The Best Cordless Hair Straighteners – No Need To Find A Socket Near A Mirror and No More Twisted Cords!

By Editorial Team
Published 26 Aug 2020 / Updated 28 Nov 2020

The Best Cordless Hair Straighteners – No Need To Find A Socket Near A Mirror and No More Twisted Cords!

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Break free and style your hair on the go with these game-changing portable cordless hair straighteners that are as easy to recharge as your mobiles.

We’ve all had these moments in our lives …

You’re running late, you need to do your hair fast, BUT the flipping socket is too far away from your mirror!

You’re on an exotic holiday, and you realize you forgot to bring the right adapter for your straightener …

I get you.

Planning your life around your hair is a never-ending struggle.

Let’s not make it harder with bulky hair styling tools that

  • Limit your options with that only socket in the bathroom
  • Limit your space with short power cords
  • Don’t give you the freedom to move around doing other things
  • And won’t work abroad

Portable cordless hair straighteners will change the way you style your hair.

  • More space to move around
  • No more twisted and tangled power cords
  • Experiment with better angles
  • No accidental trip overs
  • No need to find a power plug!

Here’s our edit of some of the best portable hair stylers you can use at home and on your travels.

The Best Cordless Hair Straighteners in 2020

No plugs, No tangled cords. Simply wireless hair styling.

conair cordless titanium multi-styler

Conair Unbound Cordless Titanium Multi-Styler


Best high-precision multi-purpose cordless flat iron.

Best Pick
deogra cordless travel flat iron

Deogra Cordless Hair Straightener


Best ceramic tourmaline straightener ideal for travelling.

usb portable mini flat iron

Lanxim Cordless Mini Flat Iron


Fits in luggage, purse, and handbag.

pritech cordless hair straightener

PRITECH Cordless Hair Straightener


Compact travel size and super lightweight.

Best Value

Conair Unbound Cordless Titanium Multi-Styler

Many people buy hair straighteners and curlers separately, which is fine except when you’re trying to reduce the number of hair tools you take on the run.

That is where the Conair Unbound Cordless Titanium Multi-Styler comes in.

With its attractive lavender body, this flat iron is nice to have. It only weighs 1 pound, so you won’t have any trouble carrying or using it.

I love the 1-inch titanium plates and barrel because they’re portable in size but powerful in action. Titanium can handle hair types that ceramic can’t, and it doesn’t make the iron get as hot as a plug-in.

You can also safely switch between the straightening and curling mode, thanks to the locking switch, which makes it the best cordless hair straightener in terms of versatility.

You can use this gorgeous straightener to straighten or curl your hair for up to a 25-minute cord-free runtime or more.

That depends on the heat setting that you choose among the available four that you can view on the LED temperature display. The 15-minute auto-off preserves the battery.

Finally, my top choice among Amazon cordless straighteners comes with a USB charger, 2 lithium-ion batteries included, and a heat-resistant pouch.


  • Suitable for both straightening and curling hair
  • 1-inch titanium plates and barrel
  • Locking switch
  • LED temperature display
  • 4 heat settings
  • Automatic shutoff feature
  • USB charger and 2 lithium-ion batteries included


  • May tangle your hair
  • Takes a few hours to charge

Deogra Cordless Hair Straightener – Best Ceramic Tourmaline

One aspect about flat irons that makes girls go heat-free is their damage to the hair.

So, I looked everywhere for an iron that does the job for hair as efficiently as mine, and I found the Deogra Cordless Straightener.

The first thing you’ll notice about this iron is its design. It has a unique lipstick shape with an eye-catching gradient mermaid color, which looks both quirky and cute.

Besides, the premium velvet, heat-resistant pouch adds to the whole fashionable aesthetic.

This cordless flat iron is really tiny. I mean, it only weighs 0.62 pounds and has a 0.6-inch plate width, which takes travel use to the next level.

These narrow, rounded ceramic tourmaline plates release negative ions, which makes them anti-static and anti-frizz. They protect fine and short hair from heating damage and preserve hair moisture.

So, this cordless flat iron is great for touch-ups on short, thin, fine hair and bangs, bobs, and tails. Also, it is gentle and small enough for use on kids.

Thanks to the patented JPH heating technology, this flat iron can heat up and recover quickly.

