Best Leave-In Conditioners for Swimmers – Because Chlorine Sucks!


Best Leave-In Conditioners for Swimmers – Because Chlorine Sucks!

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Here’s the best trick to prevent Chlorine from damaging your hair.

Use a leave-in conditioner before you dip in the pool every time.

It’s a swimmer’s dream and trust me, it will save your hair from looking like this after:

leave in conditioners for swimmers

Every professional swimmer will tell you this:

– I hate the dreaded swimmer’s hair and the lingering odor of Chlorine that sticks to my hair after a few swimming sessions.

Luckily, there’s an easy solution to protect your hair, and it works instantly with just a quick spritz.

A leave-in conditioner works as a defense layer to prevent Chlorine from penetrating the hair shafts. Think of it as an extra external coating.

And the best part?

It also locks in essential nutrients, and moisture-loving ingredients to prevent your mane from going limp.

Here are my hand-picked favorites …

The Best Leave-In Conditioners For Swimmers

Malibu C pre swim conditioner

1. Malibu C Leave-In Conditioner Mist


Contains vitamin C and chelating agents to protect hair from Chlorine.

Best Pick
Ion Swimmers chlorine defense

2. Ion Swimmers Leave-in Conditioner


Also protects hair from discoloration and brassiness.

Carol's Daughter leave in conditioner for swimmers

3. Carol's Daughter Leave In Conditioner


This leave-in conditioner is suitable for adults and kids who swim regularly (five times a week.)

Best Value

4. SoCozy Swim Leave-In Treatment and Conditioner


Contains activated charcoal to flush out calcium and salts.

Tri Swim anti chlorine conditioner leave in

5. Tri Swim Conditioner For Swimmers


This conditioner also hydrates, detangles and moisturizes the hair. It will heal and soothe your hair after swimming.

Zealios Swim Conditioner

6. Zealios Sulfate-Free Swim & Sport Conditioner


Safe for colored and treated hair. It contains aloe and sunflower oil and is perfect for daily use.

Keracolor Purify Plus Lite, Leave-In Conditioner

8. Keracolor Leave-In Conditioning Treatment


With enhanced keratin and nourishing hair ingredients.

Newton Bay Swimmer's Conditioner for swimmers leave in

9. Newton Bay Swimmer’s Conditioner


Restores hair softness and removes chlorine without harsh chemicals.

Revitalizing Leave-in Conditioner Spray for swimmers

10. Sun Bum Revitalizing Conditioner


Color-safe, Frizz control and prevent dead ends.

Why Use a Leave In Conditioner Before Swimming

Aside from making your hair rough, frizzy, and badly tangled, Chlorine in swimming pools also sucks out natural oils from your hair and skin.

Research also proves that Chlorine exposure can also weaken and damage the structural integrity of the hair.

That’s why your hair always feels rough after a swimming session. Because once it’s soaked up in your hair, it starts working its way in between the hair fibers to flare them up.

That’s why it’s essential to saturate your hair either with plain water or a conditioner before swimming.

Saturating your hair fills up the shafts so they can’t absorb any more.

Let me explain …

Think of your hair as a sponge. When a sponge is soaked with water, it won’t soak up any more liquid.

Your hair also works like a sponge.

A Leave in conditioner then works as an extra barrier of defense and moisture to make sure Chlorine does not even get a chance to touch its surface.

I am a big fan of the Malibu C Leave in conditioner mist..

In fact, I carry with me all the time on my holidays.

Let me give you a few reasons why it works so well.

Malibu C Leave In Conditioner Mist

Ion swimmers conditioner leave in

I’ve been a long time fan of Malibu C hair Products mainly because I use their shampoos that are super effective against hard water.

All of their products are based on one key ingredient:

Vitamin C – which is a powerful anti oxidizer that can neutralize the effects of hard water and Chlorine.

The leave in conditioning mist also utilizes the chemistry of antioxidizing and chelating agents to defend your hair against harmful chemicals in water and air.

And unlike the average Joe conditioner, which can leave your hair feeling greasy, this conditioning mist is lightweight and does not wear your hair down at all.

The delicate formula also makes your hair super easy to detangle. So you don’t need to carry all sorts of hairbrushes on your holiday.

I can easily glide my fingers through my hair, and my beach waves look Insta ready.

What I also love about this Malibu C product, is the fact that it also protects my blonde hair from turning brassy after swimming.

And the reviews on Amazon are not bad either. It seems like everyone’s raving about it.

As an added bonus, you’ll also be pleased to hear that the product does not contain any Parabens and sulfates.

Click on the link below to check it out.

Malibu C pre swim conditioner

Malibu C Leave-In Conditioner Mist


Contains vitamin C and chelating agents to protect hair from Chlorine.

Best Pick

Key Takeaway

Regardless if you are a seasoned swimmer or a pro, always protect your hair from the pool water.

While some people use a swim caps cap to protect their hair against chlorine, I personally find it a bit awkward and uncomfortable.

A swim-proof leave-in conditioner works just fine for me, plus it’s more convenient to carry around on holidays.

best leave in swimmers conditioner

Malibu C Leave In Conditioner For Swimming


The best leave in conditioner for swimmers.

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