Theorie Marula Oil Moisturizes Your Dry Hair Without Making It Greasy

By Pawena Kaniah
Published 31 Jul 2017 / Updated 19 Oct 2021

Theorie Marula Oil Moisturizes Your Dry Hair Without Making It Greasy

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The NEW Theorie Marula Oil shampoo set does ONE thing very well …

It punches intense moisture deep into your dry hair without making it greasy.

And here’s how it works:

Marula oil rebalances your scalp with rich Omega 9 and Oleic.

The perfect emollients that allow moisture to seep into your scalp and hair without leaving any slimy residues on the outside.

It’s nothing like your usual smelly Coconut oil or Jojoba oil that greases you up and takes forever to wash out.

Marula oil has a thin consistency.

You’ll love how fast it absorbs into your thirsty dry hair.

Marula oil is lean but not too syrupy. Plus, its makeup is very close to the natural oils your body produces, it’s rich in vitamins C and E, and it’s fast-absorbing, so it goes on easily and seals your cuticle to lock in moisture for satiny, frizz-free locks.Kevin Mancuso – Global creative director of Nexxus (Source: Cosmopolitan Magazine)

It spreads out onto your scalp evenly without clogging the pores and makes your hair feel like luxurious satin.

Now, if your hair feels:

  • Dry as hay
  • Crunchy and frizzy
  • Fried from heat styling tools
  • And a total mess

Then something has gone gravely and unpardonably amiss in your hair care !

You’re either buying the wrong type of hair products, OR you’re still using shampoos loaded with sulfates.

And the cold hard truth is:

You’re never going to get out of this vicious cycle of greasy scalp and dry hair ends.

Sulfates destroy your hair’s pH balance and as a result, your scalp over produces natural oils to rebalance its harmony.

What you need is a product without sulfates (gentle for your scalp), yet good enough to moisturize your hair with natural oils close enough to your body’s own natural oils.

And here’s why, Theorie launched a new Marula Oil transforming hair collection. To help people like you, who struggle with greasy scalp and dry hair ends.

Why Is Your Scalp Greasy And Your Ends Dry?

theorie argan oil mask

Here’s the problem:

Check your shampoo label. I guarantee you will find ingredients like Sulfates, and Sodium. The stuff that makes all the froth and bubbles.

While your bath time bubbles may seem like fun, Sulfates suck up every last bit of moisture from your scalp.

And this is what happens next …

Your scalp then goes into panic mode to re adjust its moisture level.

Before you know it, your head’s gone crazy greasy again the next day trying to overcompensate for dryness.

You’re left with no choice but to lather up before the natural oils travel along the length of your hair to moisturize your strands.

But, with the right hair products, you can stop this vicious cycle
and rebalance things up again

When your scalp and hair stay in perfect harmony, you wash your hair less too !

Let me show you why Theorie’s hair products can help you take control of your hair.

The Theorie Marula Oil Transforming Collection

3 reasons why this set of products will work for you:

  • Each product is sulfate free
  • There is no sodium chloride in any of them
  • Theorie is fully committed to pure organic and ethical hair products

So what do all these mean for you ?

By sourcing pure ingredients from the earth, their hair products do not contain harsh chemicals that interfere with your hair’s natural balance.

With a sulfate-free wash and an emollient-rich organic oil, your scalp retains it’s natural oils to let your hair flourish.

So feast your eyes on the purest hair products I’m about to show you …

Theorie Marula Oil Transforming Hair Shampoo (Without Sulfates)

The Theorie sulfate free shampoo (also good for keratin after care) delicately cleanses impurities, excess oils, and product build-up to rehabilitate your hair with the reparative power of Marula oil.

This is not your everyday ordinary shampoo.

It works for:

  • Bleached hair
  • Color-treated hair
  • Keratin treated hair
  • No Pooers
  • Thinning hair problems
  • Dandruff
  • African Americans who want to transition to natural hair

The gorgeous fresh and earthy scent will have you hooked right from the first whiff !

Pair this with the Theorie hair conditioner and let your hair do the talking.

Use The Theorie Marula Oil Conditioner To Lift Your Brittle Hair

The Theorie Marula oil transforming conditioner lifts your dry and brittle strands to help you create dazzling smooth styles.

Here’s why …

Use it after your shampoo and see how your fingers glide down your delicate hair without pulling, tugging, or causing damage.

It pre conditions your hair for blow drying and heat styling without the need to brush.

How’s that for saving time in the morning rush ?

Baby Your Ends With The Theorie Marula Oil Transforming Hair Serum

Make your hair style look crisp and fresh before you head out.

The Theorie Marula oil transforming hair serum seals your split ends and flyaways without using silicones, parabens, phthalates, and other harsh additives.

The silky texture of Marula oil keeps everything in place. The oil is so thin and lightweight, you can work it easily into your hair in seconds.

Add pure shine to your ends without the greasy after-feel.

Have A Hair Spa Moment With The Theorie Hair Mask

Indulge your hair in your down time.

Because your daily life stresses your hair out and you know it.

Just stop for a second, take a look at your hair. Does it look dull, lifeless, and weak ?

Do you always need a lot of moisturizers to keep it in shape ?

Truth is:

Every day stress robs your hair of its essential nutrients. And this makes your hair limp and hard to style.

Use the Theorie Marula oil transforming hair mask to treat your tresses to a nice relaxing hair spa at home.

This weekly treatment nourishes and revives your damaged strands with antioxidants and rich Marula Oil.

It envelopes your hair in glossy moisture, and transforms frizz into luminous silk that’s full of life and style.

From Dry Frizzy Hair To Luminous Silk

Don’t make your hair wait for all the benefits Marula oil has to offer !

This is the complete package that works from the very core of your hair.

  • The shampoo takes care of your scalp pH without aggressive Sulfates
  • The conditioner enriches your hair with softness and nutrients
  • The serum is lightweight and easy to work into your hair
  • And the mask replenishes your hair to give it energy and bounce

The Theorie Marula oil transforming hair collection is seriously more decadent than the reasonable price will have you believe!