Homemade Hair Diffusers – You Can Use a Sock or A Strainer!

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Homemade Hair Diffusers – You Can Use a Sock or A Strainer!

Having wavy or curly hair is a blessing, especially for someone who loves taking care of their hair. But not everything is all dandy when it comes to maintaining your curly mane. From special hair-curling mousses to using a diffuser to shut down unwanted frizz and plump up your curls, hair care can become a bit of a chore.

Luckily for curly goddesses out there, maintaining your locks healthy and bouncy doesn’t mean using expensive products or state-of-the-art gadgets.

Besides, those that prefer to maintain their voluminous curls heat-free will be happy to know that there are some neat tips and tricks to try at home – like these homemade hair diffusers I am about to show you.

1. The DIY Sock Diffuser

DIY sock diffuser for hair dryer

You can DIY a hair diffuser if you don’t own a normal sock diffuser to blow dry curly hair!

All you need is your usual blow dryer and breathable material – a sock.

Next, cover the end of the nozzle with the sock while leaving 2-3 inches off at the end.

Use a hair tie to secure the sock and set the hair dryer at the lowest temperature, and voila! – You get your own sock diffuser that’ll also lessen the heat on your hair.

You can use this method on both dry and wet hair, curly or wavy. As long as you remember to keep the airflow upward, you’ll be all set.

Hair Dryer Sock Diffuser Cover

2. Using a Strainer as Hair Diffuser

air drying hair with a strainer techinique

You can also use a sift, a sieve, a fine mesh strainer, or whatever you call this kitchen tool instead of a hair diffuser. Yup, the strainer method is a popular hair-diffusing alternative that everyone can do. Plus, it will help you keep your natural curl pattern.

You can use a medium-sized strainer and your usual blow dryer. Before you start, it’s a good idea to apply a heat-resisting spray since you’ll be drying your hair up close. Get your preferred strainer and place a strand of your hair inside.

Next, set the temperature at the lowest level and start blow drying upwards. The strainer will help disperse the airflow evenly and contain your hair in one place. You might need a couple of minutes on each strand of hair, but it will be worth it, especially if you treat your curls to some curling product beforehand.

What Is a Diffuser and What Does it Do?

hair diffuser makes the drying process more evenly distributed

If you haven’t used a diffuser for your curly or wavy hair so far, you are probably no stranger to frizz. Curly or wavy-haired people are prone to experiencing frizz and out-of-shape curls, which is why many of them use diffusers to keep fly-offs in check.

First off, let’s start with the basics of hairdryer diffusers. Simply put, a hair diffuser is a plastic, round-shaped attachment that goes on the top of the blow dryer nozzle. The main goal of the diffuser is to disperse the airflow evenly throughout the hair so it reaches all of it.

Diffusers are the ultimate hair-drying accessory for curly-haired men and women and those with wavy hair. It eases air dispersion control and helps maintain the natural pattern of curls until they are fully dry.

So, if a blow dryer is part of your everyday hair routine, and you have curly or wavy hair, a diffuser should be an essential item in your hair care collection.

How to Use a Diffuser to Dry Curly Hair

Using a diffuser is more or less self-explanatory. However, before you use one, it’s very important to remember to use low heat instead of turning up the highest heat setting. Hot air translates to frizz, so steer clear of it.

Now, other than causing hair damage, the hot air from your blow dryer can also tangle your hair. To make sure it does not happen, place the diffuser on the nozzle of the hairdryer and set it at the lowest temperature. Even though using low heat to dry your hair might take longer, it would be good for your hair in the long run.

Take a strand of your hair, place it on top of the diffuser, and slowly press the accessory onto your scalp. Since you’ll be using low heat, you can rest assured you won’t burn your scalp. You’ll be able to get the best results if you follow the direction of the diffuser rather than letting it blow dry in a downward manner.

When using a diffuser, always ensure the airflow is pointing up and not down – it helps stabilize the diffuser and keeps it in place. To get the most out of your diffusing session, apply a curling mousse to your hair beforehand.

Precautionary Measures

Whether you’re planning to use a regular blow-dry diffuser or your own makeshift one, it’s very important to prep your hair. From using heat protection products to low blow dryer temperatures, you can help safeguard your hair from heat and keep those curls bouncy and healthy.

Diffusing Straight Hair: Can It Be Done?

Straight hair can be diffused to give you a soft, wavy hair look. In fact, diffusing straight hair can help you from using tons of products to alter the shape and texture of your hair.

Apply some hair mist and use your regular hair dryer diffuser. Take small sections of your hair and tilt your head toward the diffuser. Start blow-drying at a low temperature and see your straight hair take on a wavier texture.

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