It can run continuously for 25 minutes on each full charge, and it can fully charge in only 90 minutes if you charge it using a 5V 2A adapter. The lithium-ion battery is included.


  • Patented JPH heating technology
  • Unique lipstick design
  • Can fully charge in 90 min with a 5V 2A adapter
  • Premium velvet heat-resistant pouch
  • Anti-static and anti-frizz
  • Gentle on kids
  • 1 lithium-ion battery included


  • Only good for fine and short hair

Lanxim Cordless Mini Flat Iron – Best With Floating Plate

While most cordless flat irons try to keep it narrow and fixed in their plates, the affordable Lanxim Cordless Mini Flat Iron stands out with its broader, 3D floating plate.

So it’s one of my favorite mini hair straighteners.

This hidden gem of a wireless flat iron comes in a sleek black color and a glossy finish. Does it look like a GHD? No. Does it look nice? Definitely.

It weighs 0.5 pounds, so don’t worry about fitting it in your purse or travel bag.

Our pick goes the unconventional route for a cordless flat iron with plates that are 0.9″ wide and 2.5″ long. You were probably wondering what a floating plate does.

The 3D floating plate cushions the hair and reduces any friction that usually happens with other flat irons.

The ceramic tourmaline plates release negative ions to eliminate static electricity, reduce frizz, and protect hair from heat damage. I love the curved edges because they prevent hair damage.

It all sounds right for my frizzy-haired self, especially in the humidity of summer.

This portable flat iron offers three different heat settings, which you can maximize using the memory function that reaches the specified temperature in 15 seconds after booting.

Also, it shuts off after 15 seconds if you don’t select a temperature.

Its powerful 5000mAh lithium battery gives you 80 minutes of runtime at 329°F or 40 minutes at 401°F.

The battery is so good that it enables you to use the straightener as a power bank for your cell phone. Thus, cordless straighteners can be powerful.

The straightener comes with a USB charging cable, and you can charge it fast using a 5V 2A adapter. We also have to mention the black velvet pouch it comes with.


  • Affordable
  • Wider and 3D floating plate
  • Curved edges to avoid damaging hair
  • Memory and power bank functions
  • Anti-static and anti-frizz
  • Auto shutoff
  • USB charging cable included


  • Only good for fine hair

PRITECH Cordless Hair Straightener – Budget Pick

Most girls have straightened their hair at some point in life, right? So, having a decent hair straightener is more essential than you may think.

However, that doesn’t mean going broke to get a cordless flat iron that does the job.

This one is my budget pick. This portable flat iron stands out with its hot pink color, compact design, and 8.5-ounce weight that enables you to carry it anywhere you want.

The plates of this cordless flat iron are ceramic-coated to get the benefits of ceramic plates of damage-free heating at an affordable price.

That said, the impressive feature in this flat iron is the 3D floating design that protects your hair from the passes. Also, I really love the built-in teeth because they smooth the hair in addition to straightening it.

The PRITECH Straightener offers 3 different heat settings that you can choose from the LED temperature display. Also, remember to use the lock mode because it saves a lot of heating time.

This cordless flat iron offers 15 to 25 minutes of runtime after being fully charged, and it needs 4 hours of full charge. The USB cable and 1 A battery are included.


  • Affordable
  • LED temperature display
  • 3 heat settings
  • Built-in comb teeth
  • Lock mode
  • USB charging cable and 1 A battery included


  • Only good for fine hair

How to Pick a Cordless Flat Iron

Titanium vs. Ceramic

It simply comes down to individual hair types and needs.

Personally, I have curly, thin hair, so my top choice is a ceramic straightener.

Ceramic is highly popular among professionals and amateurs alike because it is ultimately safer, as it smoothes out the hair without damaging or drying it. So, ceramic flat irons are excellent for frizz.

Also, ceramic tourmaline plates have the same shine and moisture-preserving qualities; they are more for damaged hair than other types.

They also have even heat distribution, so it is easier to straighten the hair with just one pass. Ceramic plates know how to reach the desired temperature in no time, and who wouldn’t want that?

Yet, some people prefer titanium irons.

Ceramic is softer on the hair, but that makes it ideal only for fine-to-normal hair types. Sarah Potempa
celebrity hairstylist -

She confirms ceramic limitations, implying that other types need to look elsewhere. Titanium targets these other hair types, mainly coarse, thick hair.

