Are Wet Brushes Good for Your Hair? A Strand-by-Strand Review

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Are Wet Brushes Good for Your Hair? A Strand-by-Strand Review

We’ve all had a bad hair day, whether it’s our own hair or that of our kids. Combing through tangled hair translates to massive headaches, and dealing with knots and snarls isn’t a field trip! Plus, even if you get through the balls of matted hair, you’re left with gigantic frizz, so you’re basically swapping one misfortune with another.

Luckily for everyone that’s ever had a hard time brushing their hair, there’s a new superstar on the market that’s causing a lot of buzz, and for a good reason, too. The Wet Brush is the ultimate detangling, defrizzing, and smoothing brush that’s a bliss for all hair types – curly, wavy, straight, or fine.

Stick around to read about what’s the deal with the Wet Brush, the different varieties of it, and what are its major perks.

A Wet Brush With Soft Bristles is Good for Wet Hair

First and foremost, the Wet Brush is intended for all hair types and hair thicknesses. Regardless of the hair type, your hair is most vulnerable when wet, making it extra sensitive to combing and tugging, as it tends to break more than when dry.

With that in mind, it’s super important to be gentle with your wet hair, and that’s the Wet Brush’s forte. Designed using superior IntelliFlex™ technology, the Wet Brush’s bristles are super soft, evenly spaced, and run through your hair like a warm knife through butter.

Your hair-pulling days are over – you can forget all about tugging, snatching, or stretching your hair to get to those lumps of stubborn matted hair – the Wet Brush knows the way to supreme-looking (and feeling) hair.

Wet Brush with IntelliFlex Bristles

Given the features of the award-winning brush, it’s no wonder that many people are going on and on about the Wet Brush.

Boasting a comfortable handle design, the Wet Brush comes in a variety of designs and series, like below:

The diversity of the Wet Brush is aimed at different hair structures. For example, the paddle brush will work best for detangling large sections of hair, especially for people with relatively thick hair, as it is the most time-efficient.

What makes the Wet Brush so special is its unique bristle composition, made using the IntelliFlex™ technology, allowing each hair to be tended to without any breakage or discomfort while combing.

Independent clinical trials have favored the Wet Brush with the following attributes:

  • 55% less combing effort;
  • 45% less breakage;
  • Efficient on dry and wet hair;
  • Works equally well on all hair types.

The only drawback (if it is actually considered a drawback) is that it takes a few brush strokes to get to those stubborn tangles.

How Does the Wet Brush Work?

It’s all in the bristles, actually. Thanks to the ultra-soft yet efficient bristles, the Wet Brush combs through your hair while loosening tangles and mats. By gently loosening the hair knots, your hair becomes easier to brush through without suffering breakage.

The cutting-edge technology used to design the bristles makes this a revolutionary brush that combs through all the knots while significantly lessening the damage.

Compared to traditional combs and brushes, the Wet Brush needs no forceful actions on your hair – no pulling, tugging, or stretching your hair. Simply run the Wet brush through a strand of your hair and feel the gentle bristles do their magic, leaving you with soft, smooth hair.

When it comes to the cost-efficiency of the brush, you can get it for as little as $6, which is quite a reasonable price, considering all of its perks – and they’re plenty!

What Do Users Say About the Wet Brush?

brush or comb

People that use the Wet Brush go as far as saying it is the Holy Grail of brushes! For instance, Amazon user Kortney says she regrets spending time and money on other regular brushes and combs that have left her (and her hair) in pain and frustration.

Another over-the-moon satisfied Amazon user, Daphne, says the Wet Brush is a lifesaver. Daphne bought the Wet Brush for her daughter, a teen who’s been crying rivers over tangled hair in the morning before school. After breaking several regular brushes trying to comb through her daughter’s curly hair, Daphne was about to give up and suggest her daughter cut her hair (the pain and tugging were taking a toll on the daughter-mom duo) when a friend recommended the Wet Brush. Ever since, Daphne says, spending under $6 on the Wet Brush was the best $6 she ever spent in her life.

