The Theorie Shampoo With Helichrysum Is Pure Goodness (You’ll Love It!)

By Camelia Smith

The Theorie Shampoo With Helichrysum Is Pure Goodness (You’ll Love It!)

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The Theorie shampoo does exactly what it says on the bottle.

It protects color-treated hair and keratin treatments.

And trust me, you’ll fall in love with the envious shine and luster it adds to your locks.

Make your flattering hair even more daring, fuller, alive, and glowing.

Envelope your senses with the mysterious, woody, and earthy scent of Frankincense.

The Theorie shampoo and conditioner ticks all the boxes for a pure, chemical-free, and suds-free wash to energize your processed hair.

Girls, don’t make it hard for yourselves.

Let me give you 9 reasons why it works:

  • Rich in antioxidants and earthy nutrients
  • Sulfate and Salt Free
  • Explicitly says “safe for keratin treated hair” on the bottle
  • Delicately removes impurities
  • Deep and mysterious scent
  • Makes your hair easy to detangle
  • Suds free. (Curlies will love this)
  • Won’t make your head itchy and dry
  • Feeds your hair with Ginkgo Biloba and Keratin

You’ll be hard pressed to find any bad reviews on this shampoo.

I’ve looked up reviews on Amazon, Ulta, Folica, Sally and it’s impressive.

Can you guess why?

Because it’s jam-packed with pure goodness and it doesn’t disappoint.


It also has the lowest amount of ingredients I’ve seen in any shampoo!

Don’t believe me?

Take a look below. And feel free to analyze each of them.

I grabbed the friendly notes for you from Paula’s Choice No-Nonsense Ingredients dictionary.

Theorie Shampoo And Conditioner Ingredients

Theorie Helichrysum Shampoo and Conditioner Ingredients
Ingredient Description
Aqua Water
Coco Glucoside Fatty alcohol from coconut and glucose. Works as a cleansing agent. Plant-derived or manufactured synthetically.
Sodium Laureth Sulfate Gentle sulfate derived from coconut. This is NOT the same as Sodium Lauryl Sulfate.
Coco Betaine Gentle surfactant used in skincare products. Derived from coconut oil.
Helichrysum Stoechas Extracts Helichrysum oil extracted from the Helichrysum Italicum flowers. This Immortelle flower is rich in flavoinoids and antioxidants.
Ginkgo Biloba Leaf Extracts To supply your hair follicles with regular oxygen and nutrients for growth.
PEG-7 Glyceryl Cocoate A synthetic polymer and fatty acids derived from coconut oil.
Vitis Vinifera (Grape) Seed Oil Vitamin E essentials for hair growth.
Salvia (Sage) Officinalis Oil Sage oil helps control dandruff and treats hair loss.
Keratin Renews the naturally occuring protein in your hair.
Octyl Methoxycinnamate Protects your hair and scalp from UV sunrays.
Polyquaternium-10 Thickening Quat Conditioner for shampoos, conditioners and skin care products.
Hydroxypropyl Guar Synthetic polymers that provides anti-static properties without weighing hair down.
Phenoxyethanol A safe and effective preservative approved and used in leave-on or rinse-off cosmetics.
Fragrance (Parfum) A mixture of fragrant essential oils or aroma compounds.
Ceteareth-10 Fatty alcohol that is used to thicken cosmetics and keep ingredients mixed together and stable.
Dimethicone A synthetic skin and hair conditioning agent (silicone).
Silsesquioxane Copolymer Silicone polymers that thicken textures and enhance them.
PEG-4 Sorbitan Stearate An emulsifier used to thicken and stabilize cosmetics formulations.
Cetrimonium Chloride “Quats”. They enable you to have a little dollop of conditioner and let it easily glide and distribute throughout your hair. (Ammonium Salt)
Glyceryl Stearate Animal-derived or Synthetic stearic acid used as emollient, surfactant, or emulsifier.
Hyaluronic Acid Hyaluronic acid is a substance that is naturally present in the human body. It is is a gel-like water holding molecule that is the space filler.
Argania Spinosa Kernel Pure Argan extracts.
Boswellia Caterii Oil Frankincense oil from the resin of the Boswellia carterii or Boswellia sacara tree.
Silk Proteins The proteins fiber derived from silk.

