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FoxyBae Hair Straightener Brush

The new FoxyBae ceramic hair straightener brush is the product du jour that will literally glide you into better hair days.

It detangles, dries, and styles your hair to perfection at the click of a switch.

FoxyBae hair straightener ceramic brush youtube video

It’s time-saving and a genius idea.

A styler built into your hairbrush you can use right out of the shower!

And that gorgeous rose gold trim… makes it even more desirable.

After seeing all the rave reviews on Youtube and Instagram, I decided to grab one, and here’s what happened …

It didn’t only blow my hair, but it blew my mind too!

I was able to transform a bad hair day in less than 10 minutes.

  • No Frizz
  • No flyaways
  • Silky smooth hair
  • Perfectly put-together
  • Everyone’s jealous!

Amazing. Right?

This is hybrid multipurpose hair styling technology at its finest.

Engineered with first-class ionic ceramic and tourmaline technology, the FoxyBae hair straightening brush straightens your hair without the need to detangle, blow-dry, and switching on your hair straightener.

Plug it in, let it heat (5 secs), brush, and go. Voila!

FoxyBae Hair Straightener Brush

FoxyBae brush for straightening hair

Click to buy the FoxyBae Ceramic and Tourmaline hair straightener brush.


FoxyBae Hair Straightener Brush – The One Step Hair Brush and Styler

Foxybae hair straightening brush
FoxyBae hair straightening brush reviews.

Whether you’ve got short, long, curly, wavy, extensions or wigs, FoxyBae works effortlessly to speed through your morning routine in half the time.

The 2-in-1 system combines the benefits of a hairbrush and the precision of a styler into one professional salon-grade device.

And to make it even better:

Unlike traditional hair straighteners which can toast your hair with their flat metal surfaces, the straightening brush uses negative ion therapy to style your locks without pressing with direct heat.

So What Is Ionic Technology Exactly, And Why Is It Safer?

Let me throw you back to your high school science class for a minute.

An ion is a molecule with a positive or negative electrical charge, and ion particles exist in all objects of nature.

Human hair, by default, has positive and negative charged areas. And when you wash your hair, water molecules add a positive charge to large surface areas which raise the cuticles to make your hair frizzy.

To cancel the effects of the positive charges, negative Ions (negatively charged molecules), neutralize the effects of positive ions to restore the hair to its proper state.

Negative ions also help to seal the cuticles to make them flat and smooth, thus eliminating frizz.

Moreover, negative ions break down water in wet hair faster. They convert water molecules into microparticles so that they can distribute evenly.

The result?

Your hair absorbs micro water particles faster, allowing it to dry instantly while also maintaining a healthy level of hydration.

While a hair straightener uses direct high heat to evaporate water out of your hair, a brush with negative ions breaks down water into smaller molecules to allow it to penetrate the hair rather than steaming it out.

What’s even better is that heat generated from the FoxyBae hair straightener brush is scientifically proven to condition your hair by using tourmaline technology.

Tourmaline Makes Your Hair Silky Smooth and Frizz-Free

To put it simply, Tourmaline technology is negative ions generated from infrared which heats the hair from the inside out.

Unlike traditional hair straighteners that deliver electrical heat to the outside of the hair, Tourmaline uses negative ions to counteract positive ions.

In short, it has the same effect but without the heat damage.

Instead, you get naturally silky smooth hair rather than the flat burnt look.

Tourmaline also makes your hair easy to manage and helps your hair retain moisture for longer.

All these benefits without even having to detangle your hair out of the shower.

The FoxyBrush Can Detangle Knotty Layers In Seconds!

There is nothing more frustrating than fighting a war with tangles and knots in your hair after a shower.

I know the feeling.

I’ve been called the bride of Frankenstein by my other half at times. My hair is such a mess after a shower, and it takes me ages to vigorously brush through to tame the beast and look presentable.

But not anymore.

The FoxyBae hairbrush has a ceramic coating that allows it to effortlessly glide through the hair while the gentle heat untangles the knots.

Take it from me:

This brush is the best detangling tool you’ll ever need in your bathroom cabinet.

Why You Should Buy The FoxyBae Ceramic Hair Straightener Brush

FoxyBae hair brush straightener
FoxyBae hair brush straightener

It’s a multi-tasking tool that saves you time.

The FoxyBae ceramic and tourmaline hair straightener brush combines the benefits of 3 tools in one.

  • A detangler
  • A Hair Dryer
  • A hair styler

Convenient and small enough to slip into your handbag.

It’s so easy to use that you’ll be done styling your hair in less than 10 minutes.

