The Best Dry Shampoo for Low Porosity Hair – No Silicone. No Buildup. No Residues.

By Kassidy Ward
Published 07 May 2021 / Updated 12 Jan 2022

The Best Dry Shampoo for Low Porosity Hair – No Silicone. No Buildup. No Residues.

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Here’s a dirty little secret:

Lately, I’ve been skipping my full-on hair wash by using the DevaFresh dry shampoo on my Lo-Po hair after a lot of deliberation.

I know there are some pretty intense debates in the natural hair circuit suggesting why you shouldn’t use dry shampoo on textured hair. Apparently, it’s not CGM-approved (Curly Girl Method), more so if your hair is always dry and moisture-resistant.

And I totally get it.

But goodness, if there’s a better dry shampoo for low porosity hair with the same moisturizing and zero residue formula out there, then I want to know about it.

  • It sops up all the dirt
  • De-lanks my roots
  • Unlogs my scalp
  • Revitalizes my curls
  • Smells like a freshly popped bottle of bubbly!

And I get more mileage until the next wash day.

To make it even better, it hydrates the eff out of my curls without leaving behind any filthy silicone scraps as most dry shampoos do.

Less goop. More Voila!

DevaFresh – The Dry Shampoo For Low Porosity Hair

best silicone free dry shampoo for hair with low porosity

DevaCurl DevaFresh Curl Revitalizer Spray


Best Silicone Free Dry Cleanser for Curls.

There are 4 main reasons why this dry shampoo ticks all the right boxes for my low porosity hair woes:

  • It’s my savior in between washes
  • It doesn’t contain any nasties like Silicone, Sulfates, and Paraben
  • It neutralizes odors to keep my hair smelling fresh all day long
  • No product residues

It’s delicate enough to grace those curls below the roots without clashing with the rest of your hair’s texture.

It Dry Cleanses Low Porosity Hair

The Devafresh Curl Revitalizer works like a charm for curly hair of all types without leaving behind chalky residues as most dry shampoos do.

Instead of using powders like starch to absorb oils and dirt, the Devafresh spray uses Prickly Pear and Kombucha extracts for their exfoliating and purifying qualities.

These two ingredients do all the heavy lifting to unclog scalp pores, draw out impurities, break down stubborn product buildup, and moisturize your hair at the same time.

Seriously, It’s like an anti residue clarifying shampoo in a can!

It’s Silicone-Free Baby!

dry clean natural hair without water

There are only a few dry shampoos on the market that are truly silicone-free.

The Living Proof dry shampoo is one of them.

But unfortunately, it has many other ingredients that make it a no-no for girls with curly hair (especially low and medium porosity).

While silicone-based products are excellent moisture sealers for people with high porosity hair, they have the opposite effect on hair that has tightly packed and overlapping cuticles.

Silicone-based products create layers of sticky residue on low porosity hair, which become hard to wash out. Over time, these sticky occlusive layers make your hair shafts dry and brittle by preventing moisture from penetrating.

Silicone creates product overload on the cuticle layer of low porosity hair.

In an ideal world, washing low porosity hair once a week should be enough. But if you use hair products that contain silicone, you will end up shampooing more often due to the residual buildup.

The DevaCurl dry shampoo totally gets the frustration of curlies with this specific hair texture.

That’s why it has super lightweight ingredients that disperse in the form of a misty spray rather than starch powders or silicone molecules.

It has everything your curls need, and nothing they don’t.

Only The Good Stuff

healthy hair ingredients
© Photo Credit: Devacurl

When you talk curly and natural hair products, ingredients are the main things that matter.

And the cleaner they are, the better.

This is where DevaCurl makes a big difference.

The DevaCurl Curl Revitalizer dry shampoo refreshes your scalp and curls with a signature blend of pure botanicals, which include:

  • Kombucha extracts
  • Prickly-pear
  • Chamomile extracts
  • Rosemary leaf extracts

Every ingredient in this product is curl-friendly.

Here is the good stuff that makes this an excellent dry shampoo for low porosity hair:

Kombucha Extracts

Kombucha extract is made from fermented tea, and it has similar properties to Apple Cider Vinegar in terms of low pH content and high levels of microorganisms such as yeast that are good for the hair.

In fact, you can use Kombucha on its own as an alternative to dry shampoo.

When applied to hair products, it boosts the healthy bacteria on the scalp to maintain healthy oil production without overstimulating sebum glands as most dry shampoos do. This makes kombucha extract perfect for people with low porosity hair types who struggle with excess greasiness and oily roots.

Prickly Pear Extracts

Prickly pear extracts are made from the fruit of the prickly pear cactus plant native to North America.

Prickle pears have multiple uses for health and beauty – one being as an exfoliator.

The benefits of using this extract include removing dead skin cells plus unclogging pores to reduce acne breakouts. They also contain enzymes that help with hair growth, making it easier for dryer strands due to low porosity issues.

Chamomile Tea Extracts

Chamomile tea is a natural exfoliator that cleanses the scalp and hair follicles. It helps remove dead skin cells and product buildup, which has collected around the roots of your locks.

Chamomile also contains antioxidant properties that act as an effective cleansing agent for dry shampooing low porosity hair types.

And for those looking to grow their low porosity hair longer, Chamomile will definitely help as it stimulates blood flow to the scalp by dilating capillaries.

