The Best Co Wash for Low Porosity Hair – Cheat Your #Washday!

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The Best Co Wash for Low Porosity Hair – Cheat Your #Washday!

Co-washing is not strictly part of the holy grail routine for those with low porosity hair, but sometimes, you’ve gotta cheat the #washday.

Because let’s be honest, we all hate it.

The thought alone gives me anxiety attacks.

But when Shea Moisture launched their curl conditioning cleanser, I got a much-needed break from my wash day chronicles.

Shea Moisture Co-Wash

The Shea Moisture curl cleanser is by far the best co wash for low porosity hair that will relieve the burden of washing your curls when your busy life leaves you with no time for your hair.


I know many of my lo-po sisters will raise their well-shaped eyebrows at the thought of this, but listen up: it works.

It helps me switch up my hair washing routine when I feel overwhelmed and can’t be arsed.

In theory, co washing means skipping the shampoo and using conditioners only to cleanse the hair. But we all know a conditioner doesn’t cleanse. It only adds moisture and slip, right?

Well, the Shea Moisture Curl Co Wash changes the game.

This brand totally gets the frustrations of people with natural hair texture, and their products have continuously evolved to make our hair care routines effortless.

By dropping this fantastic cream cleansing conditioner into the mix, they’ve just proved that you can still keep your curls in pristine condition without jumping into a full wash-day routine.

Why Is It The Best Co Wash For Low Porosity Hair?

The Shea Moisture Curl Co Wash does 3 things exceptionally well:

It does everything an ideal shampoo for low porosity hair does.

The only difference is:

It saves a hell of a lot of time!

Look, I am not a curl scientist, but I have hair. Moisture-resistant hair that feels filthy only a day after a full-on wash!

And over the years, I’ve tried all sorts of shampooing hacks to help my curls retain moisture while liberating them from product residue buildup.

Needless to say, it was a constant struggle trying to find the right balance of how often to wash my low porosity hair and how to do it right.

It was like throwing spaghetti at the wall and see what sticks really. Until one day, something stuck and worked reliably well to save my curls from excess washing.

Yes, it works for me but will it work for you?

Let me explain how it works before you consider giving it a try:

The Shea Moisture Curl Co Wash

shea butter conditioning wash for hair with lower porosity

My hair takes ages to saturate with water, and as a result, it takes forever to dry as well. When you factor in the little details like detangling, brushing, air drying, etc., by the time I’m done, I’m seriously exhausted with the process.

So how does the Shea Moisture curl cleanser make things easier?

Well, the easiest way to explain it is to compare a full on exfoliating face wash to a Micellar cleanser.

If you had to remove your makeup every day with a full foaming cleanser or an exfoliator, well, by now your skin would be sagging like an old bag.

The iconic French H20 was invented to make cleansing easier without nuking the moisture layer of your skin.

Instead of scrubbing, it uses tiny structures called micelles to attract dirt and impurities like a magnet. And when all the dirt is trapped, these micelles rinse out together with the dirt.

The Shea Moisture Coconut and Hibiscus Cleanser doesn’t use sulfates and surfactants to scrub the hair like shampoos do. Instead, it uses gentle botanical ingredients that work like dirt magnet micelles.

Just like you don’t have to exfoliate and use a foaming cleanser to purge makeup from your face, you don’t always need a shampoo for your hair too.

This cleansing conditioner simply fizzes out dirt and grime that have clung onto the hair strands from other hair products.

It effectively frees up the moisture penetrating pathway, the hair cuticle layer, to properly allow each hair shaft to soak in nutrients.

This process is excellent for low porosity hair texture because there is no initial moisture loss, like when using sulfate-based shampoos.

So instead of stripping the hair dry in the cleansing process, the Shea Moisture co wash works with your hair’s existing moisture level to give it a further boost.

With ingredients like certified organic raw shea butter, coconut oil, hibiscus extracts, and neem oil, the formula helps your hair strands to stay hydrated for longer.

Shea Moisture Co Wash for Low Porosity Hair

How To Use It

Pump a dollop of the conditioner into your palms and massage it evenly throughout your hair for 3 – 5 minutes.

Make sure you work it from root to ends.

Then rinse thoroughly with warm water.

That’s it!

It will help to keep your ruffled curls soft, frizz-free, and super easy to detangle as well.

Cheat Your Washday!

Finally, a co washing product for low porosity hair that doesn’t suck!

Use it to break your boring hair washing routine and get more mileage out of your hair without succumbing to dryness and buildup.

Shea Moisture Low Porosity Hair Co Wash

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