  • No time wasting
  • No burning your hair
  • No wrist pain from straightening your hair inch-by-inch

Less heat more style

You don’t need to endure torturous methods to transform your wet mop into lavish curls. With a maximum heat of 185° C (recommended as safe by experts) through its ceramic pins, it actively conditions your hair with negative ions for a smooth and silky finish.

You’ll be foxy in no time!

Reliable and designed to last

The FoxyBae straightener brush is the Apple of hairbrushes.

Engineered with cool features, It’s simple, elegant, and durable. I don’t see this brush giving up on me for at least 2 years.

Exceptional customer service

Based on customer reviews, testimonials, and their active social media support, I can tell you that FoxyBae is exceptional when it comes to customer service and aftercare. If you hit any problems, contact them, and they get back to you straight away. I love it!

FoxyBae Straightener Brush Features

Advanced Ionic Technology

Ionic technology helps to seal the hair cuticles without depleting moisture.

Instant Heat-Up

The brush heats up in less than 10 seconds.

Safe Recommended Heat

The FoxyBae hair brush straightener is designed to reach a maximum of 185°C/365° F which is the safe level recommended by experts.

Even Heat Distribution

Both ceramic and tourmaline work together to distribute heat evenly throughout your hair to avoid snags, hot spots, and heat damage.

Moisture Retention

Negative ions help your hair retain moisture for longer. The heated brush does not dry your hair like straighteners do.

360 Swivel Long Cord

The swivel cord rotates with ease to allow you to move around while styling your hair. The cord is also long enough to provide ample flexibility in your movement.

Temperature Control

Set your heat with the easy to use temperature control on the side.

How Much Does The FoxyBae Hair Brush Cost?

The FoxyBae straightener brush costs $149.95 from their official website.

Cheaper than a trip to your hair salon!

Other FoxyBae Products You’ll love

FoxyBae Rose Gold Curling Wands

rose gold curling wands
Rose gold curling wands

Check out the Queen Bee of curling wands from FoxyBae. With 7 interchangeable rose gold Titanium barrels, you can go from beachy waves to tight, defined curls no matter what your hair type.

The FoxyBae curling wands also use negative ions to give your hair maximum moisture and shine.

FoxyBae Rose Gold Curling Wands

FoxyBae White Marble Rose Gold Curling Wands

white marble curling wands
White marble curling wands

The new 32mm Rose gold and white marble curling wands will give you voluminous curls and Insta-worthy beachy waves in minutes.

Get ready to lose your marbles. This is hot!

White Marble Rose Gold Wands

FoxyBae Rose Gold Tres Sleek Flat Iron

rose gold flat iron
Rose gold flat iron straightener

The FoxyBae titanium plated flat iron has spring-loaded plates to ensure your hair is not tightly sandwiched.

You can control the press sensitivity, and it has multiple digital heat settings to cater to any hair type.

Tres Sleek Rose Gold Flat Iron

FoxyBae Blomance Rose Gold Hair Dryer

blomance hair dryer
Blomance Rose gold hair dryer

This ultra-luxe rose gold hair dryer from FoxyBae:

  • Blows out your hair in half the time
  • Locks in moisture
  • And reduces frizz

It also has a built-in cool shot feature to help you freeze your hairstyle in place.

Blomance Rose Gold Hair Dryer

FoxyBae Hair Accessories

updos hair accessories
Hair accessories

To help you along on your lazy hair days, FoxyBae has some cool branded hair accessories that will still make you look effortlessly chic and cool.

From top-notch hair ties to bobby pins, you get everything in between to help you put your hair up when you are in your Zero F**ks given mood.

Hair Ties and Accessories

FoxyBae Flaminglow Leave-In Cream Conditioner

leave in styler
Hair accessories

Use this leave in conditioner right after your shower.

It helps with:

  • Detangling
  • Moisturizing
  • Taming frizz

It smells heavenly.

Flaminglow Leave-In Conditioner Cream

FoxyBae Cool AF Heat Protection Spray

heat protection spray
Hair accessories

Heat style your hair without the sizzle. The FoxyBae Cool AF Heat protection adds a protective layer to defend your hair against heat damage. Just spray it onto your locks before you apply heat and see the difference.

Loaded with Biotin, it also adds strength to your layers to prevent them from looking dry and brittle.

Cool AF Heat Protectant

The FoxyBae Ceramic Hair Brush Straightener is a Must-Have

The Foxybae ceramic hair straightener brush is a must-have tool in your hair care arsenal.

  • It cuts your styling time in half
  • It uses ceramic ionic pins
  • It heats up instantly
  • It has good air velocity
  • 3-in1 blow brush, detangler, and styler
  • Lightweight – you can even travel with it
  • And the results are amazing

Now, go and tell your frizzy-haired friends about it too!

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