Helichrysum extract is the base ingredient you’ll see in all Theorie hair products.

Hence the name: Theorie Helichrysum

La Fleur D’immortelle

Watch this video: The golden flower of healing

Use the aromatic Helichrysum oil to energize your fatigued hair.

Remember, your hair goes through a lot every day.

Whether you’re a bottle-blonde devotee or a sucker for hair dye treatments …

Heat, chemicals, free radicals, hard water, and all these add a lot of stress to your tired-out hair.

You need to ward off oxidative damage and supercharge your locks again.

And the best way to do this ?


The Theorie suds free shampoo is a cocktail of antioxidants with its rich blend of exotic botanical ingredients.

And the highest concentration of antioxidants comes from the essential oil of Helichrysum flowers.

If you’ve watched the Youtube video above, no doubt you’ll want to hear more about this magic Helichrysum essential oil.

Why not?

Organic Helichrysum Essential Oil Benefits

First, let me make something clear …

The Helichrysum Huile Sublime does not promise any ridiculous, overblown anti-ageing miracles.

It’s called immortal because of its exceptional longevity even when dried.

Perched on the Mediterranean arid and sunny soils, Helichrysum flowers are harvested and distilled into essential oils.

Cosmetic companies then use the oils in various products for skin and hair care.

You’ll find Helichrysum essential oils in big brands like:

Here’s a list of useful information you can read:

To put it simply …

Helichrysum is healing and therapeutic. It will uplift your hair when it feels slightly battered-about.

And if you want to keep things swishy, pair it with the nourishing conditioner.

Why not?

Theorie Shampoo And Conditioner Reviews

Give your hair that concentrated hit of active ingredients.

This shampoo will purify your scalp and hair without aggressive sulfates.

You’ll immediately feel that punchy, energizing dose of antioxidants working its magic.

And it gets better …

If you’ve just had your hair keratined, every single wash will renew and refresh the keratin in your hair.

Because it contains hydrolyzed keratin.

That’s right!

The tiniest possible molecules of keratin that absorb fast into your hair.

The follow-up conditioner will juice things up nicely to boost moisture levels without weighing your hair down.

Customer reviews also confirm that the conditioner makes your hair keep moisture better and for longer.

It’s worth noting, though, that the conditioner has silicones.

If you’re not keen on silicones … No problem !

You can use the Argan-based, silicone-free hair mask to supplement your hair care routine.

Harness the true power of Argan oil, and the rich emollients that offer up to 98% less breakage for your hair.

The mask is super easy to rinse out and it won’t leave residues in your hair.

And the silk proteins (strongest natural fibers) will make your hair feel velvety with a plenty of glide.

The Theorie Ultimate Reform Discovery Edition

If you’re flying away to somewhere hot … (please don’t make me jealous)

Make sure the brisk temperatures don’t rob your hair of its beautiful luster and moisture.

This little travel set of gorgeous miniatures from Theorie is your failsafe travel hair saving kit.

Who could ask for more?

Or Get Your Mitts On This Utterly Gorgeous Haircare Set

Fancy a little treat-to-self ?

To help you along on your merry hair care after your keratin treatment, I have pulled together the best premium products from Theorie.

Everything from shampoo and conditioner to hair mask, serum, and the floating titanium plates hair straightener.

Just the right products you need to do the right things with your hair after a Brazilian.

Get your hair nourishing “boosters”, packed with antioxidants, the incredibly light and hydrating hair mask …

Add a luxurious light spritz of the Theorie hair serum to your ends. It tames those pesky flyaways and split ends.

It also gives your hair a velvety shine and the fragrance is simply gorgeous.

The Theorie straightener delivers intelligent heat through MCH heaters for consistent heat distribution and temperature balance.

This full set is far more decadent than the price would have you believe !

My Two Cents …

The Theorie shampoo and conditioner set is exceedingly purse-friendly for a premium brand.

It has plenty of quirks, a touch of mystery from the “fleur immortelle”, hydrolyzed keratin to strengthen your hair, Ginkgo Biloba to feed your hair …

And I am a big fan. It’s an excellent shampoo to use after keratin hair treatments, color, and bleaching to replenish the lost moisture and nutrients.