7 Ways to Revive Your Weave and Make It Look Like New Again

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Weaves have been popular for decades, and you might even be surprised to learn that celebrities use weaves to achieve different hairstyles in varying colors, lengths, and textures within a span of a month.

Hair weaves offer a ton of benefits, including experimenting with various hairstyles while protecting your natural hair. You can also choose from numerous colors, types, styles, and other options. Because human hair bundles are so popular, there are a plethora of these hair products on the market.

However, weaves need as much care as your natural hair. Otherwise, they end up looking frizzy, matted, dull, and lifeless.

So here are a few tips to help you keep your synthetic weave looking gorgeous and full of life.

1. Shampoo Twice a Week

Whether you’re putting a new weave or maintaining your existing ones, properly washing your human hair weave is critical.

Wash the weave like the same way you would your hair. Oils and dirt clog up the extensions, which is a no-no. Some women prefer to co-wash, washing their hair only with conditioner, which is great, but you should still use a clarifying shampoo to eliminate all residues.

Don’t forget to switch between co-wash and regular shampoo if you wash your extensions weekly.

It is crucial to note that you should comb and detangle the weave with care before washing it with shampoo.

  • Shampoo once a week if you exercise regularly.
  • Use a sulfate-free shampoo.

Here’s the best shampoo for weaves we recommend:

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How To Wash Weave Hair While Installed

  • Follow these steps to wash your weave hair while they’re installed.
  • Remove knots and tangles with a wide-tooth comb. Start detangling from the ends and work upwards.
  • Soak the hair under running water and use an applicator with a nozzle to shampoo the hair.
  • Gently rub between the braids and around the edges.
  • Rinse the shampoo out and towel dry the hair.

2. Condition Your Hair Weave

Conditioning your human hair weave is equally important, especially if you have curly weave hair extensions. Conditioning helps detangle the hair, add moisture to the strands, and define the curl pattern that has been stripped by shampoo.

Here are a few additional benefits of conditioning your weave hair extensions.

  • Stylists recommend conditioning weave hair as it helps increase luster and shine.
  • Conditioning softens your extensions, and regular conditioning keeps them healthy and lasts longer.
  • Conditioning weave hair reduces tangles and shedding.
  • Conditioners are also great for color-treated weave hair. They help maintain the vibrant color and the overall quality of your weave hair.
  • The best thing about conditioning your weave hair is that it reduces breakage.

Here’s the best conditioner for weaves we recommend:

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3. Always Dry Your Weave Hair Thoroughly

To maintain your weave hair, it is important to dry them thoroughly before moving on to styling. When the hair extensions aren’t completely dry, it makes room for bacteria to thrive, which leads to damaged hair and extensions. Whether you are air-drying or blow-drying your weave, it needs to be completely dry.

4. Maintain A Night-time Routine

A nighttime routine does not have to be lengthy and extraneous. Follow these simplified tips mentioned below to improve your weave’s health.

  • Sleep on silk pillow covers. Stylists and experts recommend using silk and satin pillows to retain moisture and keep the extensions silky and soft.
  • Detangle and braid your curly hair weave before bed. Section your hair and braid them to maintain a curly pattern. After braiding the hair, secure it into a bun, and wrap the extensions with a silk scarf. Go the extra mile and moisturize the hair with lightweight hair serum.

5. Keep Heat Styling To Minimum

One of the reasons for wearing a weave is to give your natural hair a break from daily heat styling.

However, hair extensions can endure only so much heat damage before they become frizzy and lose luster. The first thing to do when you are heat styling your weave is to use a heat protectant.

A heat protectant helps protect your extensions from heat damage by slowing heat conduction. It is important to understand that heat protectants won’t be able to protect your extensions from heat damages completely.

Never use heat styling tools on wet weave extensions. Hair that is wet or even damp is far more delicate than dry hair.

Furthermore, the heat from the equipment turns moisture into steam, which destroys the strand as it exits. To avoid this kind of damage, only use these heat tools on thoroughly dry hair.

Additionally, try heatless hairstyles to improve your weave’s health. Bobby pins, heatless curlers, and braids are great ways to achieve beautiful wavy and curly hairstyles without damaging the weave.

6. Take Weave Hair Out On Time

Weave hair extensions are not permanent, and you cannot wear the same for an extended period. Once the extensions’ installation period is over, experts urge to get them removed.

Ensure that you get the human hair weave removed after eight weeks.

If you don’t take out the weave in time, you risk damaging your hair, and it will also become difficult to style the weave hair.

Signs That It’s Time To Take Weave Hair Out

  • If you experience excessive itchiness between the braids, it is a sign that it’s time to remove them.
  • Even with frequent oiling, your scalp and hair remain dry. It is a telltale sign that you need to take the weave hair out. Do a deep moisture treatment after the extensions are out.
  • Product build-up and shedding. When it’s time to get the extensions removed, you will witness a lot of product build-up, and the weave hair will begin to shed.
  • Loose braids are the biggest sign. If you don’t remove the weave hair on time, the extensions begin to become looser, and your braids will begin to show.

7. Visit The Salon

Even with the best at-home hair care routine, it is important to visit the salon from time to time. Stylists recommend a touch-up appointment four weeks after installation so the weave hair can be readjusted, tightened, and trimmed accordingly. Regular upkeep will help keep both your hair and weave hair in good health.

These are seven tips that will improve your weave hair, according to hairstylists. Don’t skip out on professional touch-ups while you follow at-home maintenance tips.

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