How to Clean Scalp Pores With Aveda Pramasana Scalp Cleanser

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how to clean your clogged scalp pores

Knowing how to clean your scalp pores is just as important as exfoliating and micellaring your face.

But how often do you actually do it?

My guess: Never.

But I get it.

We live in a world where beauty is superficial.

We only care about what’s on the surface. Not what’s below it.

Are you doing enough to detox and exfoliate your scalp?

If not, let me show you the best way to clean your scalp pores and rebalance things up nicely for optimum pH balance.

Introducing the New Aveda Pramāsana™ Scalp Purifier

After searching high and low for one product that can:

  • Exfoliate
  • Detox and Purify
  • Soothe
  • Heal
  • Disinfect
  • Stimulate
  • Moisturize
  • And rebalance pH level

I settled for the Aveda Pramasana scalp purifier set as it is the complete package for a scalp detox and aftercare.

Here are the reasons why …

The Pramasana treatment consists of 3 products that work together to treat your scalp.

  • The exfoliator brush
  • The purifying scalp cleansing tonic
  • And the protective scalp concentrate

Inspired by ancient Ayurveda and 2 Sanskrit words, Prama and Sana, which mean foundation and taking a stand. Pramasana gives your scalp the strong foundation it needs to maintain healthy and beautiful hair.

The treatment draws out all impurities, bacteria, and breaks down stubborn products that build up, which can cause problems like dandruff, fungus, and inflammation.

The scalp purifying tonic is so good, you’ll feel the tingling sensation straight away as it seeps deep into the congested pores on your scalp to dissolve everything that’s blocking your hair follicles.

how to clean pores on scalp
© Credit: Aveda

To make it even better, the Aveda Pramasana range comes with an exfoliator brush to prep and stimulate your scalp before you apply the tonic.

It’s the perfect scalp relief.

I love the way it relieves the tightness and tension on my scalp.

The Exfoliator Brush

The Aveda Pramasana scalp exfoliating brush uses looped bristles to slough away dead skin cells, dry sebum, and every scrap of buildup that your regular shampoos cannot wash out. It literally sweeps away every last speck of grime from your scalp.

As a gentle exfoliator, it prepares your scalp to absorb the tonic for maximum efficiency.

Think of it as a pre-clarifying treatment.

The bristles are so soft and well-designed, you won’t feel any discomfort, and it won’t tangle your hair either!

It fact, it feels more soothing and therapeutic. I could do it over and over again every day.

The Purifying Scalp Cleansing Tonic

The purifying cleansing tonic is the star product of the pack.

Honestly, it works like a Micellar cleanser on steroids.

I still remember the days when I use to have dry, irritated spots on my scalp. I had to always wash my hair every day because it felt greasy and heavy after sleeping on it.

Weird, I know. Dry scalp and greasy hair at the same time!

But after using this cleansing tonic, I could go for 3 days without washing my hair.

Not only my scalp felt invigorated and refreshed, but I started to feel less tightness, and the flakes were disappearing fast.

After one week of using it, it was money well spent.

And top marks for the Sulfate-free, Paraben-free, and vegan-friendly ingredients.

I’ve always used Aveda products because they feel pure and straight from the earth.

The Protective Scalp Concentrate

The protective scalp concentrate is the ultimate aftercare you need after a deep scalp cleansing treatment.

  • It restores your scalps pH balance
  • It adds a protective barrier against bacteria and environmental aggressors
  • It rebalances sebum to prevent greasy hair
  • It nourishes your scalp

Use it as a leave-in treatment when you go out or when you go to bed. Either way, it’s so lightweight you won’t feel anything.

In fact, you can use any styling products on top of it. It works as a defensive shield to prevent hair products like silicone, waxes, gels, and sprays from sticking to your scalp.

Why is a Scalp Detox Important?

On a daily basis, our scalp suffers from an array of environmental stressors like hard water, pollution, and chemicals from hair products.

All of these not only affect the pH level of the scalp, but they also clog the pores causing problems like:

  • Buildup
  • Inflammation
  • Dandruff
  • Eczema
  • Hair loss
  • And scalp acne

That’s why deep cleansing your scalp should be an essential part of your hair care routine.

