The GHD Advanced Split End Therapy Fixes Straggly Split Ends Instantly


The GHD Advanced Split End Therapy Fixes Straggly Split Ends Instantly

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I tried the NEW GHD advanced split end therapy and this is what happened …

I went 60 days without a trim!

And today I want to tell you how I did it.

I was lucky enough to receive a whole hamper of GHD hair products for reviews and this came along as an unexpected surprise.

It’s always the new and mysterious things that grab my attention, and I couldn’t resist to try it.

But like yourself, I don’t believe in products that promise to repair split ends.

Once your hair starts to fray and split, your only option is to snip them off. And that’s what I’ve been doing all the time.

But wait …

The ghd Split Ends Therapy Had Me A Bit Stunned!

This product doesn’t promise any ridiculous overblown miracles. And it doesn’t promise to repair your split ends either.

So what makes it different?

Let me explain …

The advanced ghd split end therapy uses a Thermo-Marine Bonding System, which activates with heat to seal and bind your damaged strands.

“Thermo-Marine Bonding System™ is a heat-activated, protein-enriched technology that instantly gathers and binds together broken and split ends while the Brazilian Blowout Super Nutrient Complex™ smooths the cuticle. The end result is stronger, healthier ends defended against damage caused by heat styling, hot tools and environmental stress.”

Source: Brazilian Blowout »

Check this simple illustration below to see how it works:

ghd advanced split end therapy reviews
Credit: GHD ®

How the split ends therapy from ghd works

Packed with a powerful blend of nutrients-rich ingredients, it reaches out to your parched ends.

It then adds a protective layer around each hair strand to prevent it from splitting further and gives your hair no chance to break.

To activate the binding process, you use a hair straightener to seal the lightweight non greasy serum into the damaged ends.

And this is how the ghd split end serum makes your straggly ends look bang tidy.

I love the unique firm touch it gives to my hair on the outside.

Unlike traditional hair serums that you have to apply after every wash, you only do it once and it lasts for up to 10 washes.

Try it for yourself and see why I wouldn’t care going for a trim anymore, unless I really need to.

Remove Split Ends Without Cutting Your Hair

There is no point hanging on to dry damaged hair, they say.

It’s fruitless.

Nothing puts a crimp in your style faster than split ends !

They are the only reasons why you take forever to do your hair, and you’re still never satisfied with the results.

But split ends don’t just pop up from nowhere.

Your hair splits and frays for many reasons like:

  • Excessive use of heat styling
  • Over processed hair from chemical treatments
  • Bleaching and coloring
  • Lack of regular trims
  • Improper detangling
  • Over washing
“Hair naturally begins to fray and split every 3-4 months. The best defence against split ends are regular trims around that time. In addition to trims, your best line of defence is to prevent or minimize split ends and their damaging effects.”

Celebrity stylist, and creator of Hair Rules products Anthony Dickey

Did you know?

There are 16 different types of split ends.

No matter how well you condition your locks, split ends are inevitable.

Heat styling tools, brushing, and colouring will always rough up our strands. The only way to get rid of this dreaded hair affliction is to chop a few inches off.

Or, you can treat them so they’re less noticeable between cuts.

What if … your hair can still look longer without the broomstick ends !

Luckily, you can rely on the ghd advanced split end therapy to keep your hair on point without the ends sticking out like unicorn horns.

Solving The Splits With Split End Therapy

Let me show you how this treatment works (step by step).

The example below shows the anatomy of a split end. A single strand of hair that splits into two or more at it’s weakest point.

Notice how the split makes its way further up towards the root.

The deeper the split goes, the more likely your hair will break causing thinning from the top and lack of volume.

ghd therapy for damaged ends

When you apply the ghd split ends therapy:

  • It binds the broken fibres together
  • It nourishes the ends to keep them strong
  • It coats the outer layers to protect them from further breakage

Blow dry your hair to make it smooth and ready for heat styling.

Use a ghd Platinum hair straightener to activate the serum and seal it in.

And voila!

It takes less than 8 minutes to do it and it lasts for up to 10 washes.

Check out this exclusive video from GHD below to see the treatment in action.

How To Use The ghd Split End Treatment (Video)

how to use the ghd split ends therapy
The ghd advanced split end therapy Youtube video. Credit GHD

Here are the products mentioned in the video:

Advanced ghd Split Ends Therapy Quick Instructions:

  • 1. Shampoo your hair
  • 2. Rinse and remove excess moisture
  • 3. Dispense 10 ml of the serum into your hands
  • 4. Apply throughout the ends of the hair
  • 5. Use a detangling comb for even distribution
  • 6. Section your hair for blow dry
  • 7. Blow-dry smooth with your ghd Air hairdryer
  • 8. Use a ghd Platinum Styler to seal the product

Style Tip:

Do not use hair conditioner before the treatment.

For best results, use the lowest heat on your hair dryer.

And make sure you use the ghd Air Hairdryer and ghd Platinum Styler.

Now here’s the most exciting part …

The jam-packed nutrients inside the serum come straight from the earth.

ghd uses wild-crafted botanicals, antioxidant-rich berries, vitamin-packed fruits, and high omega 3 fatty acids to deliver a chemical free and pure experience.

ghd Advanced Split End Therapy Ingredients

  • Red Seaweed: Fortifies the hair to seal split ends
  • Camu Camu Fruit: High in omega 3 fatty acids for healthy hair
  • Annato Seed: High in omega 3 fatty acids for healthy hair
  • Acai Berries: High in omega 3 fatty acids for healthy hair
  • Vitamins B1, B2, and B3: Strengthen hair and encourage growth
  • Vitamin E: Prevents breakage

Most importantly, this product is sulfate-free.

Use it on color-treated hair, fine hair, or curly hair. It works without stripping natural oils or weighing your hair down.

So Here’s My Personal Opinion

The ghd advanced split end therapy is no miracle cure for split ends.

It does enough to hide them and stop them from getting worse.

So I can focus more on my hair style

I love how it makes my hair feel luxurious and healthy.

I’ve used it for 2 months now and I love it.

I’ve had less trips to my hair dresser and it prevents my hair from breaking.

You can now save your precious few inches too without worrying about split ends.

Shehnaz Shirazi
Shehnaz Shirazi
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