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long frizzy hair

Having long hair is a bit of a double-edged sword. You get the irresistible attractiveness and charm, but you also get the hard-to-tame frizz.

Although many people encourage embracing it, I know it isn’t as easy as they say. There’s nothing more annoying than styling your hair and then watching small frizzy flyaways moving away from your scalp.

To help you control your frizz, I’ll tell you why it happens, how to fix it, what products to use, and much more!

So, without further ado, let’s jump right in.

The Problem With Long Frizzy Hair

Why long hair is prone to frizz

Women who have long frizzy hair experience many inconveniences throughout their daily lives. To begin with, it takes them forever to style their hair, and they might not even be satisfied with the results. Even after using many styling products, a few tiny hairs may escape and wreak havoc on their looks.

They also have to check the weather constantly before going out because they never know when a humidity wave might hit and ruin their hairstyles.

Long frizzy hair is also very challenging to wash and take care of after getting out of the shower. That pushes women to think more than once before jumping under the water.

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Why Long Hair Gets Frizzy

Before getting into details, you should know what causes frizz in general. When your hair’s cuticle layer rises, humidity passes to the strands. When your hair absorbs that moisture, the strands start straying away from their place. That’s what causes hair to appear frizzy.


There are a lot of common mistakes that women make while washing their hair. For example, if you wash your hair under scalding hot water, you’ll stress your strands and scalp. This prevents your scalp from producing beneficial oils for your hair, which causes it to look all dry and dull. For your hair to stay healthy, you should wash it under tepid water.

Another common mistake is washing your hair every single day. This will significantly affect your hair’s natural oils, as you’ll constantly wash the protective coating away. It’s perfectly fine to wash your hair only two or three times weekly.

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If you brush your hair while it’s dry, then you risk worsening your frizz issue. This is because doing so raises the hair cuticle, which causes hair to absorb more moisture from the air.

You should brush your damp hair with a wide-tooth comb to avoid this issue. Also, start with the ends and work your way up to reduce the chance of breakage.

How to Tame Frizzy Long Hair

How to avoid frizz in long hair

After discussing the nuisances of having long frizzy hair, I’ll now tell you how to fix it.

Trim Your Hair Regularly

I get that cutting long hair is a hard decision, but a simple trim will suffice here. You don’t have to cut a huge portion out.

This is important because split ends might worsen your frizz issue. You should ideally get a fresh trim every eight or nine weeks. This will keep your hair looking sleeker and healthier than before.

Embrace a Hairstyle That Conceals Frizz

Hairstyles with layers can break up the bulk, distribute volume, and create movement in long hair. Layered hairstyles reduce frizz and make long hair easier to manage.

Layers can provide a structured yet dynamic look, allowing any frizz to blend naturally into the hairstyle.

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Get the Right Hair Care Products

Many products that you use daily may be damaging your hair more than benefiting it. In this section, I’ll tell you what products you should use to reduce frizz.


Many brushes can improve your hair’s health. For example, you should purchase an oval-shaped brush with dense bristles if you brush your hair daily. It’ll move through your hair smoothly without frizzing it further. It’d also be best to use a brush with a narrow head.

If you’re a fan of blow drying, you’ll need a big paddle brush to straighten out your strands. For more volume, get a round brush.

The most important part is to avoid brushing your hair with boar bristles while it’s wet. This might cause breakage and split ends, which, in turn, causes frizz.

Microfiber Towels

Drying your hair with a normal towel might as well be a crime in the frizz world. The constant friction that happens between your delicate strands and harsh fabrics may cause your hair to break and extremely frizz. This also becomes worse when your hair is still wet.

For those reasons, you should invest in a microfiber towel. It’s much softer on your hair strands and helps them dry faster. This reduces the swelling in the hair’s cuticle, which strengthens it against frizz and damage.

Silk Pillowcase

While you might think this is too much, it’ll benefit your hair more than you think. Sleeping on a silk pillowcase will improve your curly hair because it won’t pull at your hair fibers as a standard case would. It also reduces friction, which commonly causes breakage and tangling.

Silk reserves the oils that nurture your hair, so it stays moisturized and doesn’t absorb humidity.

Choose the Right Styling Tools

Most women nowadays use heat styling tools daily to maintain straight hair. However, since those tools are a huge contributor to frizz, you should either use them less or moisturize your hair constantly so that the heat doesn’t damage it.

You can also use hot air brushes instead of the usual hair straighteners as they style your hair with air, not heat. If you insist on using your straightener, you can set the heat to a lower temperature.

