Kerastase Reflection Chromatique – Extend Your Coloured Hair’s State Of Grace


Kerastase Reflection Chromatique – Extend Your Coloured Hair’s State Of Grace

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The NEW Kerastase Reflection Chromatique range is all set to change the way you take care of your hair colour.

Let’s face it. Colored hair demands a lot of special care.

And with trends such as ombré, babylights, translucent platinum, and blonde firmly here to stay, more and more of us are choosing to color our hair.

Whether you do it to cover your greys or you’re just tagging along with the latest Insta trends …

At the crux of it all, there’s one important thing.

Colouring your hair reveals different sides to your personality.

It magically transforms your look from drab to fab.

Once you are hooked, you just can’t get enough of it.

But there is one frustrating thing we all dread: Color Fading.

Even the most beautifully executed color will reveal warmth or brassiness after a few weeks.

It’s just inevitable !

As much as you enjoy that STATE OF GRACE i.e the 2 weeks period after you’ve coloured your hair (the time when it looks most satisfying) …

You have to accept that your expensive hair color treatment is going to fade away.

But not anymore !

With the Kerastase Reflection range, you can flaunt your hair color with the same intensity and shine for a longer period of time.

Let me show you how …

Extend The State Of Grace

Say hello to a new range of hair color warriors from Kerastase Paris.

The Reflection Chromatique guarantees you at least 40 days of color protection and shine.

Around the average time between your salon visits.

“This line is the ultimate in color-correcting and helping with the overall condition of color-treated hair. This collection is great because it makes hair more luminous and reflective and it also battles tonal loss (fading) by giving you a booster that you can use at home to maintain beautiful color.”

Matt Fugate – Kérastase celebrity hairstylist.
Source: Popsugar

With its luxurious range of personalized and in-salon products, it’s super easy to use and will give your hair incomparable softness, bounce, and mirror-like shine.

So what’s the secret behind this exciting product ?

It’s simple:

It neutralizes water particles.

Water Is The Biggest Enemy Of Coloured Hair!

Getting your hair wet ruins your color. I’m sure you already know this.

But how ?

Well, according to celebrity hairstylist Ruth Roche, water makes the chemicals in your hair dye vulnerable.

What may seem like a harmless daily routine, showering causes premature color fading.

With every wash, your hair color leaches out.

Water swells the hair fibers and lifts the cuticles.

As a result, the soluble chemical dye that sits in the matrix of your hair finds a way to escape. And this gets even worse if your shower water contains hard minerals.

Hard water is highly alkaline and it roughs up the outer layers of your hair.

It makes your hair stiff, reduces its elasticity, and increases friction that lifts more of the cuticles.

Minerals in hard water oxidize your colored hair.

They create an explosion of surplus oxygen that reacts with your hair color pigments to alter the hues.

Protect Your Hair Colour From Oxidation

The Chromatique range uses chelators to prevent copper, calcium, and chlorine from depositing into your hair.

The “anti-deposit” effect also protects your hair against the other environmental aggressors like UV rays and dust.

Without mineral buildup, your hair color looks consistent and shiny all the time rather than dull and lifeless.

To make the solution even more potent, Kerastase uses color stabilizing agents to keep your hue true to its tone.

The powerful concentration of Lychee and Yuzu extracts work together to restore and strengthen your hair color from the core.

They prevent oxidizers from stealing those precious hair dye molecules that keep your hair color intense and full of glow.

Rice bran oil then works on the outshine to envelop your hair with shine and a smooth surface that water cannot disrupt.

These combined ingredients create a solid anti deposit surface on your hair that even copper, calcium, and chlorine cannot break into.

Let me show you the simple 3 steps process you need to follow for best results …

Cleanse, Treat, And Extend

kerastase reflection chroma riche instructions

Make your hair a clean canvas first.

This helps your hair to seep in all the nutrients and goodness from the products you use.

It all starts with a sulfate-free clarifying shampoo, then a nutritious masque, and finishes with a texturizer.

1. Cleanse With Bain Chromatique

The Bain Chromatique is a sulfate-free chelating shampoo for color-treated hair.

For color-minded girls, this is the shampoo you should be using.

Regardless if you’re doing the full reflection range or not. It has all the right ingredients to prevent your hair colour from fading.

Plus, it cleanses your hair and scalp without sucking out any hair dye.

The fresh lemony top notes with a wooden musky base, and a floral heart of rose, and lily of the valley fragrance will leave your senses asking for more.

It’s definitely worth its every penny.

It will leave your hair feeling nourished and supple.

Next step is to protect your hair color with the masque riche.

2. Treat With Masque Chromatique

Hair dyes can be aggressive often leaving your hair parched, dry, and feeling crunchy.

The chemicals put a lot of strain on your hair and it’s normal to feel the brittleness.

However, you should not ignore the fact that colored hair should be followed up by deep conditioners and nourishment.

Your hair needs to rebalance its moisture to avoid it from snapping and breaking.

The Masque Chromatique Riche intensifies your hair’s nutritional balance to make it incredibly smooth, strong, and flexible.

Here’s how you should use the masque:

  • After your shampoo, leave your hair wet
  • Apply a quarter size amount from midway to the ends of your hair
  • Distribute it evenly
  • Leave it on for 5-10 minutes
  • Rinse throroughly

3. Extend With Elixir Ultime

The huile sublimatrice from Kerastase Elixir Ultime is the perfect texturizer that will keep your style on point all day.

It gives your hair volume and texture to stop it from falling flat.

It is the finishing touch that keeps the frizz, flyaways, and split ends under control.

Free from silicones and parabens, the Elixir oil works like a protective serum for your hair without making it feel greasy and heavy.

You can use it right after your masque treatment or anytime you’re styling your hair to go out. It has UV protection to protect your color from the sun.

Give Your Coloured Hair A Kiss Of Life

If your colored hair is looking dull and flat …

You should try the Reflection Chromatique from Kerastase.

It guarantees you 40 days of radiant colored hair, with Zero fading, zero oxidation, and no funny shades of brassiness.

This set of products work from the core of your hair to restore its color integrity.

  • The Shampoo neutralizes water particles to protect colour
  • The masque locks in colour for lasting vibrancy and shine
  • The texturizer provides UV filters to protect against sun damage

What are you waiting for?

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