Vintage Spoolies Curlers for Healthy Heatless Curls


Vintage Spoolies Curlers for Healthy Heatless Curls

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Want to know the secret to playful hairstyles without using heat?

Let me show you what I discovered.

This new trend has been blowing up my Insta and to be honest, I couldn’t resist.

So I decided to play with Spoolies Curlers.

The old-fashioned hair curlers that my grandma would use to get her best coiff.

In fact:

Spoolies date all the way back to the good old 1950s. And these popular retro hair curlers used to cost a whopping 59 cents for a pack of 28!

Although they were not as comfortable to use back then, people still loved them. Because they brought the whole family together for quality time doing each other’s hair.

They were fun, easy to use, and romantic too.

The best part?

No heat. No problem.

You could still make heatless curls that would last all day long without blasting your hair with a turbo-powered hairdryer or frying it at 400 Deg F with a heat styler.

Fast forward now, Spoolies are back with a TWIST!

where can i buy spoolies?

And even better than before.

I will tell you why. Keep reading …

Let me share my personal Spoolies review with you.

Here’s what I did when I bought my first set.

I Ditched My Heat Styling Tools For A Few Weeks

With hair spoolies back on the market, it was time to unleash the retro curls and experiment with these new heatless hair rollers.

Don’t get me wrong.

I still love my curling iron, but too much heat is not a good thing.

And let’s be real …

How much time do you have in the morning to slave away with your curling iron or hair curling brush?

Probably none, zilch, nada!

But what if you could wake up with soft and bouncy curls ready to go?

Well, this is exactly what happened the first time I tried them.

Spoolies curled my hair overnight. And in the morning, it only took me 5 minutes to get them off.


My hair was down in soft spirals with a good distribution of curly volume.

I Had A Full Head Of Happy Springy Curls!

best hair curler

That’s right!

Happy springy curls that did not have to battle through intense heat.

I could wear my hair down in effortless retro curls, angel curls, or spirals.

And here are the other different hairstyles I managed to make in a few weeks:

  • Tight Curls
  • Loose curly hair
  • Soft wave curls
  • Spiral ringlet curls
  • Pin curls

Oh! Did I mention the beachy waves that would even make Giselle jealous?

At the crux of it all, these no heat hair curlers give you unlimited styling options to express different sides of your personality.

And of course, it allows you to flaunt your gorgeous hair shamelessly.

So many options that I eventually ran out of creative ideas to boost my ego.

But hey!


Everyone’s hair is different and depending on what suits your mood …

… you can let your imagination run wild with plenty of inspiring videos from this gorgeous lady who makes ravishingly easy curls with …

You guessed it.


These simple to follow videos are fun, frivolous, and pure vintage glam.

Spoolies hair curlers give you soft-bodied curls with the perfect plumage to accent your look.

And truth to be told …

There’s something simply extraordinary about big curly hair.

It changes your look and makes you look mysterious, seductive, or classically femme as the French would call it.

After a few weeks of messing around, I can definitely say I love them.

I also love the people behind the brand and their contribution to children’s education charities.

Back in the late 50s, spoolies hair rollers were made from latex rubber and PVC plastic.

Ok, they were not exactly comfortable as they would slip out easily. But spoolies were still much better than the smelly-at-home perms that would give you frizz.

These 1950s hair rollers were also popular because they were the only alternative to perms, heat, and chemical-free hair styling.

However, as the decades passed by, spool curlers slipped off the radar and gave way to a world of high-tech heat styling tools that were time-saving, stylish, and enviable.

But not necessarily healthy for your hair.

In the modern world, everyone wants to look fab at the click of a switch.

But at what cost?

Extreme heat that damages your hair!

According to Jenny Cho (Suave celebrity hairstylist in Los Angeles), styling your hair at volcano-like temperatures every day cracks the cuticles to leave them exposed.

This leaves you with desiccated hair that looks more like split ends central.

To solve this problem, Jeanne revamped the 1950s hair curlers so that you can freshen your curls easily at home without using searing heat.

The idea was to minimize heat damage for hair and provide you with a better alternative that is both convenient and portable.

“Today, it’s all about hair styles minus the risk of harming your tresses. Spoolies was really well-received by the market as it fits in with the trend of styling the hair without heat damage.”Says: Daniela Ciocan, marketing director of Cosmoprof – LA Times

7 Reasons Why You’ll Love Spoolies Heatless Hair Curlers

1. Get The Sexy & Bouncy Victoria’s Secret Worthy Vintage curls

Vintage curly hairstyles are popping up all over the place, and they are here to stay.

Even Victoria’s Secret fashion show (2017) which was held in Shanghai featured retro big curls beautifully crafted by Michael Angelo of New York City’s Wonderland Beauty Parlor.

