Why Does Sea Salt Make Hair Wavy?

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If you always make a point to visit the beach every summer, you’ve probably noticed the difference in your hair after spending a couple of hours in the water.

It’s not just you, that’s actually all of us!

Dry hair no longer becomes a thing, and it’s all about softness.

Somehow, sea salt manages to bring out the best of our hair and give us the most natural waves. It’s no wonder that the term “beach waves” came about!

Today, tons of Youtube tutorials, DIYs, and even products like sea salt spray aim to replicate the incredibly beautiful beach waves that sea salt gives us.

The question is:

Why does sea salt make our hair wavy in the first place?

After you know the answer to that question, you can create your waves anywhere, not just in the water. Read on …

What Does Sea Salt Water Do to Your Hair?

For decades, salt has been used in medicine for its healing properties. It’s also a natural and vital mineral that our bodies need and can’t survive without.

With that said, when it comes to saltwater, the benefits are tremendous.

The salt crystals found in oceans and beach waters are there to add extra body and thickness to your hair, along with tranquilizing itchy, dry, or flaky scalps.

Therefore, if you have dry hair, sea salt would work wonders for you!

Moreover, sea salt water contains vitamins and minerals, including magnesium, potassium, and selenium, all of which contribute to your hair’s overall health.

On that note, it’s worth mentioning that sea salt also drives away any harmful elements present in your hair, like mercury, for instance.

By that same token, salt, by nature, has antifungal properties. Most importantly, sea salt is one top-notch exfoliator that stimulates blood flow to the scalp.

Excellent blood circulation ensures that more nutrients reach your hair follicles, resulting in healthier and stronger hair.

As an immediate impact, your hair cuticles are opened. The strands are plumped, providing your hair with that excellent texture and enhancing your natural curls and waves.

Finally, by default, sea salt water is a natural shampoo!

It serves all its basic functions, including stripping heavy oils and excess sebum from your hair.

What’s more, it removes any leftover shampoo or conditioner that your hair has been treated with previously, along with any buildups.

The end result?

Goodbye greasy hair, fine hair, and any other hair types that may have been damaged from the sun!

Hello, damp hair, curly hair, and gorgeous beachy waves!

What Are Sea Salt Sprays?

You’ve probably heard of sea salt sprays. As mentioned earlier, nowadays, girls are trying to find sea salt alternatives to replicate its effects at home.

That is especially needed for those who don’t live near sea salt or don’t have the opportunity to visit very often.

A sea salt spray is one of those products designed to mimic beach-inspired waves without necessarily having to visit the shore.

The salt in the spray is meant to give subtle, messy waves to your hair, allowing you to shine with the summery look even if you haven’t stepped foot on a beach.

Sea salt spray is most commonly used by girls with fine hair since it lifts the roots, displaying a much fuller look.

It also gives a lift to limp hair to keep it from falling flat and losing its original form across the day.

It’s also used by girls with oily hair, like me, since it absorbs excess sebum and lengthens the duration between washes.

That gives a damp hair look that’s super attractive on days when I’m skipping a rinse, instead of appearing greasy!

Even for girls with straight hair, sea salt spray adds grip and volume to keep it from looking flat and adds slight, cute waves.

Last but not least, girls with thick, curly hair always use sea salt spray to help define the curls and reduce frizz!

Are Sea Salt Sprays Bad for Your Hair?

The answer isn’t really yes or no, but rather:

It depends on how much you use it.

Over time, salt tends to have a drying effect on our hair. I know it’s great momentarily for the gorgeous look it gives, but the key is always in regulation.

Please don’t depend on it every day is what I’m trying to say. Moreover, when you use sea salt spray, make sure to use a hair oil beforehand, like Argan oil.

This is especially applicable if you’re a natural curlyhead. Curly hair is, by default, quite dry.

Therefore, further stripping it away from moisture won’t be right. It will just be tangled hair everywhere, with volume. So, it’s a trade-off you have to think about.

How Do You Use Sea Salt Spray for Wavy Hair?

For starters, let’s simply get this out of the way: you can use sea salt spray on both damp or dry hair – it really doesn’t matter.

Yet, it’s preferred to use it on unwashed hair to grip your hair cuticles more easily. Then, this will be the last step of your hair care routine, right after any serum, heat protectants, masks, or other.

If you choose to use the sea salt spray on damp hair, however, make sure your hair is lightly towel-dried and then sprayed before blow-drying for an exact mimic of the beachy look.

Now, when it comes to how much sea salt spray to use, it depends on your hair’s length and texture. If your hair is fine, for example, use only a minimal quantity at the roots.

Otherwise, apply sea salt spray to the length of your hair only if your hair was already dried. Conversely, if you’re applying it to damp hair, you can be much more generous and spray it all over.

For maximum results, make sure to flip your head upside-down and apply the spray towards the base of your roots too. Then, scrunch your hair while blow-drying.

The same applies if your hair is wavy or naturally curly; you have the green light to use as much sea salt spray as desired.

Just comb it throughout with a wide-tooth comb after you’re done, mess up your hair with your hands, and let your locks dry naturally.

Useful Tip:

If you’re using sea salt spray for hairstyles, updos, braids, or more, lightly spread it over your hair and massage it for a ‘messy’ look.

And if you have your hair done curly with heat, using sea salt spray will make it look messier and more natural. Finally, don’t forget that sea salt spray can also be used to give you extra days between shampoos!

Final Words

As we’ve seen together, the effects of sea salt on our hair strands are insane! And to date, there are no better-looking waves than beach waves.

Of course, the whole package of being on the beach and having the perfect hair day is a combo not to miss.

However, if that isn’t instantly available, there’s no harm in having a good hair day regardless, no?

If you have the same opinion, go ahead and make your next sea salt texturizing spray purchase and treat yourself with volumized, back-from-the-beach styled hair!

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