It’s A 10 Miracle Blowdry Volumizer Spray – Get Explosive Hair Volume With Added Shine

By Pawena Kaniah
Published 21 Feb 2018 / Updated 30 Nov 2020

It’s A 10 Miracle Blowdry Volumizer Spray – Get Explosive Hair Volume With Added Shine

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The It’s A 10 Miracle Blowdry Volumizer spray gives you voluptuous hairstyles with an extra touch of glamour on the go.

Whether you want a quick, spontaneous high crown for your Friday nights out …

… Or simply lift your flat and dull hair up to make it look fuller and thicker, this invisible blowdry volumizer spray supercharges your hair density in a snap.

Here’s the thing:

When your hair is on the finer side of the spectrum, the struggle to amp it up is real.

Trust me; I know how you feel.

So, for those of you cursed with fine and limp hair that refuses to lift up and look abundant, a quick blast of this volumizing spray will give you:

  • Fluffiness at the roots
  • Soft-bodied hair
  • A noticeable boost in thickness
  • Bulky, plumped up, and bouncy hair
  • Added height to your crown
  • A strong hold with no crunchiness

The Miracle Blowdry Volumizer from 10 is an excellent hair product that will give you the envious voluminous hair you’ve always craved for.

And it gets even better.

Like all the 10 hair care range, it comes with 10 benefits that your hair will love.

Reasons To Use It’s A 10 Miracle Blowdry Volumizer

1. It Controls Frizz Instantly

If you have layers and layers of dry hair that pops out in all directions, this spray will calm down all your frizzy hair problems with one application.

It’s packed with a healthy dose of frizz-busting ingredients that defend your hair against humidity, and the unpredictable weather.

2. It’s Super Easy To Use

Don’t we all wish that with a magic puff, we could have a voluptuous hair?

I absolutely love how without any fuss, this volumizer gives my hair the gorgeous look at the last minute without laboring with a gazillion of hair products.

3. It’s Light, And You Won’t Feel No Crunchiness

After washing my hair, I used the volumizer on my damp hair, and styled it. I liked how it simply did not make my hair look glued to my scalp.

It bounced it up effortlessly, and my hair did not feel crunchy at all.

If it worked so wonderfully on wet hair, you could only imagine its impact on blow-dried hair!

4. It’s Not Greasy At All

Some products seem to make your hair look matted because of the greasiness they bring along.

You won’t find any signs of greasiness with the 10 volumizing sprays. It has a non-greasy and dry formula.

5. It Smells Heavenly

Sure your hair looks divine but isn’t it a bonus that it can also smell heavenly!

People need their eyes to devour your great hairstyle …

… but an added whiff of scented air to have them turning their heads just to look at you, nobody says no to that!

6. It Holds Your Hair All Day Long

My hair can never hold a curl or style for more than 10 mins.

But now thanks to the 10 volumizing spray, I can head out with confidence that my hairstyle won’t fall flat. As an added bonus, it also amps up the shine and texture of my hair.

7. It’s Sulfate-Free

I would never use a hair product that contains sulfates because it will dry out my hair.

If you’ve ever used a sulphate-free or non-toxic shampoo, you’ll know what I am talking about. It keeps your hair soft, doesn’t irritate your scalp, and you don’t feel the need to wash your hair too often.

For this reason, the 10 volumizing blow-dry spray goes into my good books.

Like all the It’s a 10 hair care products, this spray is also sulfate-free.

8. It Protects From Heat Damage

The volumizing spray decreases your blow-drying time and provides a healthy coat of protection against heat that can otherwise damage and break your hair.

Apply generously before blow-drying or heat styling and notice the difference.

9. It Nourishes Your Hair

It’s a 10 hair shampoos are amongst the best for post keratin treatments, because they nourish your hair with hydrolyzed keratin and silk aminos.

The spray itself contains more than just volume-boosting ingredients. With every spritz, your hair is also soaking up vital keratin and silk amino.

10. It Adds Ooomph And Elasticity To Your Hair

Unlike most volumizing hair products that make your coiff look stiff and hard, the 10 blowdry volumizer gives you big bouncy hair that moves freely.

It lifts and adds a sense of weightless moisture to your hair strands to prevent them from sticking to one another.


  • No sticky patches
  • No tangling
  • No flakes
  • No brittle ends

I love how the final effect makes my hair look perfectly put together.

How To Use It’s A 10 miracle Volumizing Blow Dry Spray

  • Spray on clean, damp hair before styling
  • Always focus on the root
  • Apply it evenly throughout
  • Do not rinse or spritz your hair with water after spraying
  • For extra volume, blow dry upside down

Try not to spray too much in one spot because it might make that area crisp. It’s a spray, so use it with the nozzle at least 15 to 17 cm away from your head.

Go Big, Bold, And Beautiful

If you want to go big, bold, and beautiful, there’s no point looking anywhere else.

Grab your 10 Miracle Volumizing Blowdry Spray and let your hair do the talking.

Bring back your natural beauty, with springy hair volume that makes you look seductive and glamorous.