How to Get Rid of Frizzy Hair in 5 Minutes or Less (Quick Fixes)

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5 minutes quick fix to get rid of frizz

There are about a gazillion products out there that can fix frizzy hair.

But only a few can do it in minutes and on the spot when you’re caught in a frizz emergency like a rainstorm, a blustery day, a date night hairstyle malfunction, a humid day, basically anything that would transform you from looking like Rachel to “Monica Geller in Barbados!”

Let me show you how to get rid of frizzy hair in 5 minutes or less with these excellent instant frizz fixers that I always rely on to ease my fear of frizzing out (FOFO) in any situation.

And best of all, these products can slip into your handbag or pocket so you can de-frizz your hair anytime, anywhere, in a few minutes!

Check them out …

1. Use the Color Wow One-Minute Transformation Instant Frizz Fix

recommended by professional hair stylist Chris Appleton / how to repair dry and frizzy hair quick fix

The 1-minute instant frizz-fix styling cream for both wet and dry hair. No heat required.


One minute is all it takes to tone down the frizzies with the Color Wow anti-frizz cream. Apply it to damp or dry hair and watch your strands silken and smooth right before your eyes.

You can use it to add crunch-free bounce to curls and waves or smooth out long straight hair that won’t stay put. The Color Wow instant frizz fixer banishes all types of frizz and flyaways that threaten to thwart a good hair day.

It’s the most reliable on-the-spot frizz fixer I’ve used so far. You can layer it with your favorite leave-in, serum, or gel, and it will fight frizz all day long without weighing your hair down.

The Color Wow one-minute transformation is a lightweight, non-greasy frizz control styling cream designed to repair, nourish, protect, hydrate, and style for a frizz-free finish. It’s excellent for second and third-day hair when you need to fake a blow dry or tame frizz on the go without needing a full-on wash, conditioning, and heat styling, which can take up to 45 minutes.

It doesn’t require any heat activation. Apply it to your hair and use your fingers to work it through. It’s as simple as that!

“For me, One-Minute Transformation is a game-changer. It instantly eliminates frizz, moisturizes the hair, and my favorite part is you don’t have to add heat. In under one minute, I can instantly transform frizz, unruly hair and give it this beautifully polished finish.” Chris Appleton
Celebrity Hairstylist - Amazon

So how does it work to fix frizz so quickly?

The secret to its 1-minute frizz control lies in its excellent formulation of a delicate blend of humectants that penetrate the hair to target problem areas that need moisture re-balance.

Rich in avocado oil, omega 3, vitamin E, oleic acid, and glycerin, this product has the science of undoing frizzy hair perfectly nailed down. Moreover, the product does not contain nasties like alcohol, sulfates, or paraben. It’s also vegan, cruelty-free, and gluten-free.

The Color Wow anti-frizz cream is also versatile enough for multiple styling needs besides just fixing frizz.

Here’s what you can do with it:

  • Restyle and smooth day 2 and 3 hair.
  • Fake a blow dry in like 2 minutes.
  • Recondition dehydrated hair.
  • Add shine and gloss.
  • Erase dents from clips and ponytail styles.
  • Banish morning bedhead frizz.
  • Get rid of static.

Check out this video to see how it works:

Color Wow quick frizz eliminator
Color Wow Professional. YouTube.

2. Try the Kerotin Flyaway Hair Serum Stick

Pesky flyaways and baby hairs sticking out along the hairline after putting so much effort into nailing your perfect hairstyle can be endlessly irritating.

The best way to make them stay put is to use a targeted frizz fixation product like the Kerontin hair stick serum. This is literally a 2-minute fix. Like lipstick or mascara, apply it over the troubled areas, and it sticks them in place without any visible sticky residue on your skin.

Kerotin Flyaway Hair Serum Stick

how to tame frizzy hair in 5 minutes

This frizz fixation stick is like mascara for your hair. It tames the endlessly irritating flyaways along your hairline in minutes!


You can also use it to tame frizzy bangs and fringes to keep your hair out of your face or even tidy up messy loose hairs on the back of your neck when you’re sporting a high bun hairstyle.

