The Theorie Hair Serum With Argan Oil And Helichrysum Is Sheer Divinity !


The Theorie Hair Serum With Argan Oil And Helichrysum Is Sheer Divinity !

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The Theorie hair serum has never failed to surprise me.

And with its recent botanical ingredient addition, Helichrysum flowers, I would say I am now obsessed!

From the moment I used it, I knew it was going to be part of my hair essentials.

There are so many products today dominating the beauty aisles, but which ones work best ?

You always stay confused, don’t you ?

I always do too.

But this one came as a saviour.

The Theorie Argan Oil Hair Serum is Feather Light

My hair is naturally thick and wavy.

People in the same hair texture as mine know the endless list of troubles we face because of how untameable our hair gets.

Especially when the humidity makes your hair look like a frizz bomb!

But don’t worry.

The Theorie hair serum is the lazy girl’s favorite hack to frizz-free, tangle-free, and manageable hair.

All you have to do is apply 1-2 drops to the ends of your wet or dry hair and voila !

Soft and moisturized do not even begin to describe how my hair feels. And you know how some serums can get sticky and way too greasy and oily ?

Well, the best part with this one is …

My hair shines without any clamping together to weigh it down. It breathes, bounces, and moves with its natural flow !

I noticed results immediately after the first use.

In the beginning, I used the Theorie serum in a small quantity.

The way it made my hair look, restoring an instant natural shine with my locks, I have never felt better with my mane!

And if you truly love your hair and care for it, you better believe me…

It Gives Your Hair A Velvety Soft Shimmer

With its luxurious yet ultra-light formula, this Moroccan Argan oil hair treatment serum absorbs instantly to give your hair a silky, smooth finish with a noticeable shine.

It suddenly brings everything to life.

And do you know what ?

It gets even better.

It Nourishes Your Hair With The Huile Sublime From Helichrysum Flowers

theorie helichrysum hair serum review

The key ingredient in the Theorie helichrysum nourishing hair serum

I swear I would never keep the bottle down because of the results I saw.

The healing powers of this flower whose name I can barely properly pronounce actually work miracles !

I felt as though a new life was being injected into my weak, brittle ends which meant I no longer had to worry about split ends!

Rich in antioxidants was not just a claim on the bottle.

The serum truly shielded my hair from heat damage. I have color in my hair and that was one thing I was a bit apprehensive of.

But my fears took a back seat.

The Theorie helichrysum serum works perfectly for coloured hair too.

No Sodium Chloride And No Sulfates

theorie argan oil ultimate reform hair serum sample
Theorie serum for hair has no hair abusers.

This product has the perfect mix of ingredients to complement your keratin treatment aftercare.

It has a minimal list of ingredients that come straight from the earth.

And Zero Sulfates!!

Which only validates it further for me.

If you are looking for a con, I would say that there’s only the 100 ml bottle!

I wish we could buy it in a larger quantity. But remember:

Quality is better than Quantity.

As a big bonus, I should not even start with the natural fragrance that it gives to your hair.

It’s insane how something can smell so nice!

And it keeps floating around, adding a sense of charm and elegance to it all.

The scent lasts long enough with the fresh floral perfume of the product, synthesising for a really pleasant olfactory experience, especially with a whiff of air passing by.

What does the bottle read ?

“This luxurious hair serum penetrates deep into hair follicles to restore moisture and impart brilliance to lackluster hair. Apply to soften the cuticle, strengthen brittleness and protect from heat styling and environmental stress.”

Honestly, it doesn’t deceive, at all!

If anything, it doesn’t only live up to what it says but it does so much more.

I have used other Theorie hair care products altogether with the serum and I would definitely say …

It makes the look even more professional. I could not stop feeling like a celebrity after that.

It creates scintillating silky highlights and transforms the movements of my hair with softness.

Theorie Hair Products For Slightly Battered-About Hair

Give your salon-abused hair a kiss of life with Theorie’s hair rejuvenating products.

Helichrysum extracts penetrate deep into the hair shaft to moisturize and restore your parched and damaged hair.

I’ll definitely be using every last drop of mine and sing the praises of Helichrysum.

The Theorie Helichrysum hair care line is a bit on the pricier side, however, for me, it is hands down worth every penny.

If I have to give up something else from my beauty spending to continue to use this line, I will. After all, your hair is your crown, it better look on point !

What else do you want ?

It feeds your hair, treats it, is purely organic, helps your hair breathe, and keeps it natural all the while enhancing the appearance.

Come on ! It’s the best deal your hair could ever ask for.

It’s wrapped with all the benefits that you could ever imagine for your hair.

Woman, this thing is for you !

Use the Theorie hair serum and flaunt your gorgeous hair. Because it’s now your best asset !

You will definitely feel as though you are in one of those fancy glamour-filled commercials at some point.

All you have to do is apply it to the ends of damp or dry hair and disperse it lightly and the work is done !

Shine, nourish and treat, all at once.

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