Let me show you how I hacked my way to Gigi Hadid’s big sexy and tousled hair.

I used the Jumbo Spoolies set to get the same look.

Because large hair spools can hold more hair and they create looser curls.

Who needs an expensive Sarah Potempa Beachwaver anyway?

2. Make Curls And Waves That Won’t Fall Flat

Here’s another thing I love about them.

My curls keep their shape all day long.

I bought the Spoolies leave-in curl enhancing spray which is:

  • Sulfate-free
  • Paraben-free
  • Phthalate Free
  • And safe for color-treated hair

Just spray in the light conditioning spray before you roll your hair in and it will keep your hair hydrated, soft, and manageable.

And I love the fragrance too.

It’s rich in crambe abyssinica seed oil, Lemongrass oil, orange oil, palmarosa, ylang-ylang, and jasmine.

So there you have it.

Well hydrated, smooth, and overnight curls that refuse to fall flat with a little bit of help from their complementary curl enhancing spray.

3. Take Your Curls Anywhere

Hair straighteners and curling irons can be deceptively heavy and take up so much space when you are traveling.

Plus, there’s the hassle of buying travel adapters if your hair styling tool is not dual voltage.

But not anymore!

With the Spoolies no heat curlers, you don’t need to worry about plugs, voltage, or space in your luggage.

They have their own little bag, which is light, easy to carry and you just throw them in.

A pack of 24 + the spray weighs only 288 grams, which is even less than the weight of an iPad!

So ditch your bulky hair styling gadgets, and pack them Spoolies next time you’re heading for somewhere hot.

Make carefree Instagram curls for your selfies without blowing the fuse in your hotel room!

4. Get Creative With Your Hair Extensions

Give your hair extensions a creative makeover if you’re getting bored of it.

I only have one piece which I bought from Luxy hair a while ago.

Honest, I love the quality, and it’s lasted me for ages.

In fact, so long that I got bored with it.

But with Spoolies, I added a creative touch to it and it suddenly made things more exciting.

Because Luxy hair provides genuine and top quality human hair extensions, they do take curling very well.

I also tried them before with the Conair Curl Secret, and they took the curls well.

5. They Are Made of Hypoallergenic Materials

Spoolies are rubber hair curlers made from hypoallergenic biocompatible medical-grade materials patented in the US.

They are non-toxic and risk-free.

In fact, they are so safe that even kids can play with them.

So if your little princess is always imitating what you wear and how you style your hair …

She can now copy your spiral curls too.

6. There Is A Spoolie For Every Hair Type

Did you know?

It takes north of 410° F to make thick and coarse hair curly!

Now that’s a lot of heat.

And the worst thing is:

Thick and coarse hair are dry. With that amount of heat, you are literally sucking out all the moisture from your hair just to get a look that will last for one day.

If you have thick hair and doing this right now … Stop!

Give your hair a break from heat styling.

Because spoolies work for all types of hair.

All you have to do is choose the right size and decide how tight or loose you want your curls.

kids hair curlers rubber hair spoolies
Credit: Spoolies on Instagram

Then put them on at night, and let these magic sleep in rollers craft your unruly hair into beautiful curls.

7. Spoolies Don’t Slip. They Hold Your Hair Well

And last, these heatless rubber hair curlers won’t slip no matter what your hair type.

They’ve been revamped and tested thoroughly to make sure they are super comfortable to use.

While the material is designed to get a good grip on your hair, they also contain air gaps to let your hair breathe.

You can even use them on wet hair and blow dry over them.

They are heat resistant, and I guarantee you they won’t even feel the heat or melt.

I’ve tried this several times, and I will personally vouch for them.

In my opinion, the vintage spoolies curlers are good value for money.

But Will They Replace My Curling Iron?

No, I wouldn’t say so.

Let me explain why …

Although I had some fun with them, there was one thing I struggled with.

I couldn’t control every inch of my curls as I could do with my curling iron.

Yep, there are times when I can be extremely demanding of my hair.

There are times when I still need a curling iron for more extreme hairstyles.

But having said that …

I am happy with the idea of alternating my heat styler with the Spoolies heatless hair curler set for one reason.

To save my hair from unnecessary damage.

I am happy to have this option because it gives my hair a break from heat styling.

Plus I don’t have to use excess products to make curls.

On the days when I don’t need a special hairdo, spoolies work great.

My 2 Cents

Let your hair dance to the romance of silken waves or large bouncing curls that look effortlessly luxurious.

And yet casual enough to wear every day and everywhere.

Go on, grab your spoolies curlers and let those spirals put a smile on your face.

And don’t forget:

For every set of Spoolies you buy, you’re helping children across the world get a better life and education.

Where to buy Spoolies heatless hair curlers

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