If a flat iron can straighten this type of hair in record time, it can probably scorch thin hair thanks to its amazing heat-conducting abilities. We’ve all gone through at some point, and it sucks.

So, titanium is an excellent choice for coarse, curly, or coily hair.


The sizes of plates play an important role in how well a flat iron works with your hair, particularly how fast it does.

Smaller plates are better for short hair, whereas larger plates are better for longer hair.

The plate size won’t affect the finished product, but it will affect how fast you get there.

Stefan Bertin
London-based celebrity hairstylist -

So, plate sizes definitely matter, especially if you’re a busy person.


The shape of the edges affects how a flat iron can operate.

Flat irons with rounded edges can be used for straightening or curling hair.

They’re usually the popular choice for beach waves, and celebrity hairstylists such as Jen Atkins and David Lopez made tutorials for achieving the “S Waves,” as they call them.

If you’re going for a curl-less style, look for classic and sharp straighteners.

Battery-Operated Hair Straighteners

Nothing says portability more than a battery-powered flat iron.

Rechargeable batteries mean that you won’t be at the mercy of power outlets whenever you travel or have to take your straightener on the go.

How exactly can a battery hair straightener be recharged? It differs. You can charge some by connecting them into any USB port.

USB charging in 2020 is a blessing because no one is out of USB cords or ports. Some straighteners charge using 5V 2A adapters.

However, if relying on a battery that has to deplete with time stresses you out, try out a gas iron. Some people love flat irons that you can charge by plugging into their own charging stations too.

The variety of options proves that there is a lot of customization within cordless flat irons.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Cordless Hair Straighteners Good?

Of course. While corded hair straighteners are considered more powerful and more suitable for thick hair, high-quality cordless ones can replace them with the extra portability advantage.

With the right research about what suits you, you may never need a corded one again, especially if you have fine or short hair or need a hair tool for touch-ups.

What Is the Healthiest Hair Straightener?

The healthiest hair tool, in general, is the one that matches your hair type, because what benefits someone may harm someone else.

So, if you have fine hair that is relatively easy to straighten, don’t jump into the titanium hype and burn your hair. Play it safe with ceramic plates.

However, if your hair is coarse, titanium wouldn’t be as harmful; in fact, titanium is a godsend for curly hair.

Can I Plug My Hair Straightener Into My Car?

Here’s the thing; it depends on the type of your flat iron.

If you want to use a hair straightener that you can use in your car, look for a 12V hair straightener so that you can plug it in into your car cigarette lighter.

Another option would be getting one that runs on batteries, which means you can use it everywhere.

Do Hair Straighteners Cause Hair Loss?

I’m not going to sit idle here and pretend that hair straightening doesn’t have harmful effects.

Many people, including myself, experience dryness, hair fall, breakage, dullness, and split ends. So, it is safe to say it can be harmful, no doubt about it.

That being said, you can reduce these side effects by using heat protectants, moisturizing your hair, straightening in low-temperature settings, and reducing the frequency of using flat irons.

Is It Okay to Straighten Hair Without Heat Protectant?

Look, it is wrong to do so. Heat protectants minimize the harmful side effects of hair straightening to your hair strands and follicles.

Not even the best flat iron out there can spare you from using a heat protectant. So, I really don’t recommend it.

If you really have to do it without a heat protectant, do it once, but never make it a habit.

Final Thoughts

Cordless flat irons come in different types and shapes, as you can see. Now that we’ve told you everything we know let’s recap.

If you have coarse hair, you’ll love the Conair Unbound Cordless Titanium Multi-Styler because it can effortlessly handle your hair type with the extra advantage of being a curler.

Thanks to its narrow, rounded plates, girls with delicate and damaged hair will appreciate the Deogra Cordless Hair Straightener.

3D floating plates protect your hair from friction while you do your touch-ups, and that is what the Lanxim Cordless Mini Flat Iron is a pro at.

If you’re on budget travel and don’t wish to spend a fortune on a cordless flat iron, get the PRITECH Cordless Hair Straightener, one of the most affordable cordless straighteners on the market.

conair cordless titanium multi-styler

Conair Unbound Cordless Titanium Multi-Styler


Best high-precision multi-purpose cordless flat iron.

Best Pick