The Clairol Root Touch Up Color Blending Gel Review

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The Clairol Root Touch Up Color Blending Gel Review

Sometimes, I feel like my gray roots are controlling my life.

If you’re like me, you know what it feels like to have gray roots creeping up on you in no time.

You feel like you were just there at the hairdresser’s yesterday!

But no, it’s already been 4-6 weeks. And now it’s time for another visit and another one. It’s endless.

I’ve resorted to all the options out there.

From DIY products taking forever to get done and barely lasting for a couple of days to root touch up color blending products to even embracing my gray hair!

No luck with those either.

But then, I came across a Youtube video showing an incredibly easy-to-apply touch-up gel by Clairol.

I was sold!

No mess, easy application, and long-lasting results.

Of course, I was quick to try the product out.

Clairol Root Touch-Up Color Gel

Did the product live up to the hype?

No. It didn’t work for me, and you may want to find an alternative, too, if you’re looking for a similar product.

Here’s my Clairol root touch up color blending gel review.

How Does The Clairol Root Touch Up Gel Work?

The Clairol semi-permanent root touch up blending gel promises to refresh your roots and cover all grays in less than 10 minutes.

The product also comes with an applicator brush, and the formula doesn’t need to be mixed.

That personally spoke to me.

I hate DIY products that are messy and take too long to apply.

All I had to do was apply it to my freshly washed, damp hair’s temples, roots, and hairline, and then rinse with water only. That’s it!

The product also claims to last for more than 10 washes, and it doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals like ammonia and peroxide.

Hands-On Experience: Does Clairol Touch Up Gel Cover Gray Roots?

To start with, let me just say that I’ve used the Clairol root touch up color blending gel at least 5 times.

I’m not making any hasty conclusions here.

I was hoping this would be the perfect solution to my gray roots.

I’m a brunette, so I used the dark brown and black shades, the closest I could find to my natural hair color.

I applied it and left it on my hair for around 15 minutes expecting a magical result, only to find that my gray roots were still very much gray.


It was supposed to work in less than 10 minutes!

So I thought to myself, maybe it’s my hair, you know?

Different hair types with different textures and colors probably need varying application times, although that’s not what the advertisement said.

I left it for an extra 5 minutes, this time being extra careful about saturating each hair strand from every angle. And I made sure my hair was well separated.

Still nothing.

How about an extra 10?

Yet again, nothing – zero results.

My hair was exactly the same; the brown hair was still brown, the gray roots were still gray.

It was as if nothing was applied to my hair to begin with.

My take on the Clairol root touch up color blending gel?

It didn’t work, and it was so frustrating.

So I went to check the reviews online (which I should have done beforehand), and unsurprisingly tons of the Clairol root touch up gel reviewers say the same.

I wish I did a little bit more research before buying it. 🤦‍♀️

So Now What? Is It a Lost Cause?

I won’t lie. I was disappointed.

Simple root touch-ups seem like a never-ending nuisance.

I was back to square one looking for a better alternative.

And this time, after searching high and low on hair care forums, I got lucky with a product that a lot of people were raving about.

The Style Edit Root Touch Up

After using it a few times, I’ll have to say this product is a keeper, and it does exactly what it says on the box.

Let me explain why this product took me by surprise and why it worked better.

A Color for Everyone

To begin with, the Style Edit root touch up comes in a variety of shades.

From blonde to true black, you’ll be able to select your color match effortlessly without having to lighten or darken a grade.

What’s more, it’s perfectly suitable for all hair textures. My hair is relatively thick but fine, while my sister’s hair is wavy, and the results were equally breathtaking for both of us.

The color pigments just manage to self-adjust to both the hair texture and color and give off a unique, natural look.

Were There Ever Gray Roots?

What makes the Style Edit Root Touch Up able to achieve such impressive and instant results is that it’s a touch up binding powder, so it doesn’t miss.

Even if you have some gaps in your hair, those will get some coverage too.

3 Seconds, and Ta-Da for Days!

Remember how obsessed I am with the ease of application?

That didn’t go away, of course. The semi-permanent root touch-up by Style Edit is super quick and easy.

All I needed to do was remove the base to find the sponge applicator, lift the lid to find the binding powder, and start sweeping small amounts of powder over my gray roots. It couldn’t get easier!

In a few seconds, I noticed how my gray roots’ color started to change, blending in seamlessly with my brown hair color.

As for how long it lasted, it’s a semi-permanent touch-up, so it stayed for a couple of days, and it effortlessly came off with shampoo.

Actually Harm-Free Ingredients

What I also really admired about the Style Edit Root Touch Up, aside from the semi-permanent results, is the product composition.

It contains no mineral oil, petrolatum, parabens, or peroxide, so it won’t cause any damage to your hair; and that’s not just a claim.

I always suffered from flaking, but with this one, that wasn’t the case. Not to mention, it didn’t run on my clothes and ruin them, either.

Besides, it didn’t go through animal testing, which is supposed to be genuinely respected; cruelty-free is always a good sign!

The touch-up contains unique binding agents and color adaptive pigments that significantly work to blend the color in with both salon color or natural hair color and lock into place.

Final Thoughts

It’s no surprise that finding the perfect root touch up product is a task that’s easier said than done.

Also, the overabundance of products doesn’t make it any easier! Therefore, on finding a product that really works, we might as well hold on to it with all our might.

Indeed, the situation with Clairol’s color blending gel for touch up was a disappointment.

Still, if it wasn’t for it, I probably wouldn’t have found out about the gem that is the semi-permanent touch up by Style Edit.

If you ask me, it’s totally worth the hassle; and I love the idea of a powder much more than a color blending gel.

Now you have one of my favorites fully-reviewed on a gold platter. No more wasting your time or money, girl! Hold on to that color from the comfort of your home, and enjoy your fabulous hair!

The Style Edit Root Touch Up

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