Exfoliation is essential for keeping the hair and scalp in top condition. Exfoliation removes scalp buildup, allowing our natural oils to keep the hair and scalp nourished and healthy. Our natural sebum keeps everything in check, preventing dry scalp. It also allows oils to nourish and protect our hair’s mid-lengths and ends. On the flip side, an overproduction or buildup of sebum on the scalp can feed the Malassezia furfur yeast that can lead to dandruff; hence, exfoliation is key. Removing dead skin cells also encourages cellular turnover on your scalp allowing for fresh, healthy new cells to surface. Lucy Vincent
Beauty Expert and Founder of Sans Ceuticals - Sans Ceuticals

Besides external factors, your scalp has its way of self-regulating.

For example, it excretes sebum, which is a natural oil that helps to lubricate the skin and hair. Plus, it sheds dead skin cells to make sure the skin surface renews at a healthy rate.

But the problem with the scalp’s self-regulating mechanism is that more often, it stops working as intended.

When you use chemical products in your hair, they can interfere with the scalp’s natural balance.

Such imbalances can cause the scalp to overload itself with sebum and dry skin, therefore, making the scalp struggle to turn them over at its normal rate. What happens next is your scalp gets clogged with its own by-products.

That’s why a scalp purifying and exfoliating treatment like Aveda is essential in your hair care routine.

How to Clean Scalp Pores Naturally

Other than the Aveda treatment, there are other remedies you can try at home to unclog the pores on your scalp.

For example:

  • Steam and exfoliating masks
  • Hot oil treatments

are also excellent ways to clean clogged pores on your scalp naturally.

Let me show you how I did these treatments in the past and how you can try them at home too.

Steam Exfoliating Masks For Scalp

how to clean scalp pores natural methods

A scalp steam exfoliating treatment, also known as a “scalp facial”, uses steam to melt and dislodge grime and dirt from the pores.

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A detoxifying hair mask, for example, is an excellent treatment as it uses ingredients like activated charcoal to suck out impurities that have deposited into the pores.

The treatment also invigorates and stimulates your scalp for healthy follicles and rebalance the production of sebum so that your hair doesn’t get too oily.

So how do you do a scalp facial at home?

Use a charcoal detoxifying hair mask and a hair steamer.

Products you’ll need:

Briogeo Scalp Revival Charcoal Hair Mask

Hair Steamer

Denman Boar Bristle Brush

Shower Cap


  1. Use the boar bristle brush to loosen up your scalp
  2. Shake your head to get rid of all the loose flakes and dirt
  3. Apply the activated charcoal hair mask
  4. Put your shower cap on
  5. Switch on your hair steamer
  6. Sit under the steamer for 15 minutes
  7. Wash your hair thoroughly after

The hair steamer helps to open the pores on your scalp to let the activated charcoal penetrate and clean it deeply.

Hot Oil Treatment For Scalp

hot oil treatment to clean pores on scalp

Similar to steam, a hot oil treatment for scalp helps to loosen up dirt and buildup so that they can wash out easily.

The oil massage treatment for the scalp has been around for centuries and was initially practiced by Indian women to clean their hair, scalp, and maintain healthy long hair.

The Koreans are also big fans of oil cleansers because oil is an excellent dirt absorber.

Did you know?

All cleansing products contain oil as a base.

Yes, without oil, none of your products can clean effectively because it’s the oil that attracts all the dirt and impurities to make them soluble.

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Warm oil is more effective because it expands the skin, to allow the oil to seep through the pores and work even better.

Once the oil gets into the pores, it uses its Hydrophobic Effect to attract all the dirt and wrap them into a soluble molecule.

After leaving the hot oil on your scalp for 15 – 20 minutes, you can wash your hair thoroughly with a clarifying shampoo to get rid of the oil molecules which contain all the dirt that they’ve absorbed.

Time to Purge Congested Pores?

Do not underestimate the power of scalp treatments.

Remember, your scalp is the foundation for your hair. If you want to keep your hair healthy and look beautiful from the outside, you need to care for what’s beneath it and supporting it.

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