3. Use Anti-Frizz Hair Sheets

Swipe the frizz out and keep flyaways from popping back up with this anti-frizz hair sheet. Small enough to pop into your handbag, the Nuno Saviano hair wipes work like the cling of a dryer sheet to instantly nix static and frizz, leaving your lengths smooth and sleek with a pleasant scent.

Enriched with hydrating coconut oil and anti-static agents, it eliminates negative electric charges on the hair’s surface to reduce frizz and restore moisture. It makes fuzzy strands lie flat with just one swipe.

Nunzio Saviano Anti-Frizz Hair Sheets

my hair is frizzy quick fix wipe

One swipe, and the frizz is gone!


Plus, its spring awakening scent makes any second-day hair feel fresh when you’re on the go and need to frizz control in a pinch!

Anti-frizz wipes are excellent for smoothing and de-frizzing hair in any situation – after the gym, at the beach, on a long flight, or in humid weather.

4. Try a Styling Wax Stick for Hair

The slick stick lays down every piece of hair that sticks up. Be it on the crown, on your hairline, or along the nape of your neck – it smoothes out all the irregular hairs that won’t blend in uniformly with the main body of the hair.

You can apply it directly to the problem areas as a soft styling product when you want to defrizz your hair in a hurry. The slick stick hair wax will give you frizz-free, natural-looking results that last all day long without making your hair feel crunchy or greasy.

GOIPLE Styling Wax Stick for Hair

how to defrizz hair in a hurry

Non-greasy 24-hour hold solution for frizzy hair along the hairline and nape areas.


The retractable design also makes it ideal for carrying around in your pocket or purse for a quick emergency frizz fix.

5. Try an Instant Freeze Hair Gel

For those who prefer a stronghold hairstyle (minus the frizz), the Aussie instant freeze gel delivers style and definition that defies humidity with a 20 hours guarantee.

By harnessing the moisturizing properties of jojoba oil and sea kelp, this Aussie gel keeps the hair moisturized without making it stiff or flaky.

Aussie Instant Freeze Hair Gel

gives natural texture, long-lasting hold, and definition without frizz

A guaranteed 20-hour hold hair gel that instantly freezes the hair in place for a touchable, flake-free finish.


Squeeze a dollop of this styling gel onto your hand and work it through your hair to create the desired style.

It’s a 1-minute application in return for 20 hrs worth of frizz-free hairstyle!

6. Use an Anti-Static Hair Spray

Tame winter static hair with the R+Co Foil Frizz & Static Control Spray.

R+CO Static Control Hair Spray

static free hair spray for dry winter months hair

Control frizz and static in a snap with this lightweight and non-greasy spray.


This color-safe, heat, and UV protective spray provides long-lasting static protection while sealing moisture and providing flexible control for smooth, shiny results. Argan oil and vitamin E leave the hair looking healthy and lustrous, while protection against heat styling tools prevents damage.

The product is vegan, cruelty-free, gluten-free, sulfate-free, and paraben-free. It also works well for fine hair.

The 5 Minutes Quick Fixes for Preventing Frizz in Your Hair Care Routine

To help you even further, here are my quick 5 minutes tips for getting rid of frizz at any stage of your hair care and styling routine so you have fewer chances of having a bad hair day.

After Washing Your Hair – Use a Leave-In Conditioner

quick fix for frizzy hair after shower

Don’t allow your hair the chance to dry out. If you see frizz starting to show up after showering, apply a leave-in conditioner straight away.

The most common mistake most people make is allowing their hair to dry completely after washing. When towel-drying, leave your hair slightly damp and follow up with a lightweight leave-in conditioner. It’s like an overtime conditioner that keeps the hair hydrated as you start styling. It’s easy to apply on damp hair and only takes a few minutes.

Also, when washing your hair, avoid hot water. Hot water swells the hair and raises the cuticles, making it feel rough. The reason for snags and tangles is due to the velcro effect of the hair’s rough surface. Use lukewarm water instead – 38°F is the sweet spot.

Always finish with a 1-minute cold water rinse. Cold water shrinks the cuticle layer to leave your hair smooth and shiny.

When Drying – Use a Microfiber Hair Towel

microfiber towels are like a cotton t-shirt for hair, making it less tangled when drying

Swap your regular towel for a microfiber one. Cotton towels have a coarse surface that can ruffle the hair causing friction and frizz. You’re often left with more work trying to calm the frizz down.

