6 Sweat Proof Hair Gels for Crunch-Free and Fresh-Smelling Hair

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6 Sweat Proof Hair Gels for Crunch-Free and Fresh-Smelling Hair

Sweaty hair is no one’s favorite look.

But when you’ve got an active lifestyle, washing your hair after every workout is not the best solution.

That’s when a sweat proof hair gel comes in handy to ensure your locks don’t go to shit or smell funky no matter how sweaty you get.

So swish your way to your next workout with these excellent gels to avoid post-exercise frizz.

1. Original Sprout Natural Hair Gel

water-proof hair gel without bad chemicals or oil

Dermatologically tested and hypoallergenic, strong hold gel for all hair types.


2. Ouidad Climate Control Anti-Humidity Gel

sweat-resistant hair gel

Style, sweat, refresh. Repeat – The perfect styling gel for curly hair when you’re working up a sweat.


3. Bumble and Bumble Anti Humidity Gel

For medium and strong hold styling

The magic goop for curly hair. Keep curls in shape even in the sweatiest of workout sessions.


4. DevaCurl The Curl Maker Spray Gel

gel for thick hair with a fresh scent

A lightweight spray gel that amplifies hold and texture and withstands sweat.


5. Briogeo Curl Charisma Leave-In Defining Gel

Add hold and texture without residues

The frizz control gel for high performance on-the-go hair.


6. Oribe Curl Gloss Hydration and Hold Gel

Hair products for gym and exercise

Lightweight glossing gel for ultra hydration control. Prevents sweat and perspiration from frizzing your hair.


How Does a Sweat Resistant Hair Gel Work?

While a little sweat here and there doesn’t actually make your hair and scalp dirty and smelly, it’s the high salt content in your bodily fluid and the increase in humidity that can throw your hair into a frizzy mess.

A sweat-resistant hair styling product adds a humidity-resistant barrier to the hair strands to repel moisture.

As your scalp starts to feel wet from perspiration during a heavy workout, the hair gel blocks sweat in its tracks so that your hair doesn’t get drenched.

Here’s how a sweat-proof hair gel also helps to keep your hairstyle in check during exercise:

It stops humidity from making your hair frizzy.

When you’re pouring out your pores as a deluge of perspiration, sweat and moisture can turn even the most carefully crafted hairstyle into a frizzy mess.

An anti-sweat or anti-humidity hair gel provides extra resistance to humidity to keep frizziness and fly-aways at bay by sealing your hair with a moisture barrier.

Therefore no amount of humidity can penetrate into the hair strands to make them swell.

It Locks Your Hairstyle in Place

Whether you want to slick your edges or have a go-with-the-flow hairstyle that doesn’t come undone when it’s time to get active, a hair gel keeps your hair locked in place.

So nothing can screw up a perfectly good hair day. Not even a hot yoga or HIIT session.

It reduces the need for frequent washing, which contributes to dry hair from natural oil-stripping shampoos.

It Saves You From Washing Your Hair After Every Workout

To wash or not to wash?

This is the question you probably ask yourself every time after smashing through a workout when your hair feels drenched in sweat.

By using an anti-sweat hair product that keeps your locks smelling fresh, you can skip a rinse and just carry on with your busy day.

How to Use an Anti Sweat Hair Gel

  1. Choose any hair styling gel of your choice from the above list above
  2. Lower your head and flip your hair forward
  3. Apply a generous amount evenly throughout (depending on your hair length)
  4. Once your hair strands are properly coated with the gel, scrunch it with a t-shirt or a microfiber towel
  5. Make sure to avoid your scalp

And voila!

You can either wear your hair pulled back into a high bun or find some inspiring gym hairstyles on Instagram before you swish your way through to your next workout sesh.

Once you’ve done with your workout session, loosen up your hair and let it bounce back.

Are You Sweat Proofing Your Hair During Your Workouts?

Beat the frizzing effects of sweat and humidity with these excellent sweat-proof hair gels to avoid over-washing your hair.

They will keep your tresses locked in place whether you’re going on a run, doing crossfit, or practicing a hot yoga session.

And even better; they keep your hair smelling fresh for longer.

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