Blow Dryer

Using a blow dryer with long curly hair might be challenging, but there’s a little trick you can try out to improve your experience. Use a diffuser on your blow dryer and divide your hair into sections. Then, dry your hair from roots to ends. If you go the other way around, you’ll raise your hair cuticle.

Diffusers reduce hair strands movements, and when your hair moves less, it doesn’t frizz as much as usual. They also help give you bouncy, voluminous curls instead of a frizzy halo around your face.

Haircuts for Long Frizzy Hair

If you have long, frizzy hair, you know how challenging it can be to manage and style. Finding the right haircut that tames the frizz while enhancing the beauty of your locks is essential. Fortunately, there are various haircuts specifically designed to complement long, frizzy hair and bring out its natural texture. From layered cuts to long bobs, these haircuts can help you achieve a stylish and manageable look. If you’re seeking inspiration and want to discover the best haircuts for frizzy hair, click on the link below to explore a collection of haircuts that work for long frizzy hair.

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5 Mins Hairstyles for Long Frizzy Hair

If you have no time to style your hair before going out, here are two ideas that take only five minutes.

The Double Knot

This idea is pretty easy and will look amazing, especially on wavy hair. Take two sections from your hair, one from the right side and one from the left. Bring them behind your head and create two knots. You can make sure the second knot stays intact by using bobby pins.


If your hair is too thick and long for a full-down display, you can try a half-updo to look effortlessly stylish. Just grab your hair into a half bun and use a hair elastic to keep it in place. You can also use bobby pins. This style works best for wavy, frizzy hair.

Cute Hairstyles for Long Frizzy Hair

Here are two cute hairstyles you can try to look fabulous without using heat.

Loose French Braid Combo

If you want to style your hair elegantly, you can put it into a french braid. It’ll maintain your hair’s natural texture while complementing your flyaways.

Braided Headband

To prevent frizz and grease at the top of your hair, you can try the braided headband style. You can go for a single braid, a double braid, or a dutch braid, to name a few. Just grab a section from the side of your hair and braid it, then pull it around your head like a headband. You should tighten it using bobby pins to prevent a loose braid.

Hair Products to Tame Long Frizzy Hair

Redken Frizz Dismiss Shampoo

Best shampoo that helps combat frizz

Best Shampoo for Long Frizzy Hair


If you want to fight frizz without weighing down your hair, you should purchase the ever-effective Redken Frizz Dismiss Shampoo.

Since it’s lightweight, you can apply it every day on your wet hair and let it air dry. Its humidity protection lasts for the whole day, so your hair won’t go wild suddenly while you’re out.

It’s also sulfate-free, which means your hair cuticles get to lock in moisture for a longer time.

Redken Frizz Dismiss Conditioner

Conditioner for long frizzy curly hair

Makes long hair easy to detangle without leaving behind frizz and flyaways.


The Redken Frizz Dismiss Conditioner will deeply moisturize your hair and prevent it from absorbing humidity. So after using it, you can say goodbye to the unwanted frizz and enjoy your sleek hair. It’s also sodium chloride and sulfate-free. Of course, the best way to tame frizzy hair is to use the Redken shampoo and conditioner together.

Denman 100% Boar Bristle Brush

Use a bristle brush on long fine hair to avoid friction

Best Brush for Long Frizzy Hair


For shining and voluminous natural curls, you can try the Denman 100% Boar Bristle Brush. It can reduce frizz, detangle hair gently, and style it without exhausting your scalp. It has nylon bristles that bring out your natural oils and moisturize your hair shaft.

The air-cushion pad that adorns this brush is another quality that contributes to healthier hair. It moves smoothly over your scalp without damaging it. Finally, this brush works for fine, wavy, and curly hair.

GHD Helios Hair Dryer

The GHD Helios Hair Dryer has advanced technology that can dry your hair in no time and give you a salon finish. No more spending hours in front of the mirror trying to style your naturally curly hair. It also smoothes your hair texture and gives it more shine.

This dryer features an Aeroprecis technology that improves airflow distribution and gives hair more shine.

Get A Keratin Smoothing Treatment

A keratin treatment can restore your hair’s smoothness and moisture balance by healing the damaged layers and fortifying the inner structures with keratin, collagen, and essential amino acids. By improving the hair from the inside out, the treatment eliminates the root causes of frizz.

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Long Frizzy Hair Can Be Tamed With the Right Tools and Products

Living with long frizzy hair is a challenge, but you can ace it with the right tools and products. If you know what’s giving you frizz and work on fixing it, you’ll have frizz-free hair in no time. You can also embrace it and try out different hairstyles and cuts.

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