Another Wet Brush Amazon user, Shana, says she’s been using the brush on her wigs, both wet and dry, and she couldn’t believe how easy upkeep was.

The Difference Between a Normal Brush and the Wet Brush

What separates the Wet Brush from the rest on the market is the fact that it is designed with actual hair in mind. The high-end technology used to manufacture the bristles enables the brush to gently separate the tangles and smooth out the hair’s texture.

Because it’s designed with attention to detail, it’s perfect for each and every hair type, and it doesn’t tear hair.

Unlike regular brushes, the Wet Brush is:

  • Designed using bristle-enhancing technology;
  • Developed using pre-calculated spaces between each bristle;
  • Created to glide through hair rather than use force to comb through;
  • Designed with heat resistant bristles to use as a blow dry brush

Is Brushing Wet Hair Safe?

As a matter of fact, brushing your hair while wet is the best thing you can do for your hair. Brushing treated or curly hair when it’s wet can help minimize breakage and frizz, as well as reduce trauma to the scalp due to tugging.

Moreover, if you use a leave-in conditioner, brushing your hair while wet will leave your hair nice and smooth without costing you your nerves while ridding yourself of tangles and knots.

If you want to style your hair while it’s wet, using the Wet Brush will save you time and a whole lot of effort. It’s the ideal choice for long hair, short hair, thick hair, fine hair, or treated and damaged hair – the Wet Brush will follow the natural curve of the hair and work in a way that’s follicle and scalp-friendly.

Does the Wet Brush Damage Hair?

Absolutely not. The bristles on the Wet Brush are particularly designed to be extra gentle to infiltrate a hair’s structure (curly, thick, treated, etc.) and are sturdy enough to loosen up tangles in the most gentle way.

The Wet Brush is specially designed to suit both wet and dry hair needs, which means no damage will come to your hair. You’ll be able to get rid of mats and tangles without pulling or tugging your hair.

Is the Wet Brush Better than a Comb?

In essence, these two might have complementary effects on one another. A wide-toothed comb can prep the hair for brushing by detangling it from the bottom up.

In fact, a well-rounded hair styling routine might incorporate the two tools, and thankfully, the guys at Wet Brush have designed a de-tangling comb that you can use before brushing your hair (wet or dry) with the Original Detangler (or any other of the Wet Brush collection of your preference).

Is the Wet Brush Good for Dry Hair?

Of course! As previously mentioned, the Wet Brush’s unique bristle technology allows for seamlessly brushing both wet and dry hair. Don’t be afraid to brush your hair when it’s dry just because you think you’ll break off precious strands. You might have had a bad experience before using regular brushes, but the Wet Brush works like magic!

You can trust the Wet Brush to smooth out your dry hair without causing any discomfort or damage to your hair.

Is Wet Brushing Good for Thick Hair?

Definitely, yes! A lot of satisfied customers with thick and easily knotted hair praise the Wet Brush for easing their hair care routine.

The unique, meticulously spaced bristles on the Wet Brush allow for a tug-free brushing experience. In the case of thick hair, the Wet Brush will prevent tugging, tearing, and breakage, making it the ultimate detangling choice for thick hair without causing damage.

Plus, the optimum heights of the flexible bristles allow for seamless penetration through thick hair without causing significant trauma to the follicles while brushing.

Benefits of a Wet Brush

The magic of a Wet Brush lies in its unique bristles. They work on different hair types by gently separating the strands and gliding through hair, leaving it smooth and retaining the curl pattern.

