10 Best Swim Caps to Protect Hair from Chlorine Damage

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best swimming caps to protect hair from Chlorine damage

Swim caps can be annoying!

I have to admit, I absolutely hate them as my hair is so long, and I struggle to fit them in.

But over time, I realized my hair was feeling more crunchy, and my color looked awful all because of the harsh effects of Chlorine.

So love it or hate it, a swim cap is essential, regardless if you are a pro swimmer or an occasional indoor or outdoor pool user.

After trying a few of them to see:

  • Which one is more effective against Chlorine
  • And most importantly, more comfortable

Here is my list of the best swim caps to buy.

1. Speedo Elastomeric Solid Silicone Swim Cap

The Speedo Elastomeric solid silicone swim cap is stretchable and comfortable to wear and remove.

do swim caps protect your hair from chlorine

Stretchable and is comfortable to wear and remove.


It holds its position well and is comfortably convenient as it does not snag your hair and lose its shape even in repeated wear. The material is thick and durable and built for long time use.

2. Vorgee Super Flex Silicone Cap

The Vorgee super flex silicone cap is for swimmers with long hair.

does a swim cap protect your hair from chlorine

Designed for swimmers with long hair.


Designed to keep your hair dry, it also protects from chlorine. Made out of durable materials, the Vorgee Super Flex Silicone cap comes in blue, pink, black, and red.

3. Soul Cap Extra-Large Swimming Cap

will a swim cap protect hair from chlorine

Best for people with hair extensions and afros.


Wearing a swim cap can be difficult, especially when you have long hair, or even hair extensions or an Afro. However, the Soul Cap extra-large swimming cap is designed with extra fabric to make it easier for anyone to wear it.

4. Michael Phelps Race Cap

swim cap protect hair from chlorine

For people who love swimming as a sport.


The Michael Phelps race cap is designed for racing and keeping your head as streamlined as possible when swimming. This best suits people who have shorter hair.

5. Zone3 Neoprene Strapless Swim Cap

how to protect your hair from chlorine without a swim cap

The Zone3 swim cap is designed to keep your head warm.


The material used in this swim cap is made to keep your head warm.

It is comfortable to use and is available in different sizes. (S –XL).

6. Nabaiji Mesh Plain Swim Cap

Chlorine-proof swimming cap

For people with thick hair.


The Nabaiji mesh plain swim cap is comfortable to wear and would be an excellent choice for those who have thick hair.

The Nabaiji Mesh Plain Swim Cap is available in:

  • Pink
  • Black
  • Navy

7. Aqua Sphere Classic Silicone Cap

fashionable swim cap for chlorine protection

Easy stretch and comfortable.


Stretchable and comfortable, this swim cap could last for many sessions. Build with quality products; the Aqua Sphere Classic swim cap is worth the price.

8. Beco Petal Cap

petal swim cap for chlorine pool

Stylish and available in different colors.


The Beco petal cap is very stylish and visible. It is best suited for both fast and calm swimming. It is available in different colors.

9. Beemo Swim Cap With Chin Strap

Chlorine swim cap with chin strap

Swim cap with adjustable chin strap for better comfort.


The Beemo swim cap comes with an adjustable chin strap for better comfort and fit. Made with soft latex, it protects your hair from Chlorine, sun, and bacteria from the pools.

10. TURATA Swim Cap Waterproof With Earmuffs Silicone No-Slip

swim cap with earmuff

No-Slip swim cap with earmuffs.


The Turata swim cap is a premium range that comes with earmuffs. With its no-slip material and waterproof capability, it’s ultra comfortable and easy to wear.

Why is Chlorine Bad For Your Hair And Why You Should Wear A Swim Cap

According to the Department of Health N.Y., Chlorine is a chemical used in industrial and household cleaning. It is in its gaseous state when at room temperature and has a yellow-green color with a pungent irritating odor similar to bleach. This chemical is not flammable, but if combined with other substances can create explosive compounds.

Also, Chlorine is used to disinfect water and belong to the sanitation process for sewage and industrial waste. It also serves as a bleaching agent and used in cleaning products, pesticides, refrigerants, and synthetic rubbers.

According to Royal Forvita, our hair becomes dry and brittle when exposed to Chlorine because it vacuums the sebum out of the hair shaft. Sebum is a natural oil that helps protect your hair from damage and acts as a natural lubricant. Your scalp may also experience itchiness and rashes depending on the level of your sensitivity and amount of Chlorine used.

Aside from that, research shows that Chlorine can cause hair loss. It disrupts and weakens the structural integrity found in the fibers of the hair, causing it to fall off. It can also enter the outer layer of the hair and can lead to roughness and is susceptible to breakage.

Lastly, Chlorine radiates free radicals that will make your hair age even faster, increase your risk of various diseases like cancer, heart failure, and respiratory diseases.

How To Protect Your Hair From Chlorine When Swimming

how to protect your hair from chlorine without a swim cap

1. Saturate Your Hair With Tap Water Before Swimming

Your hair and skin work like a sponge.

When a sponge is already soaked, it cannot absorb any more liquid.

If you saturate your hair with tap water, it won’t have enough capacity to soak up chlorine water from the swimming pool.

2. Use a Leave In Conditioner Before

Use a silicone or latex cap to cover your hair from getting in contact with the pool.

Before putting on a swim cap, I also recommend you use a leave in conditioner for swimmers after saturating your hair. This acts as a protective shield to prevent Chlorine from penetrating the hair shafts.

3. Avoid Using Heat On Your Hair Before Swimming

Heat styling makes your hair weak, dry, and brittle. Exposure to Chlorine will make your hair even worse. Take a break from heat styling if you’ve got some time planned by the pool.

4. Wash Your Hair Thoroughly After Swimming

Use a good Chlorine removal shampoo to wash your hair thoroughly after every swim session.

I recommend the Malibu C Swimmers Wellness range shampoo, which is excellent for swimmers.

Or you can use their Vitamin C Chlorine removal gels that cleanse your hair to get rid of all pollutants and Chlorine instantly.

Malibu C Swimmers Wellness Shampoo

Chlorine is inherently destructive to human hair.

Always wear a swim cap to protect your hair from Chlorine. It is the best way to shield your hair and keep it healthy, smooth, and vibrant without ruining your well-deserved pool time.

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