Get a microfiber towel. Not only does it dry out your hair faster, but it’s also smoother than cotton and doesn’t cause friction on the hair.

Just wrap it around your head for 5 minutes and carry on with your makeup in the meantime. It will soak up the excess moisture from your hair, leaving it damp enough for styling.

When Detangling – Use a Wide Tooth Comb

how to make your hair not frizzy fast when detangling

Running a wide tooth comb over your hair while drenched in conditioner is like running a hot knife through butter. The conditioner provides plenty of slip, allowing wide teeth of the comb to glide and unlock tangles and knots. Work your way from the bottom of the hair and slowly move towards the scalp. This way, you’re not ripping through them.

A brush on dry hair, on the other hand, makes things a lot messier after washing hair. I use a Denman boar bristle brush when my hair is not tangled and messy. But that’s not part of my styling routine. It’s more of a therapeutic thing to massage my scalp and smoothen my hair.

But when it’s wet or damp, it’s not a good idea.

Detangling with a wide tooth comb when the hair is wet will only take 5 minutes compared to dry brushing, leading to frizz and a lot more work to fix.


When Blow Drying – Use a Blow Dry Spray and Finish With a Cool Shot

taming frizzy hair when blow drying

When blow-drying your hair, finish off with a quick blast of cool air.

The transition from hot to cold defines the shape of your style, and it keeps the cuticles flat by contracting the outer layer of the hair.

After that, apply a blow-dry creme to your ends to prevent them from fraying as they dry. A hair serum coats the hair with moisture and protects against humidity.


When Air Drying – Stay Away From a Steamy Bathroom

how to get rid of frizzy hair fast when you air dry

Don’t allow your hair to dry in a steamy bathroom. The humidity in the air will frizz up your hair even more. If you must, dry your hair outside the bathroom in a well-ventilated space.

Style your hair while it’s still damp. When the hair is wet, it’s more elastic and easier to shape and style. Once it dries, it becomes harder to style. It almost feels like you’re fighting against it when styling.


When Heat Styling – Use A Heat Protectant

keep hair healthy when straightening

Never put your hair between straightener plates without applying a heat protection spray first. Direct heat swells the cuticle layer and can even cause hair damage in the long run. Always start with a heat protectant spray to prevent your hair from frying.

If It’s Humid Outside – Use An anti-Humidity Spray Before Going Out

anti-humidity spray protects the hair's cuticle layer

If you’re going out, give your hair anti-frizz protection with a humidity-proofing spray. This creates an invisible barrier around each strand of hair to keep frizz at bay.

You can use it on dry or damp hair, but it works best when sprayed on damp hair and then styled as usual. It’s like an insurance policy for your hair against frizz.


Carry an Anti-Frizz Emergency Kit – Anti-Frizz Sheets

Frizzy hair sheets with aloe vera and almond oil to coat the hair shaft for humidity protection

I usually carry a pack of anti-frizz sheets when I am out and about. It’s small, portable, and super convenient when I need a quick refresh, whether after a workout or on a night out. Anti-frizz hair sheets work great on frizzy hair and can be used on dry and wet hair.

The best part is that they don’t require water. You can use the sheets anywhere, anytime. They are perfect for those days when you don’t have time to wash your hair and need a quick fix.

When It’s Raining – Avoid Overstyling Your Hair

how to avoid frizzy hair in the rain

If it’s already raining before leaving the house, it’s pointless to do a fancy hairstyle that you know will poof out because of the high humidity.

Put your hair up. The best hairstyle to combat frizz in the rain is a bun or a ponytail. This way, your hair is not only off your face but also less likely to frizz.

When It’s Cold Outside – Use an Anti-Static Spray

how to get rid of frizzy static hair fast

During wintertime, take extra precautions to protect your hair from the static electricity that seems to thrive in dry air. One way to help reduce frizz and keep your locks looking sleek is to use an anti-static hairspray. It creates a barrier between your hair and the environment, preventing the buildup of electric charge.