  • IntelliFlex™: Thanks to this one-of-a-kind bristle technology, the Wet Brush will cause no tearing or trauma to your hair while dealing with messy tangles and matted hair.
  • Painless brushing: Unlike regular brushes, the Wet Brush will let you experience a pain-free brushing session, even on thick hair. Long-haired men and women will especially feel a difference in using a Wet Brush. Rather than yielding breakage, the gentle bristles remove any tangles without ripping hairs out, causing dreaded split ends and follicle damage.
  • Scalp stimulation: Due to the optimal height of the bristles and the scalp-soothing little beads at the end, you’ll stimulate your scalp while brushing your hair. Remember to move the brush in a circular motion on your scalp to invoke circulation and infiltrate into the hair follicles.
  • Versatility: The Wet Brush will deliver superb results whether used in thick hair, fine hair, curly or straight hair, real hair, or even wigs. The thin, flexible, and efficient bristles seamlessly penetrate through any hair structure.

Picking the Right Wet Brush

Whether you’re looking for tangle-free hair, long-lasting bristles, or a heat-resistant brush, Wet Brush has you covered in all aspects.

Wet Brush prides itself on offering a superb collection of brushes to suit most needs – from IntelliFlex bristles to a combination of boar bristles and heat-resistant brushes; you’ll find it all!

The Original Wet Brush

This Wet Brush superstar features the unique nylon IntelliFlex™ bristles which are utterly flexible and able to get through wet or dry hair effortlessly. It basically glides through your hair, eliminating knots and tangles with ease – you’ll never have to yank your hair again!

Original Detangler Brush

The Wet Brush Shine

This one boasts a mix of IntelliFlex™ bristles and boar bristles, adding extra shine after brushing. It’s the go-to choice for fine and straight hair individuals that prefer to comb their hair when dry – no need for ibuprofen after brushing your hair.

The Shine Enhancer

The Wet Brush Shower

The bristles in the Shower brush by Wet Brush will help your scalp feel exfoliated while you rid your hair of knots and tangles while in the shower. It’s best used for wet hair since it gently loosens mats, leaving you with a silky smooth mane.

The Shower Brush

The Wet Brush Flex

This is the preferred brush for those who want the Hollywood blowout hairstyle. It’s the ultimate hair care tool that speeds up dry time, thanks to its hollowed-out design that allows for uninterrupted airflow. Thick-haired people especially love this brush since it penetrates into the hair structure, helping them dry out their hair twice as fast as using a regular brush.

Wet Flex Brush

Top Tips for Wet Brushing

Brushing your hair while wet is the right way of brushing for most, but it has to be done with attention to certain aspects. Namely, you should use an absorbent towel to soak in as much moisture as it can and then leave your hair to air dry for at least 5 minutes.

Next, this is when a good brush comes in, i.e., the Wet Brush.

Wet Brushing Curly Hair

For those that rock gorgeous locks, keeping their curls bouncy and shiny takes a lot of prep. You can use the Wet Brush to detangle your hair before you apply shampoo or any pre-shampoo rituals you might have. It will help detangle your hair much easier while still retaining your original curl pattern.

The reason why detangling your hair before shampooing is important is that shampoo itself raises the cuticles to remove buildup and dirt from the hair, and for curly hair, elevated cuticles mean knots.

Wet Brushing Other Hair Types

Your go-to Wet Brush can be a lifesaver for getting rid of mats and tangles. Yet, another way to help your hair become tangle-free is to use a leave-in detangling spray – the spray and your Wet Brush are a match made in heaven, and your hair will feel bliss.

You can use a Wet Brush comb to glide through tangles and start detangling from the ends up. Remember, treat your hair with care, and don’t pull on it with haste.

Conclusion: Why Are Wet Brushes so Extra?

Whether you should brush your hair while wet depends on the type of your hair and its texture. Moreover, using the right brushing technique (and the right brush, of course!) will get you a step closer to a silky-smooth mane.

Using some of the brushes by Wet Brush will help you actually enjoy your brushing session without yanking your strands to get to the lumps of matted hair tucked into your hair.

The Original brush, the Shine brush, the Shower brush, or the Flex brush will become the ultimate hair care tool your hair won’t be at its best without.

Curly, wavy, fine, thick, thin, wig, or delicate hair – all of them love the feel of the custom-made IntelliFlex bristles. The Wet Brush will ensure a smooth detangling session that causes no breakage and split ends, only tangle-free, flowy hair.

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