hair back to life again.

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