Rosemary Leaf Extracts

Rosemary leaves are high in antioxidants, and it’s considered one of the most effective astringent and balancing herb for oily hair.

You can use Rosemary leaves in herbal hair rinses to balance oil production on the scalp and prevent bacterial growth.

It’s a great natural alternative to synthetic ingredients used in dry shampoos for similar properties.

All of these earthy ingredients strike the perfect balance between cleansing and maintaining optimum moisture.

And you’ll be pleased to know that this dry shampoo does not contain any dangerous aerosols like Butane and Propane, which are common in most cheap drugstore versions.

No Alcohol, Butane, or Propane

Alcohol derivatives in dry shampoos can be drying for low porosity hair. Moreover, if used in excess, they can cause scalp irritation and inflammation.

The DevaCurl Revitalizer spray doesn’t have any traces of bad alcohol derivatives that will leave your scalp angry.

In fact, one of the product’s main USP is its Clean Dermatologist-tested formula, which is Non-irritating.

This product is also:

  • Phthalate-Free
  • SLS/SLES Sulfates-free
  • Paraben-Free
  • Gluten-Free
  • Cruelty-Free

It Rehydrates Your Curls

A dry shampoo and a curl refresher in one?

Yes, take my money now!

This DevaFresh spray-on shampoo works effortlessly to rehydrate second-day hair that looks flat and limp.

I easily get to day 4 with a bouncing head of curls without using any other moisturizing hair products.

It Smells Like Sparkling Champagne!

clean smelling hair strands

The scent of sparkling champagne is one of my favorite things about this dry shampoo. It’s clean and refreshing with a bit of sweetness that lingers in the air for almost 24 hours.

It’s like an exquisitely captured aroma of bubbles mingling with dew-kissed Bergamot and hints of lime zest, green apples, and pears.

Not overpowering, not musty, just pure freshness from the moment you spritz it in your locks.

You Can Use it to Style Your Hair Too!

And of course, you can use this spray for a tired evening do with just enough high-quality ingredients to leave your hair feeling like it’s just been washed.

And let’s not forget the sparkling champagne scent, which adds a warm and sexy undertone too!

And yes! You don’t even need a hairbrush to apply it.

How to Use The Devafresh Spray

Curlies hate the idea of using dry shampoo because of the thought of having to brush it through on dry curls.

And as you already know: Brushing on dry curls = frizzy hair!

With the DevaFresh spray, you don’t have to.

Here’s how to use it:

using dry shampoo step 1
1. Part your dry hair and lightly mist on your roots
using dry shampoo step 2
2. Massage in thoroughly
using dry shampoo step 3
3. Continue midlengths and ends. Scrunch to reactivate your curls

Image Credits: DevaCurl

Apply midday for fresh, revitalized curls when needed during a busy workday, or use as part of your curly girl routine on wash days to prevent frizz.

How to Keep Low Porosity Hair Clean in Between Washes

Of course, dry shampoos are considered the lazy girl’s alternative, but if you know how to keep your hair clean for longer in between washes, you can also reduce your reliance on these instant spray-on cleansers.

So here are some tips to help you go longer on between washes:

Check if You Have Hard Water and Get a Filter

Hard water can be very harsh and unforgiving to hair with low porosity as it creates mineral buildup that ordinary shampoos cannot wash out.

Even if you wash your hair regularly, an ordinary shampoo and a dry shampoo won’t be enough to neutralize minerals like calcium in your hair and scalp.

So do a hard water test, and get a shower filter or water softener to protect your hair and skin.

Read more: Shampoos and Solutions for Hard Water

Only Use Low Porosity Hair Products

You shouldn’t be using the regular drugstore hair products just like everyone else.

Low porosity hair needs moisturizing products but still lightweight, which is a difficult combination to find. Most moisturizing products contain heavy butters and oils, plus silicone to waterproof and seal moisture in.

For low porosity hair, the traditional moisturizers don’t work.

The Shea Moisture and DevaCurl brands have excellent hair care ranges tailored explicitly for people with low-po hair. I strongly suggest you check them out and get your shampoos and moisturizers from them.

Clean Hair Absorbs More Moisture

Use a clarifying shampoo to break down product buildup from the cuticle layer that obstructs moisture.

When your hair is clean, it can absorb anything effortlessly.

That’s why hairstylists use deep cleansing shampoos before color and keratin treatments. The cleansing part preps the hair for maximum product absorption and better results.

Here are the products I recommend for LP hair:

Shea Moisture Baobab & Tea Tree Oils LP Shampoo

one of the best products for low po hair

Shea Moisture Baobab & Tea Tree Oils LP Shampoo


Protein free shampoo for deep cleansing low porosity and dry hair.

DevaCurl Buildup Buster

buildup removing products for low porosity hair

DevaCurl Buildup Buster


Micellar shampoo that removes buildup in low porosity hair.

Wash Day Delayed!

The Devafresh Curl revitalizing spray is, in my opinion, the best dry shampoo for low porosity hair you should try.

It’s super easy to use, sops up all the dirt, sweat, impurities, and oiliness without leaving behind any residues, and it’s designed with curl-friendly goodness.

It’s the ultimate follicular refreshment in between washes that won’t leave your hair feel dry, icky, and coated like Karl Lagerfeld powdered!