R+CO Foil Anti-Static Hair Spray

If You Have Curly Hair – Use A Hair Mousse

wavy hair and natural curls mousse with natural emollient for better curl definition

Unlike gels and sprays that can leave curly hair feeling stiff and crunchy, a hair mousse provides a lightweight barely-there consistency to revitalize curls for extra definition and hold without the frizz. A mousse helps to define each curl with moisture-rich coating agents that push the hair strands outwards, giving your curls a more uniform wave pattern. It also melts down to a nourishing cream once in the hair to distribute evenly, targetting frizz before it poofs out.

If You Have Frizzy Roots – Use a Clarifying Shampoo

home remedies for scalp detox
Frizzy roots can be a sign that you have product buildup on your scalp, causing the inside layers to curl up and shrink instead of flowing outwards, clumping uniformly with the rest of the hair.

Do an apple cider vinegar rinse to loosen up your roots and cut through the buildup of oils, products, and greasiness.

Here’s an easy apple cider vinegar recipe your can try:

  1. Mix 1 part apple cider vinegar with 2 parts water in a spray bottle
  2. Spray it close to your scalp
  3. Let it sit for 3-5 minutes
  4. Rinse it thoroughly

Apple cider vinegar contains AHA (alpha hydroxy acid), a gentle and natural exfoliator that deep cleanses without stripping the hair from its natural oils. Plus, its acidic nature also helps to restore pH balance.

If Your Hair Gets Poofy – Use a Deflate Serum

natural conditioner serum for frizzy puffy hair

If your hair is constantly overwhelmed with frizz all over the place, looking like a giant pouf ball, the quickest way to fix it is to use an instant deflate serum. Pouf ball frizz happens due to humidity swelling the hair. A deflating serum blocks the effects of humidity while adding better manageability and control for styling.

If You Have Frizzy Ends – Use a Sealer

hair health and split ends fast remedy

Dry and pesky frizzy ends that refuse to blend in can make your overall hairstyle look untidy and unprofessional.

While the most effective treatment is to get them trimmed asap, if you don’t have the time and want a quick 2 mins fix to make your hairstyle look presentable, the Virtue split ends serum can help to seal and blend them in effortlessly.

If You Have Crown Frizz – Use a Hair Wax Stick

halo frizz on the crown quick fix

Got short and unruly hairs sticking up on your crown, creating an angelic halo of frizz?

It can happen for various reasons, such as hair breakage on the crown or new growths, creating uneven hairs that won’t clump with the rest.

The easiest way to fix it is to use a hair wax stick. Just rub it on the problem areas on the crown, and it helps lay down the hairs that are sticking up without the hair feeling greasy or flaky.

What’s good about the slick stick is that it also contains coconut oil and castor oil, which help boost hair growth, especially for shorter hairs that need to catch up with the rest.

The slick stick also guarantees 24 hr hold.


If You Have Baby Frizz Around The Edges – Use a Flyaway Serum Stick

Slick down errant baby hairs along the edges with the excellent edge-control serum stick. Also great for flyaway hairs along the hairline and on the nape of the neck, the stick is easy to use and convenient to carry around in your handbag.

Kerotin Flyaway Serum

If You Have Coarse Hair – Use an Avocado Mask

dry and coarse frizzy hair conditioning mask

Coarse hair is the dryest of all types, therefore, the frizziest. To keep it soft and manageable, do a weekly deep conditioning mask.

Here’s a quick 5 mins recipe to help you:


  • 1 ripe Avocado
  • 1 banana
  • 1 tablespoon of olive oil

Mash the avocado and banana together. Add the oil to the mixture. If it’s too thick, add a tablespoon of warm water to give it a runny consistency.

Apply the mixture from root to tip and cover your hair with a shower cap to let steam infuse the ingredients into the hair faster.

After 5 minutes, wash your hair thoroughly with lukewarm water and feel the softness. Repeat every week, and it’ll help replenish moisture in hair that always feels rough, brittle, and frizzy.

Eliminate Frizz in 5 Minutes!

Frizzy hair can be challenging, but with these tips, you can eliminate frizz in 5 minutes or less! Whether you have curly hair, frizzy roots, frizzy ends, or baby frizz around the edges – we’ve got you covered. So don’t let it keep you from looking your best – try these quick and easy solutions today!

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